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Membership History


  • Ares: The God of War, Ares (or Mars, as he was referred to in the Golden Age) is one of Wonder Woman's oldest villains, and directly responsible for much of the Amazons' negative history. Over the years, he has empowered many others to become villains as well to stand against Wonder Woman.
  • Cheetah: Several individuals have taken this codename over the years, some are simply women wearing a cheetah costume while others are mutated.
    • Priscilla Rich: The Golden Age Cheetah, a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder.
    • Deborah Domaine: The Silver Age Cheetah, the niece of Priscilla Rich who was brainwashed into taking over the mantle.
    • Barbara Ann Minerva: The Post-Crisis Cheetah and the current bearer of the name. She was a British archaeologist who was bestowed with the powers of the Cheetah during a ritual by the god Urzkartaga. She also killed Aphrodite with the sword God Slayer.
    • Sebastian Ballesteros: An Argentine entrepreneur who briefly stole the powers of the Cheetah from Minerva.
  • Circe: The witch of Aeaea and a powerful and immortal sorceress. Believing Wonder Woman to be the other witch featured in a prophecy by the goddess Hecate, Circe devoted herself to destroying Diana.

Golden Age:

  • Villainy, Inc.: A group of women who banded together in order to escape from Transformation Island.
    • Blue Snowman: A woman who dressed in masculine powered armor and used a telescopic snow ray to freeze her targets in blue snow.
    • Cheetah: A woman suffering from multiple personality disorder.
    • Doctor Poison I: A Japanese princess and expert of toxicology.
    • Eviless: A slaver from Saturn and the founder of Villainy, Inc.
    • Giganta: A brilliant scientist with the power to change her size at will.
    • Hypnota: A sideshow hypnotist.
    • Queen Clea: Ruler of Venturia, an Atlantean city where women held power over men.
    • Zara: Self-styled "priestess of the Crimson Flame," a former child-slave who set up a cult around her false ability to wield flames.
  • Baroness Paula Von Gunther: A Nazi spy and noblewoman, she successfully reformed and joined the Amazons as one of their chief physicians.
  • Countess Draska Nishki: A countess whose thrill seeking ways led her to found International Spies, Inc. and carry out assassination and espionage for the highest bidder. She has a past with Phillip Darnell.
  • Doctor Psycho: A dwarf with mind control powers and a hatred of women - Wonder Woman in particular. He is a sadist that once mind controlled a group of people into cannibalizing each other and was turned on by it.
  • Duke of Deception: For a long time, the primary agent of Ares. Often aided by the Earl of Greed and Count of Conquest.
  • Emperor of Saturn: The ruler of the Empire of Saturn, who has been having humans abducted and enslaved to work on the infrastructure needed to invade earth. His agents include Mephisto Saturno, Saturnette and Eviless.
  • Gundra: A valkyrie who had allied herself with the Nazis during World War II.
  • Human Tank: A man who used an enamel-based compound to render his skin bulletproof.
  • Mask: Nina Close, a victim of domestic violence who lashed out against her husband and other abusive husbands in a spree of murder.
  • Minister Blizzard: Prime Minister of Iceberg Land.
  • Sharkeeta: Shark mermaid who grew to resent the Amazons for treating her more like a fish than a woman.
  • Queen Atomia: Queen of a subatomic universe, she sought to conquer Earth after growing to human size.

Silver Age:

  • Angle Man: Italian thief who uses a special "Angler" that can alter angles and cause people to lose their balance.
  • Children of Ares: Ares sired many children (including Hippolyta), and several opposed Diana and the Amazons. The name itself is used for five boys who were born to Amazons through mysterious virgin births.
    • Deimos: God of Terror.
    • Phobos: God of Fear.
    • Eris: Goddess of Strife and Discord.
  • Crimson Centipede
  • Doctor Cyber: Powerful crimeboss who suffers from body dysmorphic disorder and hides her scarred face behind a mask.
  • Egg Fu
  • Mouse Man

Bronze Age:


  • Dark Angel: The Donna Troy of Earth-Seven, a witch whose life goal is to torture Donna and her loved ones for living the life which was stolen from her.
  • Decay: The offspring of Medusa, used by Deimos and Phobos during Wonder Woman's earliest days in the United States.
  • Devastation: An Anti-Wonder Woman, created by Cronus in much the same way Wonder Woman was, and empowered by his children to serve as her antithesis and tool of her destruction.
  • Echidna
  • Genocide: A powerful, soulless warrior created by the Society, empowered by the Lasso of Truth.
  • Hades: God of the Underworld, Hades or Pluto is usually portrayed as benevolent but neutral, though he has plotted against Wonder Woman as well.
  • Medusa: the powerful Gorgon who could turn people to stone with a glance
  • Queen of Fables: An extra-dimensional sorceress who mistook Wonder Woman for her mortal enemy Snow White and seeks her destruction.
  • Sangtee Emperor: The kreel ruler of the Sangtee Empire. Wonder Woman led a revolution that forced the Emperor to abolish their Empire's chattel slavery and outlawing of female citizens.
  • Shim'Tar: Champion of the Bana-Mighdall; while later incarnations were allies, initially they were enemies.
  • Silver Swan II: A mutant whose abusive husband had used her as a weapon.
  • Silver Swan III: Formerly Wonder Woman's best friend, Vanessa Kapatelis was briefly manipulated by Circe into becoming the third Silver Swan.
  • Urzkartaga
  • Veronica Cale: A self-made millionaire and CEO who, like Lex Luthor to Superman, hates Wonder Woman who was born with the privilege of powers out of jealousy and contempt.
  • Villainy, Inc.: A second incarnation of the team, this time led by Queen Clea.
    • Cyborgirl: Niece of Sarah Charles, a former drug addict who had most of her body replaced by cybernetics.
    • Doctor Poison II: The original Doctor Poison's granddaughter.
    • Jinx: Primarily a Teen Titans villain, the Indian sorceress later joined the female villain-team.
    • Trinity: A virus bent on destruction.
  • White Magician: Main antagonist of Artemis during her brief tenure as Wonder Woman, a wizard who created several other monster-of-the-week villains before facing her himself - which led to both their deaths.
  • Zeus: The king of Olympus. Zeus is a serial rapist who has tried to reshape humanity through mass slaughter. She helped her patron Athena depose the deranged king.

New 52:

Post Convergence:

Minor Villains

  • Batman Who Laughs: He corrupted Donna Troy. He later turned Hades into his own personal prison with Perpetua's help.
  • Leviathan: He turned Paula into the villain by revealing she was descended from nazis.
  • Superwoman: Diana's evil Earth-3 counterpart and member of the Crime Syndicate.

Villain Activity

Due to some of her enemies being gods like Ares and Circe, they have a long list of crimes against humanity.

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