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"On The Horizon": Boston, the apartment of Wonder Woman

Quote1 If this is to be my home, Nora...it must be one built on trust. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #751 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2020. It was published on February 12, 2020.

Synopsis for "On The Horizon"

Boston, the apartment of Wonder Woman

Returning from Themyscira, Diana was welcomed in her home by Nora Nunes, neighbor and detective of the Boston Police Department, with an assignment about making sure Wonder Woman won't become a danger to the city of Boston while there. Diana tells Nora she does not have to worry: she won't be danger to anything and anyone, and if it means bringing her to work with her, she will. That's why Nora goes with Diana at a site where Etta Candy and her new organization, Triple S, are right now: Etta changed her perspective when A.R.G.U.S. was struck down by Leviathan, and now she is the director of Triple S, formed to help people recover from disasters and war, offering them food and shelter. While Diana helps Etta's co-workers set up the place, Nora and Etta talk about who is Wonder Woman, with the detective impressed by how much protective Etta is about her friend: doesn't she realize she is a demi-goddess who could blow them all apart? Etta just answers her that to discover who Wonder Woman truly is, she just have to work with her for awhile.

The opportunity presents itself, given the fact that the storm ensuing in the skies of Boston is giving some looters the chance to rob inside a place: as Diana and Nora take them out, the detective witnesses a powerful lightning hitting Diana, who resists it, just like it was aimed at her. And that's what Wonder Woman tells her: this storm is not natural, but magical. Someone with great power is aiming an entire storm at her, to attract her attention. Nora tells Diana she trusts her, after seeing how she handled things, and tells her to go where she must: Diana flies into the skies, to learn about who wants her attention, and soon discovers it: the Dark Fates are searching for her and rejoice when Wonder Woman finally stands in front of them. As Diana prepares to face them, they tell her that she is the only obstacle towards domination, thanks to the strong truth that lives in her. But she must not worry: soon, the Dark Fates will send a prince to meet a princess in a fight for the destiny of this very world. Then, without giving Diana the chance to answer, the Dark Fates simply disappear.

Getting back to the ground, Diana helps the city of Boston in regaining control after the storm and confronts Nora about her new experience living inside a town this big: Diana knows that danger and power will always follow her, but she tells Nora that nothing is more important than protecting the innocent and helping the weak for her. She will listen to the ones who protect the city already, just like her neighbor detective, and do her best to become a plus for the city of Boston. With a firm handshake, the two women form an alliance, promising to help one another in serving and protecting the city.

Meanwhile, in Hub City

Devastation is fighting, and winning, against Firebrand when another woman approaches: she tells her name is Von Gunther, and that she is here to reclute Devastation to be one of her Horsewomen. She knows the potential Devastation has and she knows her past and origin: raised by Titans in violence and hate, she is the counterpart to the one they both seek to destroy: Wonder Woman. So then, she wants Devastation to stop wasting her time with minor opponents and focus on the big picture: destroying the champion of the Amazons and her people with her.

Back to Boston, inside Diana's apartment

At home, Diana places on the wall a metamorphic magic sphere and, thanks to the power of Dionysus, she evokes Donna Troy to talk with her, but no one answers from her apartment in New York City. Diana promises that wherever Donna is, she will reach her and help her, as she realized, talking with Peng Deilan, the Wonder-Woman of China, that she wasn't there for her sisters in the world of men, and that she must be more present in times as dark as these. She cannot know that Donna was changed into the Deathbringer, one of the Secret Six.

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