"Wonder Girl in Giant Land": Festivities on Paradise Island are rocked when a series of rockets strike the island causing massive damage to the area. Wonder Girl decides to go into action when yet another rocket heads towards her home land. Riding the air currents and using her lasso, Wonder Gir

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Wonder Woman #109 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1959.

Appearing in "Wonder Girl in Giant Land"

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Synopsis for "Wonder Girl in Giant Land"

Festivities on Paradise Island are rocked when a series of rockets strike the island causing massive damage to the area. Wonder Girl decides to go into action when yet another rocket heads towards her home land. Riding the air currents and using her lasso, Wonder Girl manages to redirect the rocket back up into the clouds to find out who sent them crashing down on her home. Leading the rocket through a portal in the clouds it came from Wonder Girl is shocked to find that she is transported to a dimension of giants.

She realizes that the rockets are in reality fireworks for these giants, who are launching them off in celebration. When her appeal for them to stop launching the fireworks goes unheard, she challenges them to a competition of three events. If she wins, they must promise that they will not fire anymore fireworks. Laughing at the notion that someone smaller than them could possibly beat them, the giants accept.

Wonder Girl beats them in all three competitions: She manages to leap across a large chasm (with an assist from the gales of laughter from the giants), tame a giant unicorn, and brave a raging river to get to a rock. Having completed all three tasks, the giants are so impressed they agree to be true to their word and allow Wonder Girl to return home, riding a rocket without fireworks inside, back in her own dimension.

Appearing in "The Million Dollar Pigeon"

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Synopsis for "The Million Dollar Pigeon"

One day Wonder Woman appears in public, frantic to prove to all the people gathered there that she is really the mighty maid. However, her claims are put into question when two other women, dressed exactly like her, appear and make similar claims. The three women begin to put on different super-feats to prove which one of them is the genuine article. Their competition grabs the attention of a crook named Slicker. As the contest goes on, the real Wonder Woman allows herself to bungle and slip down into the sewers. She quickly swims away and changes into Diana Prince and returns to the scene where the two fake Wonder Women are continuing to compete to prove who is the real one. When Steve Trevor also arrives on the scene, people ask Diana and Steve to confirm which one truly is the real Wonder Woman.

Just then a girder snaps, endangering some construction workers, and Diana surprises them all by leaping up in the air and performing a rescue, completely compromising her secret identity. This is all according to Wonder Woman's plans: A week ago, Slicker and a bunch of his criminal colleagues met at a retreat in the mountains to discuss how to deal with the constant interference of Wonder Woman in their criminal activities. Slicker explains to his fellow crooks that the only way to stop Wonder Woman would be to force her to reveal his secret identity. He's come up with a master plan to force her to do so: By offering a million dollars for the person who can reveal Wonder Woman's secret identity -- knowing full well that enough people would be willing to risk injury to pose as Wonder Woman in the hopes of winning the money, thereby forcing the real Wonder Woman to reveal herself so that nobody gets hurt. Sure enough, since the challenge hit the presses, Wonder Woman has spent her time saving people imitating her. But Diana works out a way to play into this plan, but not in a way the crooks would think.

With Diana's identity revealed, none is more shocked than Steve Trevor, who agrees to take Diana out on a date. Wonder Woman hopes that her plan will work out and she can not only catch the person who hatched this scheme, but also convince both the unknown mastermind and Steve that Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are two different people.

When the couple are alone, they are gassed and taken up in a helicopter piloted by Slicker and his goons. They then lift them to a rocket plat form where they stash them inside an experimental rocket that is set to be launched into space. As the rocket blasts off, Wonder Woman revives and calls her robot plane, and cuts herself free using her tiara. Steve briefly revives and sees the plane coming toward the rocket before passing out from lack of air, but the plane is briefly diverted, when a meteor flies close by. Wonder Woman is forced to go back and breathe more air into Steve's lungs, before pulling him out of the rocket and putting him safely inside her robot plane. She then flies back to Earth and busts up the criminals' helicopte,r and turns them over to the authorities. When Steve later revives inside Wonder Woman's plane, he is convinced that Wonder Woman and Diana are different people.


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