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"The Human Charm Bracelet": Wonder Woman is spending the day in her civilian identity as Lt. Diana Prince, working for Military Intelligence. She notes that the date is June 19th, but she can't seem to recall why this day is so important.

Wonder Woman #106 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1959.

Synopsis for "The Human Charm Bracelet"

Wonder Woman is spending the day in her civilian identity as Lt. Diana Prince, working for Military Intelligence. She notes that the date is June 19th, but she can't seem to recall why this day is so important.

Meanwhile, on the distant Planet G, home to a race of giants, this world's version of the Olympics are in progress. One giant, Tooroo, wins the contest and is allowed to take any prize he wants. He selects the planet Earth, and the judges tell him that he can only take the planet if he manages to defeat Earth's champion, Wonder Woman. As he enters his rocket, his lover Rikkaa asks him to bring her back something nice from the planet Earth. As Tooroo rockets towards the Earth, he wonders what he can possibly bring his lover as a gift.

While back on Earth, Steve Trevor is called to action in front of Military Intelligences headquarters, when two spies attempt to escape by helicopter. With Steve out of sight, Diana changes into Wonder Woman and lends a helping hand. As she rounds up the spies, she is unaware that her mother Queen Hippolyta is watching from Paradise Island, wracked with fear as the 10:00 hour approaches.

Later, when Tooroo arrives and begins collecting Earth objects to be part of a giant charm bracelet, that he intends to give to Rikkaa, Wonder Woman and Steve attempt to stop the alien marauder, but end up being captured themselves, due to the failure of Wonder Woman's weapons. When Wonder Woman attempts to escape, she remembers why June 19th is such an important date: On this particular date, her weapons would lose their magical abilities for 24 hours at 10:00.

They are knocked out and taken back to Planet G, where they are made part of the charm bracelet that Tooroo plans on giving to his beloved. When Wonder Woman and Steve revive, Wonder Woman wonders if the 24 hours have elapsed so that her items have their powers back. Keeping this quiet, Wonder Woman challenges Tooroo to an Olympic challenge to win her and the Earth's freedom. Tooroo, being the champion of his world and thinking Wonder Woman to be powerless, accepts the challenge.

Appearing in "The Human Charm Bracelet"

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  • Rikkaa (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Invisible Wonder Girl"

Years ago when Wonder Woman was known as Wonder Girl, she posed for a photograph with her mother. After the photo had developed, Queen Hippolyta would be shocked to find that Wonder Girl was not captured in the image. When the queen asks her daughter if she knows any reason why, Wonder Girl strangely brushes off the question, which concerns the queen even more. Tara and the Queen reflect on the events the day previous: there was an earthquake that struck Paradise Island, causing a marble column to topple, and Wonder Girl had dived into action to prevent her mother from being crushed under its weight. This super-feat was captured by Paradise Island's photographer, and when the photo was developed, they found that the picture turned out fine.

When the Queen once more questions her daughter, she once more deflects the question. Undaunted, the queen decides to stay near Wonder Girl in case the girl changes her mind. When a plane flying above Paradise Island suddenly begins to crash, Queen Hippolyta pushes Wonder Girl out of harms way, when the teenager fails to notice the danger. After the crisis has been averted, Wonder Girl shocks all the gathered Amazons by revealing that she is not Wonder Girl at all, but really Rrara, a shape changer from the "Chameleon Planet". She explains that she watched Wonder Girl from afar and wondered what it would be like to be her for 24 hours and swapped places with her. She would go on to explain that the process is only an illusion and that is why she didn't appear in any photographs. Just then they are attacked by a flying saucer. When the Amazons ask Rrara to send Wonder Girl back, she find that something is preventing her from doing so.

On the distant Chameleon Planet, Wonder Girl tries to make sense of her situation, while she is pelted with cosmic dust, as a meteor enters into the atmosphere, threatening to destroy the planet. As the people of the Chameleon planet transform into rocks to protect themselves, Wonder Girl uses her super-breath to blow the dust and the meteor away, saving the Chameleon Planet from destruction. Back on Earth, Rrara tries her hardest to send herself and Wonder Girl back to their homes. Suddenly Wonder Girl appears, and when Rrara doesn't return to her home world, Wonder Girl realizes that her being transported back to Earth still covered in cosmic dust must have ruined Rrara's ability to return home. Wonder Girl then promptly destroys the flying saucer menacing them. With Rrara trapped on Earth, she reverts back to her true form and Wonder Girl manages to convince Queen Hippolyta to let her stay on Paradise Island and learn the ways of the Amazons until they learn a way to send her home.

Appearing in "The Invisible Wonder Girl"

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  • Rrara (Single appearance)



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