The Return of Wonder Woman is an episode of season 2 of Wonder Woman. It premiered on September 16, 1977.

Synopsis for "The Return of Wonder Woman"

Appearing in "The Return of Wonder Woman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. Solano (First appearance) (Apparent Death)
  • Gloria Marquez (First appearance) (Apparent Death)
  • Joseph Gorham (Single appearance)
  • Steve Trevor Impersonator (Single appearance)
  • Dr. Solano's Robot (Single appearance) (Destroyed)

Other Characters:

  • Major Steve Trevor (Flashback only)
  • Evadne (Single appearance)
  • Dr. Ross (Single appearance)
  • Dr. Samuels (Single appearance)






  • Wonder Woman tells Steve Trevor, Jr. that she'll be 2,527 on her next birthday. However, this is a continuity error as the Amazons are only immortal on Paradise Island and the previous episode (set 35 years earlier) established it having been 2,000 years since their arrival to the island. This means she would've been about 492 years old when the Amazons first arrived to Paradise Island.


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