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"The Truth Usurps": Boston, the apartment of Wonder Woman

Quote1 How many times have you set aside your heart...for duty? Quote2
Princess Maxima

Wonder Woman #754 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 25, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Truth Usurps"

Boston, the apartment of Wonder Woman

Diana finds herself with Princess Maxima crashing into her kitchen, asking for help: once the queen of Almerac, her home planet, Maxima was attacked by assassins sent by her own prince, Ultraa, who does not want Maxima to reveal the secret truth she found. Ultraa fears that after the truth is revealed he won't be accepted as future king anymore, in fact Maxima discovered that Almerac is a Matriarchy, being founded by two lovers who were both women. Maxima also loves a woman, and never loved Ultraa, so if the people of Almerac find out about the truth of their origin, they will allow Maxima to have another queen at her side, instead of the promised prince. Diana, being this a matter of love, summons to her mind her last moments with Steve before breaking up with him. She decides then that she must help Maxima living her love in peace and truth, and so accepts to get her back to Almerac to defeat Ultraa. Stepping out of Diana's home, Wonder Woman transforms her upgraded invisible jet into an invisible spaceship, ready to reach Almerac.

The Forbidden Forest, on Planet Almerac

Landing, Diana and Maxima hide inside the Forbidden Forest, a place perfect for staying out of unwanted attention: Maxima even used it to stay with her lovers, being that she had to hide her true nature. There, they meet Primaa, head of the forces of Maxima, who tells them they discovered a fossilized Absorbascon, a device containing the images from the past that will demonstrate the authenticity of Maxima's claim about Matriarchy. But Primaa also tells them they must act quick, as at the end of the day Ultraa will be able to seize the throne and nothing then would stop him from keeping it.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Manhattan, the apartment of Donna Troy

After getting back to her normal state, being that she was turned into one of the Secret Six by the Batman who Laughs, Donna Troy listens to a message from her friend Vixen. Then she realizes that Diana tried to contact her multiple times through a magic orb, a way to really tell her she wants to reconnect, being this the favored form of communications between Amazons. But Donna is still shocked about what she did as Deathbringer and tells herself she's not ready to reconcile with anyone, at least not now.

The Royal City of Almerac

Ultraa is seconds away from taking his crown and become ruler of Almerac, when the rebels of Maxima, alongside Wonder Woman, stop him from completing the rite. After Diana wraps Ultraa in the Lasso of Truth, Maxima can show her people what was contained in the Absorbascon. Then, she offers them a new form of government: a democracy with her as president. Free now to be in love with the one she chose, who is revealed to be Primaa, Maxima can finally be happy, but wishes Diana to be as well: she knows that time and time again Diana set her love aside for duty, but she flew across a galaxy to help a princess fulfill the desires of the heart. Maxima tells her she must come back home and at least try to talk with the man she loves.

On the banks of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Warmaster and her Horsewomen get inside a crypt where lies the tomb of Genocide, a powerful creature who, in Warmaster's opinion, will doom the future of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Freeing her with blood, Warmaster is one woman away from completing her dreadful team, the Four Horsewomen.

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