Wonder Woman is a member of the Justice Legion Alpha, she is the Wonder Woman of the 853rd Century. This Wonder Woman had an unusual birth. Like the original, she was born a marble statue and granted life by the Goddess of Truth, most likely the original Wonder Woman ascended to Godhood once again. She was appointed the protector of the planet Venus, the home of the Amazons. She works with the Justice League, along with her sidekick Troy, a younger girl likewise made of marble.




A lack of rivals has left her still relatively incomplete as a warrior.


Invisible Spacecraft made by Harmony and Charity


  • Harmony and Charity: Wonder Woman (One Million) wields a pair of bracers with an AI in them that could create indestructible force-field objects like shields and swords in addition to providing tactical advice.
  • Lasso of Truth



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This character was created during DC One Million, and is a part of its possible future in the 853rd Century. DC One Million was a massive company-wide crossover event published in 1998.
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