Quote1.png Well, we had me-- Wonder Boy. But we didn't have a Wonder Woman. Quote2.png
Wonder Boy src

Wonder Boy was a member of the Team Titans.

Wonder Boy appeared in the past along with several other Titans from an alternate future.[2] They assisted the Team Titans on a mission, and afterwards the group decided to remain in the past. Shortly after the mission, Donna Troy addressed the Justice League International assembly (led by Wonder Woman) and announced the United States government made a deal to allow the future Titans to remain in the past and act as paranormal operatives led by a government-appointed supervisor.[1] During his next mission with the Titans, Wonder Boy teamed with Aqualad, Terra, Mirage, and other Titans for an undersea mission.[3]

There was no Princess Diana of Themyscira in Wonder Boy's timeline. He was the closest they have to a Wonder Woman.[1]






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