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"Enemies And Allies": Flagstaff, Arizona

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Wonder Woman #761 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 25, 2020.

Synopsis for "Enemies And Allies"

Flagstaff, Arizona

A general for the United States Army, George Hesper is possessed by the same hallucinosis suffered by the people studied by Diana. On a rampage and convinced of being the victim of an enemy attack, the general flees from home.

Washington D.C.

Thankfully, Diana's attack while under hallucinations was non-lethal and no people were hurt. Still, Diana finds herself in a lab where Etta is checking on her state, informing her of what happened. Diana is still under the effects of the power: she sees Cheetah in the place where Etta stands. She also sees Maxwell Lord, but then she realizes he's the real deal. Her first instinct is to snap his neck, but then she calms down, especially when Etta tells her he's trying to help. Wrapping him in the Lasso of Truth, Maxwell tells Diana that when he was in activity and before being put in jail by the League and the Suicide Squad, he developed a subdivision of his industries called Odysseus, and developed inside of him the weapon that is causing all the trouble.

He deactivated it, but someone was able to break into the servers of Odysseus and used them to create an app called Odypix that, when used, get the user to suffer from hallucinations. As Lord explains, Etta gets notified about the fact a general of the army activated a nuclear weapon in Arizona, while under the influence of Lord's creation. Now Diana has to trust her enemy, even if that's the last thing she wants to do: with some sort of mind trick, Lord gets Diana to snap back to reality, nullifying the effects of Odypix. She then takes a plane together with Lord ready to stop the general.

Neither of them knows that the mind behind this terrorist attack is the one of Emma, Diana's new neighbor, who is doing it to attract the attention of her own father: Maxwell Lord himself.

Appearing in "Enemies And Allies"

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  • Emma (Flashback and main story)
    • George Hesper (Single appearance) (Possessed)

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