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The Wonder Woman Family was a result of Amazon technology on Earth-124.1, which led to Wonder Tot, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman existing at the same time.


During her teenage years, Diana was known as "Wonder Girl" and as a child, "Wonder Tot." While on Earth-One, Amazonian technology was not advanced enough to let them meet each other, Earth-124.1 was more advanced. On that earth, all three versions of herself, Wonder Woman, Girl and Tot, frequently appeared together as the Wonder Woman Family with her mother Wonder Queen.

On numerous occasions, the Wonder Woman Family would gather together for a series of contests or celebrations. These would include the "Queen for a Day" festival and an annual naming contest held amongst all of the Amazons to determine who should hold the honor of bearing the name, Wonder Woman. They also teamed-up to fight against their shape-changing nemesis, Multiple Man on at least three separate instances.

Wonder Tot befriended a mystical entity known as Mister Genie, who aided her in several escapades and even helped her fight off an alien invasion.

When editor-writer Robert Kanigher summoned the entire Wonder Woman cast to his New York office,[1] he told them that they were all being retired. As such, only Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyte and Steve Trevor remained of the supporting cast. The Wonder Woman Family was no more.


  • The Wonder Woman Family came about after each version of Diana was introduced; Wonder Girl in Wonder Woman #107 and Wonder Tot in Wonder Woman #113. Issues featured a call to write letters if readers wanted to read more of them. That eventually led to the Wonder Woman Family being introduced in Wonder Woman #121 (though Wonder Girl and Woman did not yet coexist in the same timeline).
  • The Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium stated these appearances occurred in the alternate reality Earth-124.1. The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia used the name "Earth-124" for this reality.

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