"Judgment in Infinity!: Book One": Diana Prince is telling her friend Etta Candy their disappeared roommate Helen is probably gone for good when she hears the priority alert sound throughout the

Quote1.png The way I see it, Diana, the first thing is to figure out just which four Earths this hanging judge has shuffled off to-- and then hope we can stop him there! Quote2.png

Wonder Woman #291 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1982. It was published on February 4, 1982.

Synopsis for "Judgment in Infinity!: Book One"

Diana Prince is telling her friend Etta Candy their disappeared roommate Helen is probably gone for good when she hears the priority alert sound throughout the Pentagon. Diana finds an excuse to leave and suits up just in case Wonder Woman is needed.

A humongous humanoid is looming over the White House, holding a glowing ball on one hand. His presence is causing fear and panic between among the population. Wonder Woman arrives just in time to stop an out-of-control car from colliding with a school bus and mulls over the silent creature's nature and intentions.

Meanwhile, the army arrives, ready to fire a warning shot. Wonder Woman realizes the mortar shell is going to hit the alien instead of missing him. Diana quickly leaps and deflects the projectile. Unfortunately she's so swift that the soldiers below think it is the alien who has deflected their shot, and fire at him. The shell barely tears his robe, but in retaliation the alien sends glowing beams from his eyes which strike the soldiers. The men are turned into glassy statues before dissolving.

Outraged, Wonder Woman states he didn't need to obliterate them because they couldn't harm him, and lassos his left foot. Diana manages to pull him down slightly, which causes him to notice her. Another of his eye beams frees the lasso from his feet and smashes Wonder Woman into the obelisk.

As Wonder Woman struggles to stay consciousness, her head is filled with images showing scenes of the alien's past. The creature visits planets at the height of their civilization and then revisits them centuries later, and, if they have become sufficiently decadent, he destroys them. Earth confounds him because it doesn't live up to his standards but its inhabitants haven't blown themselves up yet. Wonder Woman feels him scrutinizing mentally several alternate Earths and wondering whether Earth survives because one of those alternate universes is what he would deem "worthy".

Suddenly, the alien notices Wonder Woman is reading his thoughts. Before Wonder Woman can talk him out of destroying Earth, he cuts off the mind-link and vanishes. Still Wonder Woman sensed his intent to visit other Earths and put them to his tests. If he destroys one of them, he'll set off a chain reaction which will destroy all alternate Earths. Diana also learned his name is the Adjudicator.

Wonder Woman summons a meeting of the Justice League and also contacts Supergirl. After narrating her running into the Adjudicator, she explains she doesn't know whether what she learned is true or merely his self-delusions, but she is certain he will sense the existence of three Earths closely bound to Earth-One and head for them first.

Black Canary decides she needs to travel back to Earth-Two and alert the Justice Society immediately. The remaining Leaguers teleport back to Earth. Green Lantern and Superman are heading back to Oa and the Fortress of Solitude, respectively, to look for information on the Adjudicator. Both heroes can't help but wonder because they have never heard of him, though.

Wonder Woman is lost in thought when she realizes Zatanna has remained behind. Zatanna expresses she may know where the Adjudicator's first test will take place. She felt a mystic twinge when Diana mentioned four tests, which reminded her of an old legend.

Zatara teleports both of them to India. Both women materialize in a quaint thatched hut. Zatanna picks the spinning wheel in the room, and states if she is right, all they can do now is wait.

Somewhere and somewhen else, the Adjudicator is checking different Earths. As he observes Earth-Two, spying on the Justice Society through his mystical orb, he can sense some Earths are more important than others to his purpose. He decides he'll test the Earth he just left first, and summons four physical manifestations of his will which are known to humans as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, Plague, War and Death.

Famine abruptly heads for Earth-One.

Down on India, Zatanna can feel him making his way to Calcutta. As soon as Famine touches down, all surrounding food gets turned to dust. His mad ride is blocked by Wonder Woman and Zatanna. Diana grapples with him, but Famine manages to break free and inflicts terrible hunger on both heroines; a deep state of starvation. Zatanna is so overwhelmingly hungry she can't counter Famine's spell until Wonder Woman lassos her into doing so. Turned back to normal, both heroines rush after Famine. Meanwhile, the Adjudicator has reappeared to watch the test.

Zatanna stops his mount by turning the ground beneath his hooves into quicksand, and Wonder Woman tackles him to the ground. Diana commands him to leave and never return, but her Lasso of Truth is ineffectual since Famine is not a physical being.

Wonder Woman opts for a close-quarters grappling combat, but the Adjudicator unexpectedly calls Famine back. The Adjudicator vanishes, not bothering with acknowledging Diana's questions.

Wonder Woman and Zatanna are left alone, wondering where he will strike next.

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  • Book One of the "Judgment In Infinity" storyline.
  • Plot by Paul Levitz; script by Roy Thomas.
  • There are two chapters in this issue. Chapter 1 is titled "Comes the Adjudicator!" Chapter 2 is titled "Horsemen Four!"


  • Judgment In Infinity storyline is the first crossover among female heroes of the DC Multiverse.

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