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Quote1 The girl who wondered has seen wonders... has become a woman who has traveled the world, who has traveled worlds! A woman who has touched countless lives, has made them better in ways beyond measure. A woman who has brought hope, and joy, and love. A woman who is the hero of so many. The truth of you has never changed, Diana. Even the gods themselves could not take that from you. Why would we? It's one of the many reasons we love you. Quote2
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Princess Diana is Wonder Woman, the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus, the mightiest of the Gods of Olympus. Diana volunteered to leave behind her home of Themyscira and champion the Amazons' message of peace, fighting for justice and equality in Man's World and becoming a founding member of the Justice League.



Legend told Diana of Themyscira was born of her mother's strong desire for a child, a lump of clay brought to life in the form of a girl; the perfect Amazon, as she was born of no man.[3] However, another account claimed that Queen Hippolyta had had an affair with Zeus, and Diana's real parentage was hidden in order to protect the Queen and her daughter from the wrath of Zeus' notoriously jealous wife Hera.[4]. Later, it was suggested that the tale of her being Zeus' bastard was, though partially true, at its center, a lie.[5]

Unbeknownst to Diana, her mother also gave birth to her twin, a brother named Jason. A third child, Grail, would be born to an Amazon on Themyiscyra that stormy evening; half divine, like Diana and Jason, but with a significantly less glorious father: Darkseid. Grail, spirited from the island by her mother, Myrina, would one day grow to be a dangerous enemy to Diana, and to all Amazons.[6]


Jumpa Prime Earth 002

Young Diana and her Kanga Jumpa

As she grew, Diana often became restless, feeling that she had seen all that the idyllic isle had to offer; her listlessness compounded by her existence as the sole child within Themyscira's borders. She did, however, befriend a young Kanga she named Jumpa, and she shared a special bond with Nubia, who emerged from the Well of Souls on the day of Diana's birth; they were considered to be twin sisters, despite their vast difference in age.[7]

Learning Her History

One birthday while she was young, Diana climbed a tree atop one of Themiscyra's peaks, taking in a vista overlooking the island. As she stood on one of the tree's branches, pondering her circumstances, Diana accidentally lost her footing, and fell from the tree. Luckily, she was saved by her erstwhile companion Jumpa. Afterwards, she rode Jumpa down to (and through) the market, much to the consternation of many of the merchants. She and Jumpa proceeded to the beach, where Jumpa, who had not been fully trained, bucked her off, into the water. While underwater, she saw a megalodon in the distance. Much to Diana's relief, she would quickly be pulled from the water by Oenone, who gently admonished her for not training Jumpa more thoroughly, and for fearing the megaladons, who protected the island. Oenone took Diana to a small camp elswhere on the beach, where the Amazons had organized a birthday celebration for Diana.

Despite the celebration, Diana felt ill at ease. She felt unsatisfied with her life, with her seeming lack of purpose. She offered her elders a number of ways she could help: building with Calyce, working the stables with Althea, or tending to the gardens with Oenone. However, her path had already been decided: she would learn the art of storytelling from Clio, the Scribe.

This did not satisfy Diana; she sought adventure, and she saw no such thing taking place in Themisycra's archives. The next day, she met Clio in the archives, where they discussed Themiscyra's history. Clio took the position that there were imperfect, dark parts of Themiscyra's history, a position that her superior, Hellene admonished her for. However, Diana was intrigued by Clio's debate with Hellene, and, impassioned, sought to learn more about Amazon history from Clio.

Clio informed Diana that parts of Amazonian history had been lost over the years. She took her deeper into the temple archives, showing her a shrine to the Amazon's patron goddesses where some of their most ancient texts were stored, and demonstrated that each statue of the patron goddesses carried a tome- all of them except Aphrodite. She explained that traditional wisdom held that it was because Aphrodite's gift was love, not knowledge, but that she suspected the truth was otherwise. She suspected that that tome was lost to the elements or a battle with intruders.

Diana, ever the thrill-seeker, immediately offered to try and recover the missing texts for Clio. Clio was reluctant, but after some badgering on the part of the young princess, she relented and accepted Diana's offer. A few days later, Diana began to search the one place that largely remained untouched: the sea surrounding the island. First, however, she made a stop at Oenone's quarters, and convinced her to loan her a breathing apparatus.

Diana dove into the underwater islands surrounding the island, beginning her search despite her fears of the megalodons. While there, she encountered a young megalodon; she bonded with him, naming him Theo, and Theo led her to an undersea cavern- a cavern that contained the missing text she was searching for. Retreiving it, she brought it back to Clio, to Clios's great excitement. However, they realized that pages had been torn out. Afterwards, she visted her Mother and Phillipus and spoke to them for a time.

The next day, she visited Magala, the Amazonian mystic who tended to the Well of Souls, the font from which new Amazons are brought into the world. She confided to Magala about her and Clio's discovery; Magala revealed that she possesed the missing pages. Later that evening, Diana heard a mysterious voice that prompted her to begin reading through the recovered pages. Within them, she discovered the tale of a young soldier who had been amongst Hercules' forces- compasionate and kind, he had been killed by his own men while attempting to surrender.

Later, she became obsessed with the seemingly enchanted pages. She was interrupted by Clio, who pulled at the pages, causing them to rip, releasing the magic bound within- which then possesed Clio. The possesed Clio began to attack those around her; luckily, Phillipus saved Diana in time. Hippolyta amd Hellene confronted the possessed Clio, only to be defeated. Clio would only be saved after Io hit her with a blast from the purple healing ray. Clio and Diana quickly realized that a trap had been placed upon the pages by the witch Circe in order to discourage truth-seekers.

A short time later, Hellene revealed to Clio and Diana that it was her who had torn the pages and hidden the text; that she had done it to gain prestige amongst her fellow Amazons, and that this had left her vulnerable to Circe's manipulations. Clio and Diana accepted Hellene's apology, and in turn Hellene revealed who had ordered her to hide the book in the first place: Queen Hippolyta. Diana confronted Hippolyta, who revealed the truth: she had the histories altered in order to hide her own failure. She then gave Diana an accurate account of the fall of the first Themiscyra to Hercules and Theseus, and the death of her sister, Antiope, and how it was her spear that had started the bloodshed. After discussion with Magala, Diana returned to her mother, and convinced her to reveal the truth to her sisters. Afterwards, Clio and Diana participated in the Amazonian games for the first time.[8]

Antiope's Visit

Dimension Chi

Wonder Woman Vol 5 73 Textless

Prisoner of a Dark Dimension

During Diana's childhood, she and Hippoyta became trapped in Dimension Chi, an alternate reality created by Hippoyta and a dark mirror of her own life. Viewing them as advance scouts for an invasion, Empress Hippolyta imprisoned Diana and engaged in a series of contests with the Queen. Being reflections of one another, the queen and empress remained tied until interrupted by an invasion from the domain of Atomia. They joined forces to defend the Empress' Themyscira. Diana managed to free herself, and in the process saved the Empress' life. Diana and Hippolyta managed to bring peace between the Empress' Themyscira and Atomia, and were allowed to return home.[9]


Rebirth Origin

Wonder Woman Vol 5 6 Textless

Diana is visited by the Gods of Olympus in their animal forms, who bestow upon her great powers

Born to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, Diana lived a serene and joyful life until the intervention of Steve Trevor upon the island of Themyscira.[10] A tournament was held among the Amazons to determine the representative that would return to Man's World along with Trevor. Diana defeated the other Amazons but was tasked with the final challenge, deflecting a bullet fired from a gun by her mother. After winning the contest Diana was awarded a suit of armor and the Lasso of Truth and left for the United States,[11] though upon her arrival she was arrested and detained in a cell. Falling into despair, Diana was visited by the Gods of Olympus in their animal forms: a peacock, deer, owl, mouse, eagle, dove and tortoise, who granted her the gifts of strength, speed, endurance, empathy and flight.[12]

Shortly after coming to the outside world, Diana interrupted a terrorist attack and was named "Wonder Woman" by the press.[13] She continued to use her gifts to fight for peace and justice in Man's World.[14] She later fought Ares.

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised.

Current Origin

Wonder Woman Vol 1 750 0001

Wonder Woman after saving president Roosevelt

Diana of Themiscyra first revealed herself to the world during the 1939 World's Fair, saving the life of sitting president Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt by a Nazi sleeper agent. Diana then warned Roosevelt that a great evil was coming and asked him to let her help them. Following this, she continued her heroics and thus became a national icon as well as the world's first superhero. This, and her ability to see the greatness each human was capable of inspired the "Golden Age" of superheroes as well as the Green Lantern Alan Scott.[15]

She would go on to become a core member of the Justice Society. Eventually the Justice Society was forced to retire by McCarthyist operators within the United States Congress, including Wonder Woman, though she would resume her super-heroic career decades later.

Justice League

Wonder Woman 0040

Wonder Woman fighting Parademons

Diana was among the founding members of the Justice League. While the team's actual first meeting is debated, prime amongst the contenders was when the heroes who would eventually comprise the league fought off an attack by the alien Appellaxians, which resulted in them nearly being turned into trees before emerging victorious. The heroes, inspired by their victory, formed a team not unlike Diana's previous team, the Justice Society of America or its lesser-known successor, the Justice Experience, christening it the Justice League. One of their earliest foes was Starro the Conquerer.[16]

In original New 52 Continuity, the Justice League formed following an invasion of Earth by Darkseid. However, following subsequent changes to the timeline, this was supplanted with an adventure resembling the team's Earth-1 and New Earth origin. While Darkseid's invasion may have still occurred, it seemingly did not occur in the way originally depicted.

Early Career

For a time, Wonder Women forwent a costume, wearing 'mod'-styled civillian clothes, though she eventually returned to her costumed heroics.[17] At the outset of the Infinite Crisis, she snapped the neck of Maxwell Lord in an attempt to stop him from completing a scheme to wipe out all metahuman life.[18] In the period after the crisis, she operated as a spy, wearing a white catsuit accompanied by violet-lensed sunglasses.[19]

At some point, she died and was resurrected. Resultingly, during the Blackest Night Nekron was able to turn her into a Black Lantern.[20] She also briefly served as a member of the Star Sapphire Corps.

New 52

False Memories


 Main article: Wonder Woman: Blood

While in London, Wonder Woman was summoned to help a young lady called Zola from the minions of the goddess Hera and after Diana defeated the enemies, she was informed by Hermes that Zola was pregnant with Zeus's child, which caused Hera's wrath.[21] Diana then took took Zola and the injured Hermes to the island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, where Hera's wrath reached them in the form of her daughter Strife. Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth to stop Strife from hurting the Amazons, but it caused her to reveal the fact that Diana and her were sisters.[3] The next day, Diana learned from her mother that she was in fact Zeus' daughter and, hurt by her existence being a lie, she decided to renounce the name Diana, and swore never to return to the island again.[4]

Unfortunately, not long after Diana left, Hera came for her vengeance, and though she could not bring herself to kill Hippolyta, she could not forgive her either. Feeling regret at giving up the only real family she had, Wonder Woman returned to Themyscira to find the Amazons absent, and her mother turned to stone.[22] Shortly after, Wonder Woman encountered Lennox, a man who claimed to be another of Zeus' bastard children. After learning that Zeus has gone missing, they confronted the Gods of Olympus, Poseidon and Hades, in order to prevent them from taking over Zeus' throne.[23] To prevent a war between gods, Diana proposed that the two brothers share Heaven with one ruling during the day, and the other at night. Hera angrily interceded, which was what Diana had planned, and using Hermes' staff she transported herself to Mount Olympus to face Hera alone. She warned that she would make Hera regret what she had done to her mother before returning to Earth. Unfortunately, by the time she had returned, Hades had kidnapped Zola with the warning that Diana would need to make good on her bargain or Zola and her child would die.[24]


 Main article: Wonder Woman: Guts

Preparing to get Zola back from Hades, Wonder Woman and her male companions sought out Eros in Italy. She hoped that he could lead them to Hephaestus, who might have been able to arm them appropriately for battle with the ruler of Hell. He lead them to Mount Etna, where the blacksmith agreed to arm them. As retribution for his aid, though, Hades sent a monster to kill them all, which had to be dispatched by Diana.[25] Afterwards, Hephaestus armed Diana with new weapons, insisting that she take Eros' guns of love with her to Hell.

Upon arriving, Diana and Hermes found themselves under attack by Hades' minions. Though they fought them off, they were surprised to find that time for Zola had passed much more quickly than for them. Her pregnancy was nearly at the end of its term. When they attempted to leave with her, Hades appeared, warning that one of them must stay behind - and if Diana was unprepared to make Hera his wife as promised - she would do. However, upon Eros' pistols, he instead agreed to let them all go in exchange for them. When Diana's back was turned, he fired them at her, and she fell under love's spell to him.[26]

Despite their displeasure at Diana's capture, Hephaestus was able to bring Lennox and Eros to Hades with him as guests to the wedding, without the aid of Hermes' staff. As the wedding drew nearer, Hades grew annoyed that few of his relatives had agreed to come. Diana's friends were the only attendees, aside from Strife, who merely wanted to cause her namesake emotion. Before the wedding ceremony took place, Hades insisted that Diana should prove her love by wearing his ring. The ring was a noose fashioned with the Lasso of Truth, and if Diana did not truly love him, he would kill her.[27]

Wonder Woman Vol 4 9 Textless

Hades attempts to force Wonder Woman to marry him

Though Diana was able to admit honestly that she did love Hades, she escaped her bonds anyway, explaining that she could still love him and refuse his proposal. Angrily, Hades sent all of the forces of Hell to kill her, but she and her friends were rescued by Strife. Confronted by her fiancé again, Diana explained that she had not lied. Wonder Woman has the capacity to love everyone - a concept that could never be understood by one incapable of love, such as he. The realization that he was loved unconditionally disgusted Hades so much that he sent them all away. Before leaving, Hephaestus gifted Hades with a mirror, and shot him with Eros' pistols, allowing, at least, for Hades to love himself.[28]

With Zola's pregnancy reaching full term, she insisted on seeing her own doctor in Michigan. While there, they were all attacked by Artemis and Apollo. Unprepared, Diana and her companions were defeated, and Zola was taken to Mount Olympus to be delivered to Hera in exchange for the throne. Apparently, Hera was willing to give up her throne for the sake of revenge.[29] However, she had expected Zeus to return as soon as his rule was threatened, which he did not. When Apollo sat on the throne, he was crowned ruler, and when he learned of Hera's deceit, he exiled her from Olympus.

With Wonder Woman arriving in pursuit, Strife warned of the prophecy Apollo and Artemis feared: a child of Zeus would kill a god to take the throne. That child could be either Diana or Zola's child. Sending Zola back with Hermes to have her baby in peace, Diana warned that if they were not left alone, she would fulfil the prophecy herself. Unfortunately, upon her return to Michigan, Diana found that Hermes had betrayed them, and once Zola gave birth to her son, he whisked the child away, and gave it to Demeter. Diana swore to get the boy back and bring Hermes to justice.[30]


 Main article: Wonder Woman: Iron

After recruiting a newly mortal, but still very bitter Hera into her group of companions, Wonder Woman retreated to London. Lennox revealed that there had been seven bastard children of Zeus. He and Diana were two, two others had been killed, and three remained. He suggested that for information on where the baby had been taken, Diana should contact their sister Siracca in Libya.[31] Her encounter with Siracca did not begin well, but after Wonder Woman appealed to her sense of family, she suggested that Diana seek out their brother Milan in New York City.[32]

Meanwhile, the New God Orion had learned that a great danger was to be found on Earth in the form of the child of a god. He sought out his old friend Milan for help. Nearby, Diana and Lennox decided to seek Milan by themselves, leaving Zola and Hera to bicker with one another in the meantime. They found him in the old subway system with Orion. Though their encounter began violently, Lennox managed to explain that they had accounted for six of the seven children of Zeus.[33] Orion believed that one of those seven was the child that he had been sent to kill. Lennox and Diana concluded that he was referring to Zola's kidnapped son, and so they convinced Milan to search through the ether until he located the boy in the arms of Demeter.[34] When they all returned to Manhattan to find Zola and Hera in a bar with War, Diana managed to convince her brother to lead her to Demeter's domain.[35]

Hermes attacked Wonder Woman there, refusing to simply give up the child, but during their battle, War ripped the baby from Demeter's womb and disappeared. Unable to let a grave wound such as that go unattended, Diana saw to Demeter first, and the goddess warned that War could not be trusted. Worriedly, Diana and Orion returned to Manhattan to find that War had returned the baby to Zola. At last, the baby and his mother were reunited - and Orion would not have to look any further for the child he needed to kill.[36]


 Main article: Wonder Woman: War

With the boy safe, Zola decided to name him Zeke. Diana shared a drink with War, who congratulated her in uniting a dysfunctional family and converting it into a strong band of allies. Orion began hitting on her, but left after being violently rejected by Wonder Woman.[37]

Wonder Woman Vol 4 20 Textless

Wonder Woman protecting Zeke

Suddenly, Zola and the others were attacked by Artemis, who was sent by Apollo to kill Zeke, Zola's son. While Zola and the others escaped with Zeke, Wonder Woman took on Artemis by herself. Diana defeated Artemis and went to protect Zola and the others, while Ares took the defeated Artemis back to Apollo.[38] However, the First Born and Cassandra, two of Zeus' illegitimate children, attacked Zola. Wonder Woman, Lennox and Orion worked together to fight the First Born, but he proved to be stronger than they had anticipated. Orion's Astro Harness incapacitated Cassandra, and Orion opened a Boom Tube so that Wonder Woman and her allies could escape. The First Born attempted to pry the Boom Tube open, but Lennox sacrificed himself so that the others could escape safely. Wonder Woman and her allies arrived at the other side of the Boom Tube and were greeted by Highfather, who explained that they were on New Genesis.[39]

As her injuries healed, Wonder Woman and her friends spent some time on New Genesis. She spoke to Highfather, who agreed to let her return to Earth. As soon as Diana and her friends returned to Earth, Orion decided to go with them. Arriving to London, they realized the First Born had wrecked the entire city and killed Lennox. The First Born summoned an army of hyena men to kill the intruders but Ares arrived to help Wonder Woman in the fight.[40]


 Main article: Wonder Woman: Flesh

Wonder Woman engaged the First Born, but he quickly gained the advantage and attempted to kill Zeke. However, War challenged the First Born to a fight while Wonder Woman recovered. Then, Wonder Woman grabbed a spear and impaled both Ares and the First Born. As he died, Ares congratulated Wonder Woman for being a great warrior. Wonder Woman spared the First Born's life and went with Hades to take Ares' body to the River Styx.[41]

As Wonder Woman returned to her apartment, Hermes brought her to Olympus, where the gods declared her the new Goddess of War. Diana asked Apollo to restore Hera's godhood, but Apollo refused. Diana returned to London, and Apollo told her that she would not be able to ignore her responsibilities as Goddess of War for long. Diana was still angry at Hermes for his betrayal and asked him to leave, with Hermes stating that, just like she forgave Hera, perhaps in the future, she would forgive him.[42]

Later, Diana, Zola and Hera had lunch while they were watched by Hermes. Orion, believing Hermes had bad intentions, attacked him before being stopped by Wonder Woman, and at the same time Strife appeared. Back at the apartment, Strife gave War's helmet to Diana, even though Diana still felt uncomfortable at becoming the new Goddess of War. In that moment, Siracca entered the apartment and told Diana that Milan had been captured by Cassandra. Wonder Woman asked Hermes to take her to Chernobyl, and he accepted to help.[43]

Arriving at Chernobyl, Wonder Woman, Orion, Siracca and Hermes engaged Cassandra's forces to save Milan. Cassandra threatened to kill Milan if Wonder Woman did not reveal the First Born's location. Wonder Woman told her the First Born was in Olympus, but as she left, Cassandra strapped a bomb to Milan's chest. To contain the explosion, Orion took Milan through a boom tube. Returning home, Wonder Woman discovered Zola and Zeke had left, as Zola felt guilty that people were risking their lives to protect them.[44]

Wonder Woman and Hermes briefly returned to Themyscira so that Diana could pay her respects to her petrified mother. When they got back to her apartment, they found Hera crying and mourning the days when she used to be a goddess. As Diana comforted her, she realized she would need help in finding Zola and Zeke. Wonder Woman went to the Taiga, Siberia, where she asked Artemis for her help. Artemis agreed, on the condition that she and Diana have a rematch. Knowing they are in Artemis' realm, Diana threw the fight in Artemis' favor.[45]

Wonder Woman Vol 4 29 Textless

Wonder Woman becomes the new Goddess of War

With Artemis' help, Wonder Woman tracked Zola down to a subway station, where they found a lock of fox fur. Realizing that Zola was with Dionysus, they went to Providence, where Dionysus was currently located. They found Dionysus captured by Cassandra's minion, the Minotaur. When Cassandra's forces were about to depart to Olympus, Wonder Woman ambushed them and hung onto their plane. When the jet arrived to Olympus, the mountain was hit by a massive explosion.[46]

Wonder Woman managed to stabilize the plane when it was hit by the shockwave. Hermes and Artemis also arrived at Olympus, where Artemis discovered that Apollo had died in the attack. Among the ruins of the tower, the First Born claimed the throne of Olympus. Wonder Woman confronted the First Born, but he gained the upper hand. However, Hera arrived at Olympus, having regained her Olympian powers, revealing that Apollo had restored them before dying. Hera teleported Wonder Woman and her allies to Paradise Island. There, Wonder Woman found Zola, safe. Hera had also restored the Amazons back to life. Wonder Woman chose to lead them to battle as the new God of War.[47]


 Main article: Wonder Woman: Bones

Although the Amazons were back to normal, Hippolyta was still a statue, and Hera could not restore her back to life. Zola wanted to leave the island, but Diana told her she and her child were safer with the Amazons. Diana addressed the Amazons and declared her intentions to end the Amazons' isolation and that every Amazon must protect Zeke, a male child.[48]

Wonder Woman's social reforms were not initially accepted by the Amazons, even if they were morally necessary. Later, she had a training session with Artemis, who urged her to accept the Amazons' worship as a goddess, but Diana refused. Unfortunately, Dessa, a fellow Amazon, kidnapped Zeke and threatened to throw him off a cliff, for she disagreed with Diana's new perspective. Diana convinced her to return the boy to Zola. Shortly afterwards, the men of Paradise Island returned to their original home, with Diana welcoming them with open arms.[49]

Wonder Woman Vol 4 34 Textless

Wonder Woman faces the First Born

As the men helped the Amazons prepare for battle against the First Born's army, Diana received news that the First Born had been attacking other gods' realms. With Eros and Artemis, Wonder Woman ambushed the Minotaur at Demeter's home. Unfortunately, the First Born had already defeated Demeter, so Wonder Woman sent her companions to safety while she confronted him by herself.[50]

The First Born imprisoned Wonder Woman in what remained of Olympus and ordered his forces to attack Themyscira. As they watched the confrontation, the First Born offered her a place in his goals of conquest, but she steadfastly refused, causing him to thrust a spike into her side.[51] As Diana lied mortally wounded, Eris dragged her to Themyscira, for she wanted Diana to see her home destroyed and humiliate her. Recovering her strength, Wonder Woman punched Eris down and took Zola and Zeke to Olympus. Her plan was to place Zeke on the throne, so that he could be the new king of Olympus and end the bloodshed, but before she could, Poseidon revealed his presence.[52]

As Zola defeated Poseidon, the First Born returned to Olympus and ordered the Minotaur to attack Wonder Woman. The Minotaur, however, refused to kill her and the First Born killed him instead. Upon seeing the unmasked Minotaur, Diana discovered her foe was the creature she had spared in the labyrinth.[53] Wonder Woman furiously threw the First Born into the abyss he was originally trapped in while Zola placed Zeke on the throne. Zola revealed herself to be Athena and Zeke to be another iteration of Zeus himself. Both had planned for Wonder Woman to fight the First Born and accept her destiny as a goddess. With the conflict ended, Athena planned to put an end to her human identity and become a goddess once more, but Wonder Woman convinced her to allow Zola and Zeke to live without godly interference.[54]


 Main article: Wonder Woman: War-Torn

As Hippolyta was still a clay statue, Diana was forced to take the Amazon throne, at least until she could find a way to turn her mother back to normal. At the same time, the Justice League had discovered strange environmental events that had destroyed small villages around the world, leaving only vegetation behind. Furious, Wonder Woman attacked Swamp Thing, accusing him of causing such devastation, while Swamp Thing claimed innocence. Aquaman defused the situation before it could escalate any further. Later, Wonder Woman returned to Themyscira, only to discover Hippolyta's statue had crumbled.[55] On a training session, Clark asked Diana if she wanted to talk about her recent experiences, but Diana replied that, as queen, grief is not a luxury she could afford. Later, Diana was called for a meeting by the Amazon council, which forced a choice on her: become permanent Queen or abdicate the throne. Before the discussion could continue, the island was attacked by Stymphalian Birds, Ares' pets who were now drawn to Diana as the God of War. Accepting her new responsibilities, Diana successfully defended Themyscira.[56]

Later, in London, Diana talked with Hessia about what being Queen really meant. Hessia told her the changes she was trying to impose were hard, and it might take a long time for the Amazons to accept them. Wonder Woman was called by the Justice League to look for the survivors of another missing village. As part of the operation, Superman explored the interior of a volcano until he was attacked by insects and lost contact with the League.[57] Wonder Woman and Batman were next to enter the volcano and found Superman safe and sound. Exploring the volcano further, the heroes found the missing villagers dead and their remains encased in cocoons by one of the volcano's insectoid denizens. Wonder Woman almost killed one of these creatures, until the League intervened and took the creature to the Watchtower for medical attention. Upon returning to Paradise Island, Diana spoke to the spirit of Hippolyta. Comforting her daughter, Hippolyta motivated Diana into accepting her duty as God of War. Diana also learnt that relations between Amazons and the Sons of Themyscira had gone sour and the Amazons had created Donna Troy from magical clay, an Amazon who sought to replace Diana as Queen.[58]

Wonder Woman Vol 4 41 Textless

Wonder Woman in her new suit

In order to prove her devotion to her people, the Amazons issued a challenge to Diana, one she would have to meet in two days. In the meantime, the Justice League had tracked the insectoid queen down to a remote mountain. The League journeyed deep into the mountain and encountered the queen. Diana condemned her for the lives she has taken, but the insectoid queen replied that it was Diana's actions, namely her throwing of the First Born into the depths of the Earth, that awoke the insectoids from their slumber.[59]

Diana then travels across Mount Olympus, first visiting Donna Troy and encourages her reintegration. Next Diana goes to Zola and Zeke, where Hera joins them and they discuss the isolation and the child. After leaving Zola, Diana travels to Hephaestus, where they tour his vaults and she reflects that she adopted the Wonder Woman suit as a girl and now she is a woman and changes into a new suit, armoured and covering her body. Her first expedition is to defuse a bomb set by a teenager, getting closer the hooded villain maces Diana but as she holds him up he escapes and disappears into the river, calling her the God of War, much to Diana's confusion.[60]

Romance with Superman

After a mission which saw the Justice League rescue Steve Trevor from the degenerate David Graves, Wonder Woman talked with Superman about their individual similarities, leading to a kiss.[61] A fight with Cheetah led them to take the decision to be more open with their relationship.[62]

Superman Wonder Woman Vol 1 4 Textless

Wonder Woman became Superman's girlfriend.

Their first adventure together as a serious couple involved a battle with Doomsday, a monster of Kryptonian legend.[63] Superman, already familiar to the monster, explained that Doomsday was sealed into a pocket dimension called the Phantom Zone. Seeking preparation against enemies that could match them in power, Wonder Woman asked Hephaestus to forge weapons for them.[64] Later, the Justice League intercepted the arrival of General Zod, another Kryptonian survivor. Superman gave him shelter in the Fortress of Solitude, but the couple discovered their relationship was now public knowledge.[65][66]

While Superman watched out for Zod, Diana visited the deserted Themyscira to speak to her mother, still a clay statue. In her absence, a demon from Tartarus had escaped from its prison and roamed free on the island. Wonder Woman destroyed the creature and sealed the gates to Tartarus with her lasso. Leaving the island, she received word from Batman that Superman was engaging Zod and Faora in battle. Reaching Superman's side, Wonder Woman steadily overwhelmed Faora until Zod threatened Superman's life. Wonder Woman was forced to let the criminals go.[67]

In order to defeat them, Superman and Wonder Woman collected the magic armor created by Hephaestus and intercepted Zod and Faora while they were building a portal to the Phantom Zone. At first, they defeated Zod and Faora by detonating their armor at point-blank range, but Zod and Faora were revitalized by a beam of sunlight sent by Apollo, which gave the criminals enough strength to beat Superman and Wonder Woman and trap them in an abandoned nuclear reactor. As a last-ditch effort to stop their enemies, Superman and Wonder Woman caused a nuclear explosion, but not before Clark told Diana that he loved her. The explosion trapped Zod and Faora back in the Phantom Zone, and Superman shielded Wonder Woman with his cape.[68] The two heroes barely survived the explosion and Superman took Diana to Hessia, who used a healing crystal to save her.[69]

Later, as Diana set out to discover the truth about her false memories, Superman faced up to Mr. Mxyzptlk in a battle that changed reality itself. A consequence of that change was that Diana never dated Clark and the adventures they had together did not take place.[70]

When the deities Deimos and Phobos, sons of Ares, started planning how to free their father from the prison of Themyscira, they began to manipulate Diana, changing all the memories Wonder Woman had about her past, from her birth to travelling out of Themyscira to live in the world of men, she was also manipulated into believing she lived certain adventures after she left her home. Until later, Diana was convinced that this memories were true.

However, during this period, Diana did participate in many adventures in Man's World that truly ocurred; largely events unrelated the Greek Pantheon and her kin.

Trinity War and Forever Evil

Trinity War

The Trinity War was a major conflict between the three Justice Leagues.

After taking Despero to the authorities, Wonder Woman and Superman came across the mysterious Pandora, someone Wonder Woman was familiar with. She believed Superman could use her box to trap the evil she unleashed in ancient times; but when Superman touched it, he was overwhelmed by its power. While Pandora took the box and left, the two heroes received news that a new superhuman, Shazam, was entering the borders of Kahndaq. Their confrontation with Shazam turned violent until the rest of the Justice League and the Justice League of America intervened to defuse the situation. Suddenly, Dr. Light lost control of his powers and began absorbing Superman's solar energy, unleashing an energy beam at Wonder Woman. In a fit of anger, Superman killed Dr. Light with his heat vision, an action that caused a fight between the two Leagues.[71]

Superman begged his fellow heroes to arrest him, and while he was taken to the A.R.G.U.S. facilities, Diana expressed disapproval at Steve's secret Justice League. Wonder Woman travelled to the Temple of Hephaestus and demanded Hephaestus tell her about what the box really was. Hephaestus answered that the box was not created by the Gods of Olympus and the truth was a mystery even to them. Wonder Woman decided to seek help from the Justice League Dark.[72] Suddenly, the three Justice Leagues converged at the House of Mystery, where the heroes were divided, one side led by Wonder Woman, the other by Batman. Zatanna, having taken Wonder Woman's side, teleported the group away.[73] Wonder Woman's group tracked Pandora's box to Lex Luthor's prison cell, where Pandora was offering the box to Luthor. Wonder Woman grabbed the box but was overwhelmed by its power.[74]

A fight broke out among the heroes for possession of the box and was only ended when John Constantine took the box, being the only one capable of doing so without being corrupted. Zatanna and Constantine took the box to the temple of Hephaestus, where the three Justice Leagues had converged again.[75] After yet another battle between heroes, the box went dormant and the Justice Leagues discovered a Kryptonite sliver in Superman's nervous system, placed there by the Atomica, a traitor working for the Outsider, leader of the Secret Society. Then, the Outsider used the box to open a path across universes, allowing the Crime Syndicate to enter the Justice Leagues' world.[76]

The Crime Syndicate imprisoned the Justice Leagues inside the Firestorm Matrix[77] which psychologically placed them in situations that depicted their greatest failures. Wonder Woman was placed in a situation where she was forced to do battle against both Amazons and humans for the lives of Superman and Steve Trevor. Martian Manhunter and Stargirl attempted to break her out but Wonder Woman ignored them.[78][79]

Wonder Woman and the other heroes were finally released from the Firestorm Matrix when Batman used the Lasso of Truth on Firestorm. Superman was still infected with the Kryptonite shard inside his nervous system, but Lex Luthor was able to extract it, saving Superman's life. Luthor also assembled a group of villains that defeated the Crime Syndicate. Later, at the Batcave, Wonder Woman and the Justice League talked about the enemy that destroyed the Crime Syndicate's world and came to the conclusion that Darkseid would return.[80]


After the death of Superman, Wonder Woman became depressed and began to remember her origins differently, questioning aspects of her past such as whether she truly was mocked as a child and her relationship with Ares. In a fit of rage Diana crushed the helmet of War. Realizing that she shouldn't have been able to do that, she used the Lasso of Truth on herself and discovered that she had been deceived. Diana traveled to Olympus for answers, but found it abandoned. She also found herself unable to return to her home of Themyscira.[81]

The Lies and The Truth

Wonder Woman Vol 5 11 Textless

Wonder Woman travels to a "Themyscira" that she does not recognize

Seeking answers, Wonder Woman sought out an old friend that she believed could provide the way to Themyscira: Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah.[82] Cheetah agreed to help, under the condition that Diana kill the plant-god Urzkartaga and free Barbara from her curse, which Diana agreed to do.[83] When she located Urzkartaga, however, she discovered Steve Trevor and some of his fellow soldiers had been captured by Colonel Andres Cadulo, who intended to become the embodiment of the god and sacrifice Steve in the process. Wonder Woman freed dozens of Cadulo's captives and, with the help of Cheetah and the women he had captured, succeeded in destroying Urzkartaga and freeing Barbara from the curse of the Cheetah.[84] With Barbara's help, Diana and Steve were able to find "Themyscira", though Diana was surprised to find her mother alive and well despite remembering her as dead at the hands of Hera. After removing her bracelets Diana realized that her past interactions with these representations of the Amazons and her home were in fact an illusion, and that she may have never returned home since she originally left to escort Steve to the United States.[85] Upon this realization, Diana suffered a mental breakdown.[86]

Having learnt of Wonder Woman's inability to return to Themyscira, Doctor Veronica Cale, a wealthy and powerful woman, set into motion a plan to use Wonder Woman to find Themyscira. Years earlier, Cale's daughter Izzy had her soul stolen by the gods Phobos and Deimos. They told Veronica that they would only return her daughter to her if she helped them find Wonder Woman, and got the location of Themyscira from her. Seeing no other option, Cale had formed a team called Godwatch, dedicated to locating Diana and Themyscira.

Veronica Cale employed the toxicologist Doctor Poison, who led Team Poison, a team that attempted to capture Diana and Steve. In order to protect Diana in her vulnerable state, Steve had her admitted to a mental hospital in London.[86] Team Poison continued to pursue Steve, Barbara and Commander Etta Candy, however. Barbara, who had been a member of Godwatch when she was Cheetah, decided to speak to Veronica herself. Cale and Doctor Cyber showed Barbara footage of Team Poison, who were about to kill her friends, and Barbara agreed to become Cheetah again in exchange for Veronica calling off the team and sparing their lives.[87]

Diana quickly regained her sanity and was taken out of the mental hospital's care. She immediately noted the absence of Barbara and set out to locate her. However, when she arrived at Empire Enterprises, she was greeted only by Doctor Cyber.[88] Cale set Team Poison onto Wonder Woman once again, and Colonel Poison managed to shoot Diana through the chest. Diana and Steve quickly overcame their forces and followed Veronica Cale and Cheetah to a gateway that led to Themyscira. Wonder Woman and Cheetah fought, and a drop of Diana's blood fell onto the gateway which opened the portal to Ares' prison beneath Themyscira. Phobos and Deimos, whom Cale had turned into dogs with the help of Circe, entered the portal, along with Diana and Veronica Cale. Veronica found her daughter beside Ares.[89]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 23 Textless

Diana and her mother, Hipployta, are reunited for the first time since Diana left Themyscira

Ares told Diana that he had been imprisoned by the other Gods of Olympus and bound in chains that were secured by Aphrodite through the power of her love. He also told her that years ago, Phobos and Deimos had implanted false memories of Themyscira into her mind, and these had caused her to imagine aspects of her past that had never happened in reality. Meanwhile, Phobos and Deimos entered Themyscira and battled with the Amazons. Diana knew what she had to do, and called Ares to unite her with Phobos and Deimos. He teleported them to her, and using her Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman bound them through the power of her unconditional love for them, as Aphrodite had done to Ares. With the twin gods defeated, Diana attempted to leave Ares' prison along with Veronica and Izzy, however Izzy's essence had been attached to the realm and could not return to Earth. Izzy was forced to either live out the rest of her days in the prison or live in Themyscira as an Amazon for eternity. She chose the latter and Veronica said goodbye to her daughter. Diana was briefly reunited with her mother, for the first time since she left the island.[90]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 9 Textless

Steve and Diana, re-united

Cheetah sought revenge upon Veronica Cale for abandoning her, and attempted to murder her, but was stopped by Wonder Woman.[91] Cale refused to transform Cheetah back to her human form, and Cheetah herself decided that she no longer desired to be human. Having left her Lasso of Truth binding Phobos and Deimos, Diana was given it back by the Olympian Gods and reunited with Steve.[92]

Heart of the Amazon

After preventing a terrorist attack at a refugee camp in Greece, Wonder Woman returned to a government facility in the United States and was examined by a sickly doctor, Dr. Shannon Crawford. That evening, Diana attended the wedding of Etta Candy's brother, where she discovered a bomb seconds away from detonation hidden underneath one of the tables.[93] She was able to contain the blast, but Etta was injured by a piece of shrapnel. She returned Etta to Dr. Crawford who removed the shrapnel, before touching Wonder Woman with an Amazon-strength sedative she had developed, leaving Diana too weak to fight back. Dr. Crawford told Diana that she had a rare genetic illness, and that she intended to use Diana's Amazon blood to develop a cure, saving her life as well as providing life-saving treatment for others afflicted with the same disease. Diana awoke to discover Crawford had developed Amazonian strength as a result of the blood transfusion. She was able to bind Dr. Crawford in the Lasso of Truth, which rejected the lie and restored Crawford to her previous state. Having lost hope for a cure, Crawford injected herself with the sedative, killing her. Wonder Woman was too late to stop her, but she understood Crawford's decision to end her pain and held her as she died.[94]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 28 Textless

Wonder Woman and Etta Candy fight off assassins

Later, Etta was released from hospital and Diana accompanied her to her home. She was shot by a sniper, but deflected the bullet and interrogated the attacker, who called herself Mayfly. She revealed that she had attempted to assassinate Wonder Woman in return for a bounty that had been placed on her.[95] Shortly afterwards, Diana was attacked by five more assassins: Cat Eye, Cheshire, Abolith, Baundo and Plastique, the latter of whom revealed that she had planted the bomb at the wedding. Wonder Woman was able to defeat them all with the help of Etta, and they returned to an A.R.G.U.S. facility. There, Sasha Bordeaux informed her that another scientist, Hamilton Revere, had heard of Dr. Crawford's attempts to harvest Diana's DNA, and had apparently hypothesized that it could be used for the treatment of numerous diseases. Wonder Woman was intrigued and decided to seek out Revere of her own accord and hear out his plans.[96] When she arrived, Revere informed her that in truth, he sought to use her DNA to create an army of super-soldiers. He had also used samples of Diana's blood to grant some of his goons super strength, who attacked her. Etta and Steve Trevor arrived to assist Wonder Woman, and together they bound the attackers in the Lasso of Truth, which once again removed the lie within their bodies. Revere was arrested, and Diana returned home with Steve and Etta.[97]

Children of the Gods and Swan's Song

Wonder Woman Vol 5 37 Textless Variant

Wonder Woman faces Darkseid

After defeating Giganta in battle, Wonder Woman was approached by a lawyer who informed her that she had inherited the estate of Hercules, who had been killed.[98] Shortly thereafter, she was told by A.R.G.U.S. that Hercules' body came from an area containing traces of energy unique to Apokolips. Diana visited Hercules' home and found a letter addressed to her, informing her of the location of her twin brother, Jason. She found him in Greece,[99] and the two seemingly began to bond, only for Jason to turn against Diana after the arrival of Grail, who he had secretly allied himself with.[100] Grail had begun killing children of the earthly gods in order to use their divine power to restore her father Darkseid to adulthood, as he had been turned into a baby at the end of the Darkseid War. Jason allied himself with her in order to exact revenge on Wonder Woman, as he resented her for not seeking him out after she learned of his existence some time ago and was envious of her. However, as Darkseid was about to drain Diana's life force, Jason regretted his actions and joined Wonder Woman in battle against Grail and Darkseid. Then, Hercules' lawyer revealed his true identity as the King of the Gods himself, Zeus.[101] Zeus fought Darkseid while Wonder Woman took on his daughter, Grail. Ultimately, Zeus was defeated and his life force was drained by Darkseid, restoring the Apokoliptian to his full adult form. The Justice League arrived, forcing Darkseid and Grail to retreat through a Boom Tube. In the aftermath of the battle, Diana forgave her brother for his deceit.[102]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 39 Textless

Wonder Woman battles Silver Swan

Wonder Woman was soon faced with a new threat. Some years ago, Diana saved a young girl, Vanessa Kapatelis, from death at the hands of Major Disaster. She continued to visit Vanessa for many years as she recovered from her injuries, and encouraged her to undergo experimental treatment involving nanites, which allowed Vanessa to walk again. Eventually, Wonder Woman's superheroics forced her to cease her visits. During Diana's absence, Vanessa's mother Julia died, and Vanessa was left alone and felt that Diana had abandoned her. She began to resent Wonder Woman and declared herself her enemy, using the nanites in her blood to create a metallic, winged suit of armor and adopting the name Silver Swan.[103] Silver Swan murdered a family of people that Diana had recently saved, causing Wonder Woman to fight her alongside Jason. Diana managed to drown Silver Swan until she lost consciousness, causing her to revert to her human form. She left Vanessa to recover in the care of A.R.G.U.S.[104]

Amazons Attacked

After Darkseid and Grail's retreat, they returned to a base in the Amazon Rainforest, where Darkseid was setting his mysterious plans into motion. He tasked his loyal Female Furies with tracking down a godly relic he needed, but they were unable to do so thanks to the intervention of Steve Trevor and his A.R.G.U.S. forces. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman fought a number of villains that had been recruited by Veronica Cale: Zara of the Crimson Flame, Blue Snowman and Anglette. As Diana caught up with Steve at A.R.G.U.S. HQ, Jason returned wearing a suit of armor gifted to him by the gods, but with no knowledge of its purpose.[105] As news came in of an attack by Grail, Wonder Woman and Jason immediately responded just in time to prevent Grail from killing another demigod. Wonder Woman bound Grail in the Lasso of Truth and forced her to reveal Darkseid's plans. Grail explained that Darkseid was looking to build himself an army of Amazons. Due to her half-Amazon blood, Grail was able to break free from the Lasso's grip and retreated.[106]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 43 Textless

Wonder Woman and Jason take on Darkseid

The final remaining relics Darkseid needed were being guarded by A.R.G.U.S. at their HQ, so Darkseid decided to use a Boom Tube to transport the building and all its contents to his base in the Amazon Rainforest. The Female Furies retrieved the relics and put them into place while Wonder Woman fought Darkseid. With the relics' power, Darkseid was able to open a portal to Themyscira. As it is impossible for one who has set foot on Themyscira to return after leaving, Diana was unable to follow Grail through the portal. Grail invaded and began transforming the Amazons into creatures resembling Darkseid's Parademons.[107] As Jason had never actually set foot on Themyscira, he followed Grail and met his mother Hippolyta for the first time since his birth. While Jason and Hippolyta fought off the transformed Amazons, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Darkseid through her love for her deceased father, Zeus and her half-siblings, calling their spirits out of Darkseid's body and destroying him from the inside. The Amazons captured Grail and imprisoned her in the prison beneath Themyscira, alongside Ares, while Darkseid re-emerged somewhere on Earth. Jason was gifted a magical spear from his mother and returned to Earth.[108]

The Dark Gods

Since her attack on Veronica Cale, Cheetah had been captured by Cale and held in the basement of Empire Industries, where she was being experimented on by Doctor Poison. Cheetah suddenly dropped into a coma, before waking and massacring Empire Industries' staff, while screaming about the return of the so-called 'Dark Gods'. She attempted to kill Cale once again, but was restrained due to the timely intervention of Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor informed Diana that all over the world, people had begun acting strangely and warning of the Dark Gods. As she flew through the skies of Washington, she was suddenly attacked by a deranged Supergirl.[109] After a lengthy battle, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Kara and restrained her in the Lasso of Truth, which knocked her unconscious. Jason returned after learning from the Fates that the armor that had been gifted to him by the gods was originally created for Diana, but had been mistakenly given to Jason after Zeus' death. It also allowed Jason to channel the power of any member of the Greek Pantheon, though he could only use one god's powers at a time. Jason began to explain his discoveries to Diana, but they were interrupted by a group of giant monoliths appearing in the sky, which began to activate. As soon as the siblings began to investigate, Wonder Woman was taken by a pair of Star Sapphires who needed her assistance due to an emergency on Zamaron. As Diana was forcefully teleported, Jason was left alone before the activating monoliths.[110]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 46 Textless

The Dark Gods arrive on Earth

Wonder Woman was taken to Zamaron where the Star Sapphires informed her that a Dark God had taken hold there, too. Diana fought the newly-emerged Karnell, Dark God of Love, who informed Diana that he and his brethren had come from the Dark Multiverse, which the Justice League had recently encountered. When Diana wore the Tenth Metal during the climax of the Justice League's battle with Barbatos, Diana had wished for the gods' return. Though she had meant the Gods of Olympus, the Dark Multiverse's gods were chosen instead, and thus she had unintentionally caused their invasion. Together with the Star Sapphire Corps, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Karnell, who retreated back to Earth. Wonder Woman left the Corps and returned home.[111] In her absence, Jason had united with the Justice League and fought the Dark Gods, who had plunged Earth into chaos. Suddenly, the Dark Gods disappeared, only for them to return with Jason at their side.[112] Jason fought Wonder Woman, but after he led her away from the Dark Gods, he revealed that he was using his armor to channel the power of Dolos, God of Deception, and was in fact deceiving the Dark Gods. Using the wisdom of Athena, Jason developed a plan to convince the Dark Gods to retreat back to their reality. He offered himself, along with the power of the Greek Pantheon, in exchange for the Dark Gods leaving Earth. The Dark Gods accepted the proposal and Diana tearfully said goodbye to her brother, who was taken with them to the Dark Multiverse. The planet was saved and its people returned to normal, but Diana was distraught over the loss of her brother.[113]

The Last Age of Magic

After the Justice League fought the threat of the Omega Titans, the Source Wall was broken with many consequences that shook the foundations of the Multiverse itself. Once back to Earth, Wonder Woman felt that the dimension of magic was different, almost troubled, after the battle with the Titans, especially since the Tree of Wonder appeared in the city of Salem. Without knowing why she felt this dissonance, as she wasn't a practitioner of magic, Diana reached out to a friend who could know more: Zatanna Zatara. Finding her struggling to control a simple enchantment while performing in her father's theater, Wonder Woman asked the sorceress to join a division of the Justice League she was creating to investigate the current instability pervading magic. Zatanna acknowledged the fact that magic was unstable, acting with a dangerous behavior, but sustained that it was a matter that magical creatures, and magical creatures only, would have to look into, refusing Diana's offer.

Justice League Dark Vol 2 1 Variant Textless

With the new Justice League Dark!

Back in her new headquarters, the amazon told her only two recruits, Detective Chimp and Man-Bat, about her failure in bringing Zatanna into the fold. Soon though, problems started to manifest: the corpses of many magicians killed by their own magic came back to life and attacked the team,who was there for Kirk Langstom's studies, as the scientist was trying to figure out the effect the unstable magic had on the magician themselves. While fighting against these mutated zombies who talked about a mysterious race of beings called the Otherkind, Zatanna and Swamp Thing teleported inside Diana's headquarters, helping defeating the enemy. Zatanna then told Diana what she was doing before joining the fight: she was with Swamp Thing, trying to talk to the Tree of Wonder, when the Tree itself, in the form of her father, showed her a prophecy that completely changed her mind about what she offered to her earlier.[114] With the formation complete, the new Justice League Dark decided to head back to Salem to contact Doctor Fate, trying to find out if he knew something about why the whole system of magic was breaking apart.

Diana and Zatanna were the only two admitted to the presence of Fate, but soon they both found out that Fate's host, Kent Nelson, was not in control of his body: the Lord of Order himself, Nabu, was currently possessing Kent's body. Nabu revealed to both of them that h was tired of magic, as it was something that has got completely out of control, causing chaos and especially destroying Order, which is what Nabu swore to serve and protect. He then confessed he planned to let the Otherkind and their leader, the Upside-Down Man, come to Earth to bring magic back to its original place, so that the Order of the universe could be re-established. Without even the chance to fight him, Diana found herself in front of the horrific Upside-Down Man himself.[115]

The fight begun, but soon all members of the team and another magician, John Constantine, learnt that the creature was too strong for any of them. When all seemed lost, Diana got imbued with a mysterious and completely unknown kind of magic, coming from a mark on her forehead. This magic somehow hurt the Upside-Down Man and, thanks to the suggestions of Zatanna, Diana was able to banish the creature away, also restoring the damage he caused. Still, no one understood anything about this new power Diana awakened, with the threat of the Otherkind not extinguished, but just delayed.[116]

The Witching Hour

When she was twelve, Diana witnessed a rite performed on Themyscira to honor the witch-goddess Hecate: while there, she remebered being marked on the forehead by the deity herself. After the memory resurfaced in her mind, Diana went with Zatanna to a meeting with the Justice League to inform them of the threat of the Upside-Down Man and the Otherkind. When the discussion moved to how Diana's new team was able to contrast and banish an enemy so powerful, Diana was visibly struggling to hide a truth she did not want her comrades to know, and so Zatanna intervened, shifting the topic to something different. Back in the Justice League Dark headquarters, Zatanna and Diana confronted each other on the matter, with the amazon telling the sorceress she didn't want to make any of her League teammates worried about her condition, a condition even her found mysterious and incomprehensible.

As the team gathered, Hecate manifested herself, trying to take control of Diana. Zatanna managed to help her resist as long as necessary, as Detective Chimp opened a portal to a safe place: the Oblivion Bar. Once there though, John Constantine informed them they just missed a massacre at the hands of another of the witch-marked of Hecate, and that the time for the Witching Hour had come.[117] After Constantine joined the team, they all travelled to the island of Aeaea to talk with Circe, a protege of Hecate, in an attempt to find out how to contrast the deity and also control Diana's power.

Even if Zatanna disagreed, Circe and Diana both thought that Wonder Woman would be able to utilize her new power against Hecate herself. Soon she had the opportunity to do it, as Deadman informed everybody that Manitou Dawn, possessed by the witch-goddess, was tearing Nanda Parbat apart.[118] Once there, Diana soon realized Zatanna was right, as Hecate took full control of her body, with her soul now imprisoned in Hecate's home dimension, the Collective Unconscious. As last resort, Zatanna and Constantine tried to exorcise Hecate's power outside of Diana's body, but thanks to the instability in magic and the unknown nature of Hecate's power, the rite ended unexpectedly: the other two active witches possessed by Hecate were freed from her grasp, but all their power converged inside Wonder Woman.[119]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 57 Textless Variant

Possessed by Hecate!

Hecate, using Diana's body, took then control of Nanda Parbat and moved out to take a final step towards controlling all of magic: making the Sphere of the Gods hers. While tearing Olympus apart, the soul of Diana travelled through the Collective Unconscious, finding hospitality in the two dormant aspects of Hecate herself. They told Diana the real story of Hecate and they also told her that now the Crone, Hecate's hateful and angry aspect, was in control. Diana had to make a bold choice to defeat the powerful goddess, but a choice which was necessary: with the other aspects of Hecate offering her a window of opportunity, Diana got back in control of her body, then using her power to open a portal for the Upside-Down Man who, as the Dark Multiverse counterpart of Hecate, came down and ate the goddess alive. After restoring the Sphere, Diana lost all her magical power with Hecate defeated. Back to the Justice League Dark headquarters, Diana and Zatanna started planning about a counterattack against the Otherkind.[120]

Lords of Chaos

Justice League Dark Vol 2 9 Textless Variant

Diana with the Justice League Dark

After helping Bobo fixing problems he created inside the world of Myrra[121], the team continued its battle against the Otherkind, with Diana and Zatanna receiving a message from Zatanna's father, Giovanni, imprisoned by the Upside-Down Man.[122] In the message, Giovanni told Zatanna to find Mordru and also delivered her the Ruby of Life: trying to find a trail that could lead them to the powerful sorcerer, Diana first tried to obtain information from Papa Midnite, but with no success.[123]Her and Zatanna later headed to Aeaea, the island of Circe, to talk about the Ruby and Giovanni's message with the witch.[124]

Circe reveals to Zatanna that her father plotted every minute of her life, leading her to an encounter with Mordru at the right time, also using John Constantine as his pawn. The witch then told both the sorceress and Diana that they would never find Mordru, but that he would find them instead.[125] Knowing this, Diana and Zatanna teleported back to the Hall of Justice, finding there a construct resembling an old inn that was never there: it clearly was an invitation from Mordru, so the two heroines entered it.

Even if Mordru was clearly an evil creature, going as far as disgusting Diana who saw no trace of good intentions in him, the two women had to obtain his help: using his powers and the Ruby of Life, Mordru gave both Diana and Zatanna power over Chaos, transforming both in Lords of Chaos.[126] Reuniting with the team, who was meanwhile in a conflict against the Lords of Order, Diana and Zatanna gave to their comrades the same powers they obtained from Mordru and thanks to them, they defeated Nabu and his allies. In the end, Zatanna understood that the Ruby her father gave her was needed to perform a titanic task: reshape magic from scratch. Now that Order was in shambles, the perfect opportunity to rewrite magic from the start appeared, with Zatanna also understanding that only someone who was not born a magical creature would be able to truly reshape magic as something better. So, Zatanna gave the Ruby to Wonder Woman, who performed the ritual herself, revitalizing but also changing the entire structure of the magical system.[127]

The Witching War

After the League defeated Hecate, the power of the deity was not destroyed but converged inside the last of the witch-marked, Circe. The witch tricked Diana and her allies into defeating the goddess to take all the power for herself, never revealing she was marked. After this, Lex Luthor approached her with one of his offers to lead the Universe towards Doom: a personal team to rival the might of the Justice League Dark itself.[128]

Meanwhile, Diana was sleeping in the Hall of Justice when she was contacted inside her dreams by Giovanni Zatara: he wanted to warn her about her pivotal role for the destiny of magic and also told her she should watch out for an enemy hiding in plain sight. The dream was abruptly stopped by the appearance of the Upside-Down Man, capable of entering inside it when Diana mentioned his name. Once awakened, Diana tried to reach Zatanna to find out what would she think about the experience she just had. As the team was missing due to a problem with vampires, Diana talked about the matter with John Constantine, who counseled her about keeping an eye on Circe. Wonder Woman also told the Hellblazer that she knew he was hiding something as well, and she would keep an eye on him going forward.[129]

Justice League Dark Vol 2 19 Textless

The three aspects of Wonder Woman!

Reuniting with the team, Diana asked Bobo and Swamp Thing to keep track of Circe, while she privately talked about the vision she had of Giovanni with Zatanna and Kent Nelson. Then, she also explained them a dangerous plan she developed to take Circe by surprise: accessing the Collective Unconscious, Hecate's home dimension, through the Black Diamond, prison to the evil Eclipso.[130] While Wonder Woman succeeded in entering the dimension, she found out Circe was already there, waiting for her. Imprisoning her there and taking control of her body, given that only souls can access the Collective Unconscious, Circe revealed that her plan involved freeing Eclipso all along, as he was key to control all magic.[131]

While inside another dimension, Diana got visited by the Upside-Down Man and stroke a deal with him: if he would help her defeat Circe now, she would re-establish the missing power of Hecate, giving to the Upside-Down Man once again a counterpart in the Multiverse. The monster accepted the deal, warning Diana that if she was going to fail, he would consume the whole Multiverse with the Otherkind.[132] Maybe condemning the whole world while doing it, Diana came back and closed Circe inside the Collective Unconscious together with the power of Hecate, making her a prisoner similarly to Eclipso, ending the Witching War.[133]

Teaming with Artemis

Wonder Woman Vol 5 52 Textless

Wonder Woman with Artemis and Aztek

After helping former mercenary Moon Robinson change life [134], Diana helped the new Aztek in stopping an invasion that Tezcatlipoca was arranging, also discovering that her aunt, the legendary Atalanta, had been rebuffing the evil god assaults for years. Given the involvement of Atalanta, Wonder Woman also sought out the help of Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, as Atlanta was one of the founders of the rebel branch of the Amazons. Entering the realm of the Mexican Gods, called the Thirteen Heavens, Diana, Aztek and Artemis were able to combine their powers to defeat, at least temporarily, the god Tezcatlipoca.[135][136]

With the mission completed, Wonder Woman offered to bring both Artemis and Atalanta back home, in the deserts of Qurac. Artemis was eager to reintroduce the founder of her people back home. Once in Qurac though, the three Amazons were not well received, as the new queen of Bana-Mighdall, Faruka, wanted to transform Bana-Mighdall's culture, changing from nomads to permanent residents of the state of Qurac. Counseled by local rebel Rustam, Faruka wanted to start a conflict with the government of Qurac. Atalanta was imprisoned while Artemis, having to respect her duty, followed the orders of her queen. Diana was attacked by Rustam, but soon after she tried to free Atalanta. The legendary Amazon though told Diana that freeing her would be a bad move: she should wait for the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall to ask for her freedom.

Following the counsel of Atalanta, Diana still did everything to stop the conflict between the Bana-Mighdall and Qurac, and succeeded when, with the Lasso of Truth, she was able to bring Artemis to reason. After the two defeated Rustam, they also made Faruka confess she used Rustam to trigger the conflict even if it was unnecessary, because she believed the Amazons should have made Qurac their home. In the end, the Bana-Mighdall decided to still let Faruka being queen, but assisted by Atalanta. This led Artemis to decide to abandon her tribe and travel the world by herself, in the mold of Diana. Wonder Woman is touched by Artemis decision, that reminded her of her own decision of leaving Themyscira, and decided then to give her the Lasso of Submission, telling her to redeem it and renaming it as the Golden Promise.[137][138]

Olympians Exiled

Wonder Woman Vol 5 59 Textless

Diana and Ares

While Diana sleeps in her bed, she had dreams of her lover, Steve Trevor. As she talks with him, the wall behind him starts becoming as red as blood. Waking up from the shocking image, Diana receives a phone call from Etta Candy explaining Trevor's unit has gone down in the nation of Durovnia and that Steve himself is "M. I. A." She warns Diana not to intervene but the Amazon is already on her way. Diana saves a boy from Durovnian soldiers, then confronts Etta as she informs Diana that the Durovnian government is an ally. Diana refuses to think that Etta could be an ally to a nation who oppresses people, but then Etta tells her the States had to intervene because a new warlord appeared here and started a new wave of violence.

While Diana and Etta discuss, the boy she saved commands a group of mythological creatures who were, for an undisclosed reason, brought away from their home. Back on the battlefield, Diana once again rushes in to search for Steve, but then set her sight on the mysterious warlord and approaches him to confront him; she is shocked when he reveals her he is Ares, now reborn and ready to assist her in fighting for justice against tyranny.[139]

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Return of the Amazons and Loveless

Wonder Woman Vol 5 75 Textless Cover

The Battle for Themyscira

Following the path of light projected by Antiope's sword, they reach an exit, opening in front of them is another dimension, the Dimension Chi, a place Diana remembers to be a dangerous one, being that the last time she was here she barely escaped with her life. After telling the Dimension Chi story to Maggie and Atlantiades, Diana realizes that if they are in this dimension, Hippolyta and the rest of the Amazons must be close, as the dimension exists in the mind of her mother, which can only mean she is still alive. So they are ready to finally encounter the Amazons.[140][9]

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Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock Vol 1 9 Textless Variant

Diana and the Justice League are defeated by Dr. Manhattan

Diana had disappeared from the public eye for some time before the events of Doomsday Clock and was thought to have returned to Themyscira. After the inciting of global tensions due explosion of Firestorm in Moscow and the rumours of the "Supermen theory" alleging creation of metahumans by the United States government to serve as tools, she returned to address the United Nations and call for peace. She was attacked at the United Nations Building by the Creeper, Giganta and Black Adam who had turned against the world leaders for their oppression of metahumans. The Amazons brought her back to the island after the Oracle prophesied that she will be injured if she continued fighting.[141][142]

After Dr. Manhattan undid the alterations he had done to the timeline, the Justice Society of America had been restored. Another result of the undoing of the alterations was that Diana had fought alongside the JSA during World War II. She later arrived at Washington, D.C. in order to assist the JSA, the Legion of Super-Heroes and Superman in stopping the ongoing battle between metahumans. She later called for the re-establishment of the Global Guardians in its aftermath.[143]

Following alterations to the timeline, Diana's debut on the global stage was shown to have occurred much earlier, during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt in 1939. More effects of this included that Diana did harbor romantic feelings for Superman at some point, and that Donna Troy was created as a weapon to destroy the Amazons.[144]

The Four Horsewomen

Wonder Woman Vol 1 751 Textless

Diana against the Dark Fates

Returning from Themyscira, Diana was welcomed in her home by her neighbor and detective Nora Nunes, with an assignment about making sure Wonder Woman won't become a danger to the city of Boston while there. Diana tells Nora she does not have to worry. She won't be danger to anything and anyone, and if it means bringing her to work with her, she will. Diana then helps Etta Candy's co-workers set up the place. During an storm, Diana and Nora take some looters out. A lightning strikes Diana, who resists it. Wonder Woman then tells Nora that the storm is not natural, but magical. Someone with great power is aiming an entire storm at her, to attract her attention. Nora tells Diana she trusts her, after seeing how she handled things, and tells her to go where she must.

Diana so flies into the skies, to learn about who wants her attention, and soon discovers it; the Dark Fates are searching for her and rejoice when Wonder Woman finally stands in front of them. As Diana prepares to face them, they tell her that she is the only obstacle towards domination, thanks to the strong truth that lives in her. Then, the Fates disappear. Diana later helps Boston in regaining control after the storm and confronts Nora about her new experience living inside a town this big. Diana tells Nora that nothing is more important than protecting the innocent and helping the weak for her. With a firm handshake, the two women form an alliance, promising to help one another in serving and protecting the city.

Wonder Woman Vol 1 756 Textless

The Fury of the Four Horsewomen

Back at home, Diana places on the wall a metamorphic magic sphere and, thanks to the power of Dionysus, she evokes Donna Troy to talk with her, but no one answers from her apartment in New York City. Diana promises that wherever Donna is, she will reach her and help her, as she realized, talking with Peng Deilan, the Wonder-Woman of China, that she wasn't there for her sisters in the world of men, and that she must be more present in times as dark as these.[145]

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The Return of Maxwell Lord

After establishing the Amazon Embassy on Earth, Diana transferred back to Washington D.C. and there met her new neighbor, a girl named Emma who Diana learned suffered from memory problems, related to the death of her parents in an incident with a drunken driver. Bonding with the girl, Diana went with her to buy some furniture for his new apartment: while there, Wonder Woman saved a mother and his young son from certain death, as the woman was driving her car into a truck. Diana discovered that the woman was suffering from some sort of hallucination, thinking she was going together with his son to buy some ice cream.

Later the same day, Diana was tasked to help sedating a revolt inside Stryker's Island Penitentiary, and while in there she found out Maxwell Lord was one of the prisoners in custody.[146] Finding the resurgence of Lord disturbing, Diana was afraid Lord could have been behind the hallucinations who started to hit several men and women around the country. Trying to find out if she was right in suspecting Lord, Diana went to Etta Candy, now director of the Disaster Relief department in Washington, with her friend assuring her Lord was collaborating since the Justice League and the Sucide Squad arrested him, taking him into custody. Getting back home, Diana once again passed some time with Emma, talking about how much tiringly was the life of a superhero.

Wonder Woman Vol 1 763 Textless

Battling against Liar Liar!

While sleeping, Diana started seeing visions of gigantic robotic constructs and Parademons attacking her: without realizing she was victim of an hallucination, Diana attacked and almost severely hurt a troop of army soldiers she exchanged for enemies.[147] Taken into custody by Etta, Diana recovered thanks to the intervention of Lord himself, who was able to let her get back to reality thanks to a mind trick. Soon, it was discovered that the mean by which people started having hallucinations was an app called Odypix, developed utilizing a server structure Lord created, called Odysseus. Lord swore, while wrapped in the Lasso of Truth, that he wasn't behind the catastrophes, but also told he was sure he would be able to stop the effect from working, as after all Odypix was based upon his creations.[148]

Travelling with Diana to stop several cases in the whole country, Lord and Wonder Woman soon found out that the mind behind the whole mess was the one of Emma herself, not just Diana's new neighbor, but a powerful psychic and daughter of Maxwell. She was trying to impress her father, giving him an opportunity to kill Wonder Woman once and for all.[149] Thanks also to the fact that Max Lord did not side with Emma, Diana was able to defeat the girl, calling herself with the alias Liar Liar, taking her into custody. Determined to be able to change Emma's life, offering her a path at redemption, Diana also found out that her path with Maxwell Lord as a comrade and ally was not finished with stopping his secret daughter.[150]

Justice/Doom War

Justice League Vol 4 6 Textless

At the Mercy of Grodd

Diana took part to the fight to conquer the power of the Totality, fighting against the Legion of Doom. She took on a mission with Aquaman and Flash inside an underwater base of the Legion, where she found out someone was experimenting on Martians using genetic material from both the Amazons and the Atlanteans. While there, she was tricked into fighting Aquaman thanks to Grodd's telepathic powers. After the League won the battle thanks to Kendra, Diana and Arthur guessed that Cheetah and Manta were soon going to make their move, which started with the murder of Poseidon. To find the dead Olympian and question him, Arthur and Diana went on a mission in Antarctica , to find the legendary key for the Graveyard of Gods.

After finding the key, both Diana and Arthur were transported in the Blood Reef by the Triumvirate of Sea Gods, who then attacked the Earth. While Arthur was captured, Diana trifted inside a space ocean, and was able to find his comrade and save him from death. Learning that Arthur was stripped of his power, Diana decided to try and reach the Graveyard of Gods, as the key was still in her possession. Reaching Poseidon, Diana and Arthur learned of Arion's true story, and came back to Earth where Arthur sacrificed himself to defeat the Triumvirate and Manta. Still, Diana felt that Aquaman was not dead, but just unreachable by them in that moment.

Later, Diana took part in the League expedition inside the Sixth Dimension and, once back, discovered together with his comrades that Lex Luthor was inches away from awakening the evil goddess Perpetua. Following the plan of Starman, which was to retrieve two shards of the Totality lost in time to create a Justice Totality for the League to use, Diana travelled to the future together with Batman and Superman. Once there, they found themselves in a world ruled by Brainiac, where only one human being lived: Kamandi. Helped by the kid and several other Leagues coming from Brainiac's bottled futures, they were able to defeat the enemy and bring to the present their shard of Totality.

Still, the plan failed, and Lex assaulted the Hall of Justice with his Apex Predators, winning the war. As Perpetua tried to kill all the core members of the Justice League, they were saved and transported to the Moon by the Quintessence. Once there, they accepted to embark on a mission to gather Anti-Crisis energy and defeat Perpetua. Diana was the one who absorbed the energy, and she fought against Perpetua in a duel, but lost when the evil goddess made her uncertain: a victory could mean all her friends would die, as the Hands would come to destroy the Multiverse. Diana then removed this memory from her mind due to the trauma, and came back to Earth with the other Leaguers. Together, they found out their planet was now property of the Batman who Laughs, the new right hand of Perpetua.

Death Metal

Dark Nights Death Metal Vol 1 1 Textless

The Trinity during Death Metal

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Diana and an army of Lobo's clones adventured into the Dark Multiverse where Lobo fell prey to its shadows, so Diana reached alone the World Forge where she met Darkseid that tried to discourage her from trying to change the history. Diana understood that only truth could save them all so she bound herself to her lasso and, using the energies of the Forge, she managed to alter the reality and restore every memory of past events, greatly empowering herself, much to Darkseid's surprise.[151]

Diana later returned to the Earth to kill the Darkest Knight, but even with her new found powers, she could not overpower the Dark God who brought her back to the Creation, just before the Hand created the Multiverse, revealing her that he was going to kill her and the other Hands. He made her an offer to save her and all of her friends if she sided with him and let him kill the Hands. Believing in her and his friends, Diana refused and punched him to the End of Time. There, the Darkest Knight finally revealed her that the Hands were waiting for the battle to end to finally destroy the Multiverse in order to punish it for having been twisted and derailed from its original purpose, so she had, now, to choose how his Multiverse would end.

In the end, Diana chose to let the Darkest Knight burn and die in the Final Sun and awaited for the Hands to ultimately destroy the Multiverse. However, one of them, taking the appearance of her Earth-Two counterpart, told her the Hands admired her ultimate sacrifice in order to save them and rewarded her by restoring the Multiverse, with all the events that ever happened, and letting her ascend to an Higher Plane.[152]

Infinite Frontier


Wonder Woman Vol 1 770 Textless

Diana in Valhalla

After Diana's death, she awoke, not on Olympus, but the Norse afterlife, Asgard. There she meets a warrior named Siegfried, and a talking squirrel named Ratatosk. Ratatosk tells Diana that his home, the world tree Yggdrasil is dying and the valkyries are disappearing, which prevents Siegfried from returning after falling in battle. Diana commits to solving why this is happening, with the help of Ratatosk and Deadman, who is trying to get Diana to Olympus.[153] Diana learns that Dr. Cizko discovered a way to enter the sphere of the gods, who, under interrogation, directed her to the serpent Nidhogg whom Diana defeats through trickery, retrieving the key to the Fortress of the Valkyries, and with the help of Odin, departs to the fortress, but not before defeating a dark reflection of herself controlled by Dr. Cizko.[154][155] When she arrived at the fortress, the valkyries told Diana they were tired of escorting countless souls to the afterlife. They were then interrupted by Thor, whom Diana defeats and learns that Dr. Cizko was influencing Thor and forces him out of the sphere of the gods. They then reach a deal with the valkyries, that they would help souls to the afterlife, which kept Yggdrasil healthy. Siegfried returned and with whom she spent the night with and arrived in Olympus with Ratatosk only to discover it in ruins.[156]

Diana and Ratatosk looked for survivors but found only the Roman god, Janus. Janus explained that his other half, stole a weapon that could kill a god, the God Scraper, and killed the gods one by one. Diana contacted Deadman and met him in the Graveyard of souls, in order to attempt to bring back the gods.[157] There she defeated The Keeper of the Grounds in a battle of wits and brought the gods back. She then set off to Satyrs' Grove and went through the well to Elfhame in chance of Janus' other half.[158]

In the land of Elfhame Diana encountered Gwyn, king of the faeries, who accused her of murdering their queen. After they took her and Ratatosk prisoner, she discovered that Janus' other half had taken her appearance and killed the queen of Elfhame. After Siegfried arrived to help Diana on the request of Ratatosk, they rescued Ratatosk and left to go back to Earth to stop Janus there.[159]

To Diana's shock, she discovered she didn't arrive at Prime Earth, but rather Earth-11. While meeting with the Justice Guild, Deadman informed them at Janus' other half was on Earth-11. Wonder Man, freed by Janus' other half, interrupted the meeting and attacked the Justice Guild. At that time Janus' other half arrived and battled Diana where she revealed she was behind Dr. Cizko's appearance in the sphere of the gods. Janus' other half who escaped with Deadman through a portal created by the God Scraper, and escaped to another dimension, with Diana, Ratatosk, and Siegfried in hot pursuit.[160]

Diana, Ratatosk and Siegfried journeyed through the multiverse to places including The Phantom Zone, Zrfff, and Prehistory. They caught up with Janus' other half in The In-Between, where Janus' other half seemingly killed Deadman with the God Scraper.[161] Janus' other half began fighting Diana and eventually gained the upper hand, but Diana was saved by the intervention of Siegfried. During their battle Diana was able to revive Deadman with the lasso gifted to her by valkyries, and eventually the the Divine Mothers appeared and restrained Janus' other half. Zeus, Hermes, a valkyrie, Janus and Deadman arrived. Janus froze time to explain that he was the one who was behind his other half's attacks, as he let her separate herself from him in order for there to be a world without a future. Diana was able to defeat Janus and chose to turn down godhood with her kin to return home. Using the God Scraper, Diana opened a portal within herself and returned to Earth.[162]

Through a Glass Darkly

Trial of the Amazons

Trial of the Amazons Vol 1 1 Textless

Trial of the Amazons

Diana returned to Themiscyra for a contest to determine who would guard Doom's Doorway. She was surprised to learn that the hidden tribe of Amazons called the Esquecida decided to join the contest themselves. After a tense confrontation with Queen Faruka II, she joined the feast where it was announced that whoever won the contest would win the right for their leader to claim the crown of Themiscyra.[163] After the death of her mother, Diana grieved with the rest of the Amazons and her mother's lover, Philippus. Diana attended a meeting between all the leaders of the Amazon tribes where it was decided that the contest would continue, and that Cassie would investigate who was behind Hippolyta's murder. Later, Diana confronted Nubia, telling her that she would use the Lasso of Truth to find the murderer.[164]

Diana demanded that Faruka, Atalanta, Nubia, Artemis, and even her former pupils Donna Troy and Cassie submit to being questioned while bound by the Lasso. The women rejected being forced to submit to the Lasso, prompting Nubia to talk with Diana in private at Hippolyta's resting place. Diana was angry that Nubia agreed with the other women, and resolved to find the murderer on her own. To that end she traveled to the Temple of Athena to beseech the Gods to show her who was responsible, when no vision came a shadowy figure told Diana that she was putting her desire for vengeance above her duty, before disappearing. Diana, feeling that she needed to finish her mother's work of uniting the Amazon tribes, decided to give her lasso to Nubia, and entrust the investigation to her niece, Cassie. She later decided she would represent all Amazons at the contest.[165]

Before the contest could begin, a horn blew that collapsed the ground and led to tunnels even Philippus was unaware of. The contestants descended through the tunnels and encountered Echidna. The Amazons were able to defeat the monster, but the tunnel began to collapse. Diana told her companions to flee to warn the other Amazons that Chaos had arrived.[166] Diana was able to force her way out of the rubble and was able to beat Donna, Yara, and Philippus to the arena. Together, the Amazons were stunned to watch Doom's Doorway began to break open.[167]

Diana and the other Amazons battled Chaos, as Diana and the Amazons started to lose ground, Diana's aunts, Antiope (who was the one who advised Diana at the Temple of Athena), and Atalanta absorbed Chaos and went through Doom's Doorway, sealing it behind them. Diana grieved for her aunts and mother with her step-mother, Philippus, and later talked to Yara and brought her to the Tair-Mory, where Diana kept several of her tairas that she had worn over the years. She then proceeded to destroy Yara's tiara and gifted her a new tiara with three stars to represent the three Amazon tribes. As she crowned her, she gave her the title of Wonder Girl, much to Yara's chagrine. Diana then joined the feast where Faruka acknowledged Nubia as queen of all the Amazons.[168]

The Villainy of our Fears

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  • Divine Empowerment: After leaving for Man's World, Diana was gifted with various powers by the Gods of Olympus.
    • Superhuman Strength: Granted by Demeter (Goddess of the Earth). Diana is literally as strong as the Earth because of her link to the planet granted to her.[citation needed]
    • Superhuman Durability: Diana has a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great as Superman or Supergirl. However, due to her vast threshold for pain and her Amazonian ability to heal at a superhuman rate, this easily makes up for the difference. She has withstood considerable bludgeoning damage in the form of hand to hand combat with metahuman opponents such as Superman and Shazam.[71] She has considerable resistance to human weaponry, though this is not absolute; bullets and edged weapons can cause minor to moderate injury, but never life threatening.[89] Whether or not however she can survive bullets to vital areas is disputable. She was once wounded by a hail of bullets that bounced off Superman and hit her neck.[169] Alternatively, she also survived being shot by an Eighth Metal bullet to the head.[170]
    • Flight: Gifted unto her by the messenger god Hermes, Diana possesses the power to fly at high speeds.[30]
    • Superhuman Speed: Granted by Hermes (the Messenger God). She is able to think, react, and move at superhuman speeds.
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Accelerated Healing: In the rare event of suffering a serious injury, Diana can heal from mild to moderate injuries at an amazing rate. Her normal regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within seconds to minutes. She possesses an incredible immunity from poisons, toxins, as well as disease.
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Animal Empathy: Diana has the ability to communicate with all forms of animals and her presence alone can bring a raging beast to a calm standstill. She is also able to directly command wild animals when needed.[citation needed]
    • Immortality: As a demigoddess and an Amazon, Wonder Woman does not age beyond her prime.[171]
    • Magic (Formerly): When she was a child, Diana was marked by the goddess Hecate and bestowed with a fraction of her magical ability.[117] This power lay dormant until it was activated by the Upside-Down Man. Zatanna remarked that Wonder Woman's magical power was unlike anything she had ever seen or felt, and Diana possessed at least enough power to cast out the Upside-Down Man, an immensely powerful demon, from the world.[116] After the Justice League Dark defeated Hecate, the Witchmarked's power was taken from them and absorbed by Circe.[120]
  • Reality Alteration (Formerly): When Diana was empowered with the World Forge and the Anti-Crisis Energy, she had enough might to shake stars and phase throughout time through sheer strength. She had displayed the ability to shrink an entire planet and was able to link everyone together and restored their memories as one history- one universe.


  • Aviation: Wonder Woman pilots her invisible jet with expert proficiency.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Diana has great wisdom and intelligence. She knows possesses great knowledge in various different fields such as combat and She is among the smartest and wisest members of the Justice League.
    • Diplomacy
    • Leadership
    • Multilingualism: Wonder Woman spoke only her native Themysciran until she ventured into Man's World. She learned English within days due to the Lasso of Truth's powers of language translation.[172] She later displayed mastery of the Almeracian language.[173]
  • Equestrianism: Diana is a great horse rider; her favorite mount is her mare Kachi.[10]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Diana is the finest warrior ever born among the Amazons of Themyscira. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat and is highly skilled in the exotic martial arts styles of the Amazons.
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Weaponry: Wonder Woman is proficient with nearly every weapon ever made, especially the bow, the sword and the javelin.


  • Bracelets of Submission: Two magic bracelets that can deflect both projectiles and blunt attacks. The Bracelets are comprised of the godly Eighth Metal, one of the strongest elements in the Multiverse.[170] They are almost indestructible capable of withstanding, even deflecting; such force as Darkseid's Omega Beams.[174] In the false life Diana had lived the god of the forge; Hephaestus, had modified her bracelets with the ability to manifest any number of weaponry she desires.[33][41][47][50]
    • After her bracelets were destroyed by Cheetah, Diana went on to use Hippolyta's old Eighth Metal manacles and reforged them using Amazonium to fill in the seams, the same ones that were shattered by Herakles when he dominated the Amazons.[15]
  • Lasso of Truth: The Lasso, also referred to as the Golden Perfect, is a sacred relic of the Amazons and was given to them by the Gods of Olympus. It was bestowed to Wonder Woman when she embarked to Man's World. The Lasso's most known power is to force anyone ensnared by it to speak only the truth. It also possesses a number of other magical abilities. The Lasso is capable of tethering the hearts and minds of the individuals holding it, creating a telepathic link between them, as well as allowing for language translation.[175] It can also be used to bind and ensnare the souls of beings, including even gods, within it.[90][176] Diana can use the Perfect to locate individuals who share an emotional connection to her. It can also be used to force a biophysical reset of those who have been corrupted by some external influence, such as poisons and toxins or mind control, who are bound by it.[13][94] Diana is highly proficient at using the Lasso of Truth as both a tool and a weapon, and is capable of easily binding people and objects using it.
  • Wonder Woman's Tiara
  • Atlantiades' Armor: As the new God of Love, Atlantiades can bestow favors on their protégés, such as the powerful armor endowed with the strength of the Erotes that they temporarily gave to Diana.[177]


  • Invisible Plane: Wonder Woman possesses an airplane capable of rendering itself completely invisible to the human eye. Like her bracelets, Diana's invisible plane is forged with Eighth Metal, making it almost indestructible.[178] The Invisible Plane was originally the aircraft Steve Trevor crashed onto Themyscira; it was repaired by the Amazons and upgraded with their technology.[11][179]


  • Magical Sword: A sword forged by Hephaestus, said to be sharp enough to cut the electrons off an atom.
  • Qwardian Power Ring (Formerly): As a warrior goddess and the goddess of war Diana was aptly chosen to be a temporary member of the Sinestro Corps.[180]
  • Shield of Alcippe[15]
  • Star Sapphire Ring (Formerly): Diana first wielded the Violet Lantern Ring when she served with the Star Sapphire Corps during the Blackest Night. She was later recruited as temporary leader of the Star Sapphires during a crisis on Zamaron and wore the ring once more. After the conflict, Diana retired from the Corps to continue her mission on Earth.[111]
  • Sunblade (Formerly): The sword created by Hephaestus for Apollo at the dawn of human civilization, as one of the twelve weapons created for each member of the Gods of Olympus. When the Olympians had abandoned their old home, Wonder Woman, then its owner, became the sole owner of their entire arsenal.[181] But at the behaste of the smithing god, Hephaestus, Diana willingly gave the Sunblade to Batman.[182]
  • Sword of Exoristos[15]
  • Themysciran Shield: Wonder Woman often wields a Themysciran shield to deflect heavy weaponry.

  • Diana's canonical age varies greatly throughout the comics. She was initially stated to be 23 years old,[29] but later established to have been born in the classical antiquity.[183] More recently Diana was shown reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland during her childhood, which was published in 1865, indicating she was born within the last 200 years.[184]
  • Like all Amazons, Wonder Woman uses no sexual orientation labels, and none seem adequate to identify her (as well as her sisters), even though she has fallen in love with both women and men.[185]
  • She has a pet kangaroo named Jumpa[186] and befriended a Megalodon named Hookswift as a child, whom she thought of as an older sister.[15]
  • Diana was born just before her brother, making her the oldest twin.[187]
  • Poison Ivy once asked Diana to be her girlfriend on Valentine's Day.[188]



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