The woman known as "The Witch" was from New Orleans.

Her birth father was "Dagger Dan," a local gangster, but she was adopted and raised by a painter, Paul Prentis.[1]

In the early 1940s, "The Witch" was a jewel-thief, and recurring opponent of the debonair crimefighter, the King. In spite of their antagonism, she and The King became smitten with each other, and remained so for several years.


  • This version of the Witch, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • After her introduction in Flash Comics #5, the Witch was in almost every "The King" story for the rest of his run (until May 1943), plus five issues of World's Finest Comics, and almost every one of them was a light romantic comedy about stolen jewels and disguises.[2]
  • The five issues of World's Finest featuring The King were World's Finest Comics #2, #3, #4, #5, and #8. The Witch did not appear in issue #8.



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