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"What Have I Done?": Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Maximum Security Level 6

Quote1 I'm not the man you knew, Diana. Things are different. Quote2
Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman #760 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 11, 2020.

Synopsis for "What Have I Done?"

Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Maximum Security Level 6

Diana is face to face with her former enemy Maxwell Lord, who preaches to be a changed man. He just killed all the other inmates thanks to his psychic abilities. As the army comes in, Wonder Woman leaves the prison afraid of the fact that Lord has returned.

The Office of Etta Candy. Disaster relief HQ. Washington D.C.

After finding out Lord was back and also after having saved a woman from a deadly catastrophe the day before, discovering later that she wad mind-controlled, Diana decides to ask help to Etta Candy for more information, trying to find out if the two things are connected. Etta tells her that they were informed of more or less ten other cases showing the same dynamics, always with the person causing, or almost causing, the incident under some sort of powerful hallucination, completely disassociating themselves with reality. Diana does not like that she just discovered Lord was back and in full shape just when these things happen, but Etta assures her that Lord's brain activity is under strict surveillance 24/7. Leaving the office of Etta, Diana comes back to her apartment, still pretty pissed off at Max Lord.

Once home, Diana finds Emma there. She assembled the couch they bought together, and ordered something to eat. While they have dinner, Diana finds out that Emma's parent were killed in a car accident when she was younger: a drunk driver. Of course Diana feels sorry for the girl. Emma also asks her if it really is her daily life to go around and rescue people, and she admits that is what her job is about. Emma hopes Diana sometimes has a break, but Wonder Woman tells her that usually, when you don't want anything to happen, that's when the true mess starts. And just one day later, Diana saves a building from a man belonging to a demolition team who was hallucinating. He was trying to destroy the wrong building, a building full of people. Diana must find out who or what is causing all this unrelated people to experience all of this.

Later in the night, while she's sleeping, Diana is awakened to find herself in front of a gigantic robotic construct, then she is teleported in Apokolips and Parademons surround her. In confusion, she start swinging, bringing several of them to death. Suddenly, she is awoke: Etta Candy is talking to her, bringing her back to reality. Diana realizes she was hallucinating herself: the ones she attacked where army soldiers and not Parademons at all.

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  • Odypix (Unnamed) (Behind the scenes)


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