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The Amazing Amazon

The Amazing Amazon

Wonder Woman is the most well-known female superhero in comic books. Despite this, her books have never sold as well as her male counterparts Batman and Superman. There are lots of great runs on Wonder Woman by many different writers and artists, but they lack consistency. Wonder Woman is frequently retooled or redesigned in new locations in an effort to increase her sales. This means that the various runs don't always build on each other very strongly, but it also gives us a wide diversity of top-notch stories. You can pick up the beginning of almost any writer's run and be able to read it comfortably start-to-finish without prior knowledge of the character.

New readers

  • Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals: This is the definitive Wonder Woman origin story written by George Pérez, Greg Potter and Len Wein, and begins Pérez's renowned 62-issue run on the title. The story establishes the origins of Diana and the Amazons, and follows Diana's venture from Paradise Island to Man's World, where she faces the villain Ares.
  • Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Gods: The second storyline by Pérez and Wein, introduces the villain Cheetah before delving into a story in which Wonder Woman is set a challenge by the Gods of Olympus to venture into the caves beneath Themyscira.
  • Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia: A graphic novel written by Greg Rucka, the first of his work with the character. Wonder Woman finds herself at odds with Batman when she partakes in an ancient Greek ritual called the Hiketeia to protect a young woman whom Batman is hunting for murder.
  • Wonder Woman: Down to Earth: Begins Rucka's acclaimed arc of Wonder Woman. Diana, now a diplomat working with the United Nations, faces public backlash and protests after publishing a book, and clashes with both classic and new villains.
  • Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon: Rucka's run continues with an action-packed story in which Wonder Woman must battle the resurrected Gorgon Medusa, making great sacrifices in the process.
  • Wonder Woman: The Circle: The first Wonder Woman storyline written by Gail Simone. Diana is attacked by a secret group of Amazon criminals known as the Circle who see her as a curse on Themyscira and seek to kill her.
  • Wonder Woman: Odyssey: A story written by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester which attempted to reboot Wonder Woman with an updated backstory; this reboot didn't last long as the New 52 followed shortly after. Diana suddenly finds herself in a new, entirely different world and seeks to restore the past that has been taken from her.

Further reading

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