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Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

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Invisible Robot Plane; Invisible Jet; Transparent Plane; Swan Plane; Wonder Plane

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William Moulton Marston; Harry G. Peter

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The Invisible Plane is Wonder Woman's primary mode of transportation for long distance travel. While Diana was gifted with the power of flight, situations that required transporting groups of people or cargo made the jet exceptionally useful, even in space travel.


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Wonder Woman's invisible plane was originally the winged steed Pegasus transformed into a plane by Athena so that Wonder Woman had her own and fast means of transportation during her mission in the Man's World.[1]

New Earth

Wonder Woman's first plane was a product of the Lansinarian Morphing Disk, gifted to her by the Lansinarians. The subterranean technology could transform into a number of transparent items, and both Diana and Hippolyta used it to create a plane during their tenures as Wonder Woman. The disc eventually lost sentience, and was locked in plane shape.[2] It was, however, nonfunctioning.

One year later, Batman provided Wonder Woman with a jet that had the latest in Stealth technology. It was not as invisible as the Lansinarian technology, but still fit her purposes.[3]

Prime Earth

Wonder Woman's plane was a modified U.S. aircraft, piloted by Steve Trevor and repaired and made invisible by Amazon science after Steve accidentally crashed down on Paradise Island.[4]

Later Wonder Woman owned at least two other models of invisible planes whose origins were unknown.[5][6]


  • Invisible missiles[7]
  • Lightning blast[8]

Onboard Equipment

  • Electronic Mist Beam: A powerful light ray that penetrates the dense clouds that hide Paradise Island, allowing Diana to land on the island with the Invisible Plane.[9]


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