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{{DC Database:Comic Template | Title = Wonder Woman | Image = Wonder Woman v.1 289.jpg | Volume = 1 | Issue = 289 | Month = 3 | Year = 1982

| Executive Editor = | CoverArtist1 = Gene Colan

| Editor1_1 = | Writer1_1 = Roy Thomas | Penciler1_1 = Gene Colan | Inker1_1 = Romeo Tanghal | Writer2_1 = Paul Levitz | Penciler2_1 = Joe Staton | Inker2_1 = Bruce Patterson | Colourist1_1 = Carl Gafford | Letterer1_1 = Ben Oda

| Quotation = | Speaker =

| StoryTitle1 = His Name is Psycho | Synopsis1 = Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island and is given permission to bring him to Paula’s laboratory on nearby Science Island so that he may be treated with the Purple Ray. She returns, as Diana Prince, to her Georgetown apartment to see Etta and Helen, and the three of them go to check on Steve, only to learn that he has been taken to a private hospital by Dr. Psycho. Helen opts not to go along. Meanwhile, Psycho straps down Trevor to a table with the aid of his henchman Melvin, and recalls his early years: rejected by others because of his ugly appearance, Psycho nonetheless discovered he had the power to hypnotize a woman named Marya and materialize ectoplasm, using her as a medium. He used the ectoplasm to mold a handsome body-shell for himself, and also induced Marya to marry him, though she later died in a car accident. Recently, he has sensed that Steve Trevor has even more psychic potential than Marya, and, just as Wonder Woman breaks in, Psycho summons a mass of ectoplasm from Steve with the help of his ectoplasmatron device. He uses the ectoplasm to build a new, costumed body-shell for himself, with as much power as Wonder Woman, and calls himself Captain Wonder. Wonder Woman is hard-pressed to battle him, until she smashes him into the ectoplasmatron, destroying it and his Captain Wonder identity. The Amazon is about to leave with Steve Trevor when the Silver Swan breaks in and declares she has come to kill them both.

| StoryTitle2 = Walls of Stone, Chains of Steel | Synopsis2 =

| Appearing1 = Featured Characters:

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