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Wizened Sage was considered the greatest of the negative kung masters in China.

He was 640 years old, and living in his eleventh body, planning only to go to twelve. He could bring forth and control the dim mak, the death touch.

He was able to flee China to Hong Kong when the communists attempted to get rid of all negative kung masters, however they killed his brother. When Marshall Lau, a master healer, left for America, Wizened Sage, who had escaped China with him, gave him a silver dollar to give to a "man dressed in red." Marshall gave it to the Flash, who had exhibited dim mak powers while apprehending some crooks at Marshall's Chinese restaurant.

The Flash arrived in Hong Kong as Wizened Sage was being invited back to China. Supposedly, a new regime had changed its mind about the ancient martial arts. Wizened Sage began to teach Wally the ways of dim mak. Wally was an incredibly quick learner, doing in ten days what had taken Wizened Sage seven years. Together, Wally and Wizened Sage defeated the Voice and the Dance of the Revolution, who were the ones sent to Wizened Sage, asking him to return to China. After the battle, Wally left to go home, even though he did not learn dim mak.[1]