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"Of Gods and Men": In his Underworld, after meeting with both the Anti-Monitor and Mars, Hades agrees to help his newfound allies against the Olympian gods and Amazons.

Quote1 Hey, Zeus... how are you at performing marriages? Quote2
Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman #329 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1986.

Synopsis for "Of Gods and Men"

In his Underworld, after meeting with both the Anti-Monitor and Mars, Hades agrees to help his newfound allies against the Olympian gods and Amazons.

On Paradise Island, despite Wonder Woman's encouragement, Hippolyte sees devastation and refuses to try to continue. But Kore appears to both Amazons and tells them Hades, her husband, has fallen in with the Anti-Monitor, and both of them will find no respite in the underworld. At that point, the dead Amazons are reanimated by Hades, turned into zombies, and sent against Hippolyte, Wonder Woman, and Kore, but Diana defeats them and Kore sends them back to Hades's realm.

On Earth, Lauren Haley dies as she falls in a crevasse. Wonder Woman returns to Washington, D.C. and reunites with Steve Trevor. They kiss, embrace, and declare their love for each other, leaving Etta alone with Howard. Howard admits he is in love with Etta, and she says that she has a feeling they will never see Wonder Woman or Steve again. Steve heads for Olympus with Wonder Woman in the Robot Plane.

On Olympus, Wonder Woman, Steve, and Hippolyta's Amazons face Mars and his zombie legions, until the mortal Amazons of South America join the battle, crushing Mars's forces between themselves and their immortal sisters. Kore declares that the breach between mortal and immortal Amazon is healed. Wonder Woman and Mars begin fighting one another. Steve Trevor deduces that the Olympian gods have been imprisoned inside giant statues of themselves, and topples one to release Zeus, trapping Mars under the falling statuary. Kore journeys to the underworld, tells Hades that she still loves him, and gets him to withdraw his support from Mars and the Anti-Monitor. The zombie legions are withdrawn to the Underworld again. Zeus proclaims that the battle is won, but the war against the Anti-Monitor still goes on.

Wonder Woman asks Steve to marry her, and he consents. Zeus performs the ceremony, with Hippolyta's blessing and all the Amazons in attendance. That night, Diana tells Steve of a dream she had, about both of them walking in the sunlight through a golden field, their child by their side. The two of them embrace and kiss.

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