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"The Four Horsewomen, Finale": Themyscira, Centuries Ago

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #757 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2020. It was published on June 16, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Four Horsewomen, Finale"

Themyscira, Centuries Ago

Gudra is the last of the Valkyries standing in the battlefield inside the Island of Themyscira: queen to queen, Hippolyta grants her mercy, telling her to take the boat she's offering her and leave with the corpses of her sister, to bury them as her traditions suggests, even if the Valkyries were the one to assault the home of the Amazons. Gudra accepts the proposal, but vengeance grows in her heart and she swears that her bloodline will forever hunt the people of Themyscira: in that moment, a mysterious presence makes an appearance, telling the Valkyrie that one day, when the sin of her bloodline is ripe, he will come again to take what should be his, as the von Gunthers will satisfy his ends and balance out his misdeeds.

Themyscira, Right Now

Warmaster and Hippolyta start a duel while Wonder Woman and Donna Troy save Maggie from Genocide: the creature, a golem who suffers no pain and possesses the strength of Diana herself, is wrecking havoc between the Amazon ranks, but Donna succeeds in stalemating her, as Wonder Woman understands that the solution to stop Genocide is breaking her connection with the one who awakened it, Paula von Gunther. Helping her mother, Diana and Paula face each other again and this time, thanks to the Lasso and her unrelenting love, Diana succeeds in making Paula doubt her anger and her trust in a truth whose sincerity still is a mystery. As Wonder Woman makes Paula surrender, Donna strikes Genocide with the God Killer, brought from the armory of the Amazons, stopping the creature.

In that moment, while the Amazons were ready to have a trial for Paula to also judge their actions in the confrontation with the Valkyries, the Phantom Stranger appears, petrifying Paula and telling Diana that he will deliver her to the judgement of the Presence. Paula is ripe with sin, full of his crimes and the crimes of all her family before her: she's a major opportunity for the Stranger to purge his own soul at the eyes of the one he serves. But even at the gates of Heaven, Diana is ready to fight and save a woman she still loves.

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