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"Judgment in Infinity!: Book Two": After defeating Famine, Wonder Woman and Zatanna are interviewed by Lois Lane. Wonder Woman doesn't want to go into details out of fear of c

Quote1.png Well, mister, maybe there was a Tobruk back in World War Two-- but remember this-- There was also an El Alamein! Quote2.png

Wonder Woman #292 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1982.

Synopsis for "Judgment in Infinity!: Book Two"

After defeating Famine, Wonder Woman and Zatanna are interviewed by Lois Lane. Wonder Woman doesn't want to go into details out of fear of causing worldwide panic. In spite of her instincts to pry further, Lois reluctantly agrees to let people believe the danger is over.

Somewhere among universes, the Adjudicator feels intrigued by Earth-One and its heroes. Famine has failed and been reduced to nothingness. Now Plague rides his way to Earth-Two.

On Earth-Two, Black Canary is meeting up with two members of the Justice Society who have answered her summons: Power Girl and the Huntress. Black Canary tells both heroines about the Adjudicator and Wonder Woman's gut instinct he will strike Earth-Two next. Power Girl starts wondering why Wonder Woman is so certain about it when a news report warns about a sudden, strange epidemic breaking out in Atlanta. Power Girl picks up both women and the trio heads to Atlanta.

In Atlanta, Plague has not only infected thousands but also just barged into the Disease Control Center to amuse himself. However, he grows bored of the desperate attempts of the hospital staff to stop him, so he leaves and continues spreading his plague. No one has passed away... yet, but it is a matter of time.

Power Girl, Black Canary and the Huntress fall from the sky, surrounding him. Dinah and Helena rush to evacuate innocent bystanders as Plague's blasts strike Power Girl. Despite her Kryptonian immunity to diseases, Plague's touch still causes her a sneezing fit. Plague's horse gallops towards Power Girl, but Huntress manages to distract him. Kara rips a metal beam off and swats Plague off his mount.

Meanwhile, the Adjudicator watches doctors fighting to save lives in the disease control center with curiosity.

Back on the streets, Plague manages to touch Power Girl. Kara feels dizzy and collapses right away. The Huntress guesses they can't help her best friend without touching her... so that, if they are going to expose themselves to infection anyway, she may as well go straight to the source. Huntress tackles Plague, being careful to only touch his robe. At the same time, Black Canary's shout brings Plague's horse down on his owner.

Dinah and Helena are wondering how they can get rid of Plague when, to their astonishment, the Horseman is enveloped by a glowing light and vanishes.

Back on Earth-One, Linda Danvers has dropped by a handcraft store in Greenwich Village at Wonder Woman's behest. The shop owner opens the door before Linda knocks and identifies herself as Madame Xanadu. Linda tries to make up some story, but Xanadu reveals she knows who Linda is and why she has come down there.

Unbeknownst to both women, their talk is being watched by the Adjudicator. He instinctively knows they will find a way to reach their destination and deems to postpone the inevitable confrontation pointless. The Adjudicator sends War out and then summons Linda and Xanadu, removing the former's civilian clothes and leaving only her Supergirl costume.

Supergirl and Madame Xanadu land on the wrecked ruins of Earth-X's Paris. Supergirl remarks that was the Earth which Wonder Woman wanted them to check out. Supergirl hears a faraway scream, and hefting Xanadu, takes off. As Supergirl tracks the scream, she wonders why Paris is still in ruins after the Justice Leadue helped the Freedom Fighters rout the Nazis.[1] Xanadu states getting a functional civilization back after four decades of war will take a long while.

Supergirl sees a German tank about to steamroll a little girl. Kara quickly demolishes it with one punch and discovers it is empty. There's only a glowing hoofprint on its exterior.

War chooses that time to introduce himself, backed by an army of hollow tanks controlled by his magic. Supergirl tells Xanadu to take the girl to safety while she deals with War. War runs away while Supergirl utterly demolishes his mind-controlled tanks.

In the meantime, War is manipulating a crowd of Parisians into raiding the U.S. embassy. Phantom Lady tries to talk them down. Her attempt fails, so Phantom Lady tackles War. War easily knocks her down. Phantom Lady is about to be stomped by the mind-controlled mob, but is dragged out of danger by Madame Xanadu. Madame Xanadu confronts War, pulling out one of her tarot cards-- The Fool, concretely. War is being pulled in by a light radiating from the card, when he is suddenly recalled by his master.

Supergirl and Xanadu also vanish, leaving Phantom Lady alone to stop the mad mob. Fortunately, War is gone and his magic's effects with him.

Supergirl and Xanadu materialize back on Earth-One. Even though they have saved one Earth, Supergirl is still shaken and worried. Their own world is still in deadly danger.

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  • Second part of "Judgment in Infinity" storyline, the first crossover among female heroes of the DC Multiverse.
  • There are two chapters in this issue. Chapter 1 is titled "Seven Against Oblivion!" Chapter 2 is titled "X Marks the Spot... Where Worlds Collide!"
  • Plot by Levitz, script by Thomas in both chapters.

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