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In Earth-Two reality, two completely different origin stories were presented for the Wonder Woman's Tiara.

All variations of Wonder Woman throughout the Multiverse wear a small, golden (or occasionally silver) tiara adorned with a red star, a symbol of her status as princess of Paradise Island.



In Earth-Two reality, two completely different origin stories were presented for the Wonder Woman's Tiara.

In the first, the tiara was the last item Princess Diana had to earn to become Wonder Woman. Guided by Queen Hippolyta, she swam to Xor Isle without her already conquered items (the Golden Lasso, the Bullet-Proof Bracelets and the Amazon Earrings) and faced the monsters of the island that protected the Talking Tiara, also called the Linguagraph Tiara.

Thanks to this tiara Diana was able to understand any language of the past, present and future and would be used as another instrument to achieve peace through dialogue.[1]

In the second of them, while Diana was traveling through outer space in her Invisible Plane, she was attracted by the glow of Alpha Negra, a dead star that, therefore, should not emit any glow. There, she discovered the source of the glow: a giant machine firing rays. She received help from an old scientist, who told her that the machine belonged to a race of alien conquerors known as the Phenegs, who destroyed their own planet in battle and set out to conquer Alpha Negra, but as the Phenegs were not satisfied with living with the Alphas in peace, they caused the destruction of themselves and the star, forcing the surviving Alphas to migrate to another planet.

When it was safe to return to Alpha Negra, the old scientist discovered that some Phenegs escaped and worked underground for years to build that new weapon of destruction. Diana heard from Phenegs themselves their plans: to conquer Earth next, and then the rest of the galaxy. Pursued by the invaders through space, the Phenegs rocket machine was destroyed by the collision of two stars, and, returning to Alpha Negra, Wonder Woman won as a symbol of the galaxy's gratitude for her mighty deed the necklace that the old scientist received once in battle against the Phenegs, but when she returned to Earth, she preferred to wear the necklace as a tiara.[2]

Like her Bracelets, the Tiara is made of Amazonium, the hardest metal known (although it was not created on Paradise Island).[3]

Each year, however, Diana needs to deserve to continue wearing the golden tiara. She gives it to Hippolyta and must compete with other Amazons for the tiara and defeat them, or otherwise another Amazon will win the tiara that is the symbol of Diana's rank as a princess.[4]

New Earth

The tiara can be used as a throwing weapon, similar to that of a boomerang. With her level of super-human strength Wonder Woman is capable of cutting very durable substances, a prime example being when she cut Superman's throat to temporarily disable him.[5]


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