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"Museum Mayhem": Diana Prince shows off a Viking warrior's skeleton to three students at the Smithsonian Institution and Teo assumes them to be a man, upon which Diana corrects him stating that they were a woman. As Jazz teases him, the conversation turns to how the three students messed up

Quote1 Thank the gods they're safe. And none the worse for their heroism. They remind me of another time... another war... my first, when I was young and impulsive... when I worked with friends who mattered to me more than life... and almost as much as honor and duty... and their belief in me gave me wings. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 29, 2020.

Synopsis for "Museum Mayhem"

Diana Prince shows off a Viking warrior's skeleton to three students at the Smithsonian Institution and Teo assumes them to be a man, upon which Diana corrects him stating that they were a woman. As Jazz teases him, the conversation turns to how the three students messed up a senior's car for bullying a newcomer. Dr. Thomas meanwhile shows the section containing precious gems donated by Maxwell Lord, to Dr. Barbara Minerva, who is highly fascinated by the Noble Diamond.

As Dr. Thomas takes Barbara to the weapons exhibit, a group of men dressed in museum uniforms enter and claim that they have been sent to install new gems for display. Diana meanwhile praises Jazz for trying to protect others, but states she could have used a more peaceful solution. As the other two students agree out of resentment for their detention, Jazz replies that they can only depend on themselves as the adults never help.

As Diana tells the students about the samurais and their honorable code, the museum alarm starts blaring. The workers who claimed to be installing gems actually turn out to be robbers in disguise, with one of them accidentally having tripped the security system. Running towards the rooftop and splitting up, they grab some hostages for insurance. Diana meanwhile after finding out what's going on, tells the children to stay hidden while she gets help.

Dr. Thomas and Barbara get taken as hostages while fleeing, and are told by the robbers to tell them how to reach the roof. Barbara states she doesn't know as she just started working, before Dr. Thomas directs them to the hall, where they can take the stairs to escape. They however reject freeing them, wanting to use them to ensure they successfully escape. Jazz while watching the scene decides to fight back and tells her friends that she believes Diana just ran away.

As Jazz picks up a sword, Diana attacks the other group of robbers in her Wonder Woman disguise and successfully subdues them. Teo and his friend decide to join Jazz after she knocks out one of the thugs, meanwhile Diana successfully deals with another group. The kids meanwhile go after the robber holding Barbara, and trap him under a heavy statue. After retrieving the Noble Diamond, they go after the last group of robbers, but are unable to reach them due to the heavy gunfire.

Diana rushes towards the children, thinking that they're just as impulsive as she was when she was young and fought alongside her brave comrades in World War I. Telling them to lift the table they're hiding under, she uses it to jump towards the robbers and quickly subdues them. She is however forced to leave their interrogation incomplete when a guard confronts her and praises the kids before leaving, telling them they remind her of the people she once fought alongside.

Diana later reunites with the kids in her civilian identity, with Jazz believing she really did went to get help. Dr. Thomas soon comes up to thank the kids and they hand the Noble Diamond over to her. A man then comes up to her and shows her a box containing the items about Dr. Barbara Minerva the FBI had earlier contacted her over. The kids then tell Diana that some adults like her and Wonder Woman can be trusted, but she praises them for their heroism and Jazz agrees they should come to the museum the next week too.

Appearing in "Museum Mayhem"

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  • Barbara Minerva (First appearance)
  • Carol Thomas (First appearance)
  • Jazz (Single appearance)
  • Teo (Single appearance)
  • Unnamed student


  • Museum robbers

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Synopsis for "Wolf Cubs"

This story is reprinted from Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #6.

Diana and Steve deal with a bunch of thugs who have kidnapped a group of children and are holed up in a theatre. The two realize they are firing only blank ammunition and the children run away after Wonder Woman subdues them. One of the thug admits it was all staged by the kids when he is threatened and Diana finds that her lasso has been stolen by them.

Another thug reveals that Jack Towers, son of a rich businessman, orchestrated the whole thing and also informs them of his location where he stays with a bunch of poor kids. After the duo reach the clubhouse, one of the kids attacks them with a giant steel bar but Diana knocks it away. Steve rescues the child that attacked them after she falls but herself falls into a ditch.

Diana confronts Jack and demands he reveal why he needs her lasso and who are the children working with him. Jack states that they are children of poor workers in the financial district and they bring him information he needs to make stock trades. He has been stealing from the men who broke his father's bones and needs the lasso to be able to interrogate them as they are destroying their documents.

As Jack and the other children state how they mistreat their parents, Diana tells Jack to fight them honestly along with the kids and his father after he recovers while also returning the money he stole. He hesitates but agrees after she states the only other option is for him to face the law. Steve climbs out of the ditch and is helped away by Diana.

Appearing in "Wolf Cubs"

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  • Jack Towers

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