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"The Iron Maiden, Finale... With a Surprise Visit to Come": Vermont

Quote1.png Come then, beast! Let this end where it began...WITH US! Quote2.png
Valda, the Iron Maiden

Wonder Woman #753 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 11, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Iron Maiden, Finale... With a Surprise Visit to Come"


Diana and Valda are facing the beast that the Iron Maiden was already facing in her own age, a beast Valda thinks is made of Chromium. Diana doubted it and so contacted, through a magic sphere inside her invisible jet, one of her sisters on Themyscira, the Amazon Dotsia, who analyzed the composure of the beast's skin, finding out it was made of Dilustel, also known as Quantum Metal, the same material composing the skin of Captain Atom. Slicing it probably opened a space through a quantum field that caused the space-shifting of Valda and the beast itself. Dotsia then tells Diana she must give her time to find out how to correctly cut the beast's skin again to send Valda and the monster back to their original place. While Dotsia was able to do it, the beast was causing too much damage and so Valda decided to cut it once again, even if it meant being transported to an unknown location.

As Valda and the beast disappear, the Iron Maiden tells Diana she will hold her words in her heart and will try to fight as a different warrior than before. Disappearing, the sword Diana gave her comes back to her owner with Wonder Woman hoping that wherever Valda is, she will be safe. Calling the jet, Diana heads back to Boston, were she discusses what happened with Detective Nunes, not happy about the fact that Valda disappeared without paying for her crimes, even if the man she killed assaulted her first. Still, Diana thinks that Valda payed in her way, sacrificing her way home to defeat the beast she brought with her, and tells Nora she would have acted the same if given the chance, as her action led to safety in the quickest way possible.

Northwest Territories, Canada

Warmaster visits the hideout of Armageddon, a woman who possesses genetic traits of an Ogre. She is also the daughter of the two previous people who, with the name Armageddon, fought Wonder Woman. Warmaster explains her that Wonder Woman is the only cause of her pain, due to the fact that her father experimented on her, turning her into a monster, just to produce something capable of defeating Diana. The only way to get her revenge is to finish what their parents started, ending the cycle of violence.

Norway, the Headquarters of the Four Horsewomen

Warmaster's new recruit, Armageddon, talks about their mission with Devastation, learning that they are not much different: Devastation was created and raised in hate by the Titans because of Diana, just like Armageddon was turned into a monster in hope one day she would be able to defeat the champion of the Amazons. Welcomed then inside their headquarters by Warmaster, she then explains them that only two members of their group still need to be recruited: one will come directly from Diana's side, while the other is guarded from the undead, but soon both of them will become allies and part of the Four Horsewomen.

Back to Boston, Diana's apartment

As Diana approaches once again a communicator to contact Donna Troy, she still cannot find the time to use it: a crash brings her to another room where Princess Maxima, hurt and asking for help, lies on the ground.

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