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The Omega Titan Wonder embodies one of the four fundamental energies of sentient life — Wonder — and will consume the world where that energy is dominant.

Wonder was as old as the universe, and implanted early worlds with Cosmic Seeds with the hope that the Titan would consume them at the end of time, and be proven superior to its three brother/ mother Omega Titans.[1] But when the Source Wall was prematurely cracked[2], Wonder and the other three Titans were released, and sought the energy necessary to repair the Wall and keep Perpetua contained.[3]

When the Tree of Wonder bloomed on Colu, is was sickly and weak, as it only had the Graves of Coluan Science Magicians to fertilize it. Colu was ruled by Wisdom, and Wonder did not even appear. Once Wisdom's armor opened and spread around Colu, the planet was devoured and Wonder appeared ready to judge the Earth.[4]

The Omega Titans had heard the call of the Cosmic Seed that Brainiac had planted on Earth, and Wonder followed the call to the Tree of Wonder that blossomed at the Tower of Fate. But the largest fundamental energy on Earth was represented by the Tree of Entropy, and it was that Omega Titan that prepared to engulf the planet, while Wonder stood by.[5]

The Justice League radically changed the focus of the Titans by creating a Cosmic Seed containing all four energies which Green Arrow fired into the heart of Entropy - raising the hunger of Wonder and its brothers who devoured Entropy. Satiated, Wonder wandered the universe until the New Gods used a Cosmic Seed from the Tree of Wonder to track the Titan down, where they found it eating a world on the outer rim. Orion drew Wonder through Starman's portal and to the Source Wall, where Starman was assembling all the Titans in order to seal the crack, and Starman claimed that one function of the Omega Titans was to repair the Wall.[3]

But Brainiac's interference caused the catastrophic failure of the Source Wall, and Wonder was consumed in the explosion.[3]


  • Alien Physiology: Wonder's true form was implied to be made of pure energy.[6]
  • Energy Absorption: Wonder consumed planets by opening its armor and pulling planets within, absorbing the collected Wonder energy from the world.[1]
  • Interstellar Travel: Wonder was large enough to remain outside of the atmospheric envelope, when standing on a planet, and the Omega Titan could transit space near instantaneously between planets.
  • Invulnerability: Lacking a physical body, and encased in impregnable armor, Wonder could not be harmed by conventional means.[6]
  • Immortality: Wonder was older than the universe, and awaited its end.[6]
  • Size Alteration: At times Wonder appeared the size of a city, and at others the Titan was as large as a planet.[7][4]


  • Indomitable Will: Omega Titans were so driven to fulfill their universal function that Wisdom resisted the influence of a gargantuan Starro and scarcely noticed the attack of Superman. Wonder turned and ate its brother/mother Titan Entropy without question or delay when Green Arrow fired a Cosmic Seed replete with Wonder energy into its heart.[5]


  • Technological Reliability: Wonder's weakness was not an Achilles heel — it was still a Titan — but the only time the Titan was at all vulnerable was when it had to open its armor to consume a world.[5]



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