"Come Back to Me, Part One": This story is reprinted from Justice League Giant #3.

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Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 17, 2019.

Synopsis for "Come Back to Me, Part One"

This story is reprinted from Justice League Giant #3.

Steve and Diana are spending time on the beach in Maryland's Ocean City when he tells her about his maiden test flight of an experiment aircraft from Washington, D.C. to Puerto Rico before both go for a swim into the ocean. Back at Etta's new home, Steve tells her not to worry since he will have two other pilots, who are the best at flying, to accompany him. As the key kiss goodbye, Etta enters and assumes them to be burglars before realizing who they are. While later helping Etta move her stuff into her home, she learns about a wildfire in the nature reserve of Park County in Montana, due to which many firefighters have been trapped.

Wonder Woman flies away to help those trapped in the fire and promises to take care of herself. At Park County, Lieutenant Lee tells other firefighters that they need a path out of the fire but all helicopters are grounded and notices the animals in the safe zone with them, learning they're trapped as well. As they wonder what to do, they notice Wonder Woman has arrived to help them and she tells them that there is a path to the south for escape. Since many firefighters are injured, she convinces the animals to help them and tells them to follow her.

Back at the base camp, as Captain Dillon comforts Lee's wife Kate after failing to contact him, he notices the animals coming out of the forest with the firefighters on their backs. Diana departs to see if she can help further, but requests Kate to treat the animals like she would treat the other firefighters and she promises she will. On the next morning, the rescued firefighters tell their compatriots about how they were rescued by Wonder Woman who refuse to believe them. Suddenly however, they notice her entering the bar and asking for the drink they promised her earlier.

Returning to Etta later on, she learns that Steve has gone missing along with other pilots over the Atlantic Ocean and the navy, the air force as well as the coast guard are unable to track them down. She states that her invisible plane has been readied to fly and suggests they both go looking, to which Diana agrees.

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Synopsis for "Come Back to Me, Part Two: The Triangle"

This story is reprinted from Justice League Giant #4.

A day before he went missing, Steve's fellow pilots Nate and Kate try to cajole him into telling them about his date with Wonder Woman, but he rebuffs their request. The three soon take off in their aircrafts to test the low-energy nuclear reaction flying system. Steve engages the system after the designated checkpoint, but the team suddenly notices a storm in front of them. The control tower is however unable to spot any such thing and Steve tells the others to head back to the base with him. They however get struck by a lightning storm and mysteriously disappear.

Back in the present, Etta tells Wonder Woman they're unlikely to find Steve since there's no sign of wreckage while flying over the Bermuda triangle, though she reassures her that he'll be okay. As they prepare to head back, they notice the same storm that Steve had earlier noticed. Diana's invisible plane starts breaking after being hit by the lightning storm and the two fall near an unknown island after ejecting, as Diana loses her flying powers. She tells Etta to reach the shore and knocks the sea serpent unconscious after it tries to attack her, realizing she still has strength.

Etta states she wants to rest after Diana expresses her desire to find her plane and she agrees. They talk about how Amazons value their mental faculties and health, while Etta jokes that humans don't. The next morning, Etta wakes up and is surprised to hear a crab talking back and directing her to where Diana went. As she calls out to her, Diana shuts her mouth and tells her to follow her, showing him a giant jaguar with Steve's airplane hanging around its neck.

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