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"Gundra the Great": This story is reprinted from Wonder Woman Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #6 is a chapter in the digital-first series Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of June, 2020.

Synopsis for "Gundra the Great"

This story is reprinted from Wonder Woman Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Wonder Woman arrives in Doroslavia after learning about reports about aggressive behavior initiated by Volksland's soldiers to stoke a war. She finds the scene littered with destroyed military equipment and learns that the Valkyrie Gundra was behind it and attacked after hearing the cries of a woman being threatened by Volkslandic soldiers.

Diana tells her to restrain herself as the two nations are involved in a border dispute and attacking the soldiers could set off a war. Gundra responds by punching her through a wall. Diana however saves herself from her sword's attack with her bracelets and throws the Valkyrie away. The Volkslandic soldiers arrive at the scene and their commanders orders them to fire at her, mistaking her for the one who attacked them earlier.

After Diana deflects their bullets back at their feet, the soldiers run away but she gets grabbed by Gundra. Using her lasso, she learns that the Valkyrie fell to Earth when a portal opened up during the battle she and her sisters fought to safeguard Asgard from an invasion and she has finally found a place where she can bring justice. She however fears returning and dreads that they might have died.

Diana reassures that she will help her and Gundra gladly accepts her as a sister. The Volkslandic soldiers however return, citing Diana's intrusion as a casus beli for conquering Doroslavia. They however are easily subdued by the two women and their commander promises they won't invade before returning.

Appearing in "Gundra the Great"

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  • Gundra (Flashback and main story)


  • Vokslandic Army

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Synopsis for "Wolf Cubs"

Diana and Steve deal with a bunch of thugs who have kidnapped a group of children and are holed up in a theatre. The two realize they are firing only blank ammunition and the children run away after Wonder Woman subdues them. One of the thug admits it was all staged by the kids when he is threatened and Diana finds that her lasso has been stolen by them.

Another thug reveals that Jack Towers, son of a rich businessman, orchestrated the whole thing and also informs them of his location where he stays with a bunch of poor kids. After the duo reach the clubhouse, one of the kids attacks them with a giant steel bar but Diana knocks it away. Steve rescues the child that attacked them after she falls but herself falls into a ditch.

Diana confronts Jack and demands he reveal why he needs her lasso and who are the children working with him. Jack states that they are children of poor workers in the financial district and they bring him information he needs to make stock trades. He has been stealing from the men who broke his father's bones and needs the lasso to be able to interrogate them as they are destroying their documents.

As Jack and the other children state how they mistreat their parents, Diana tells Jack to fight them honestly along with the kids and his father after he recovers while also returning the money he stole. He hesitates but agrees after she states the only other option is for him to face the law. Steve climbs out of the ditch and is helped away by Diana.

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  • Jack Towers

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