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"Liar Liar": The Office of Etta Candy,, Disaster Relief HQ, Washington D.C.

Quote1 The name's Liar Liar. Good to see you, dad. Quote2
Liar Liar

Wonder Woman #762 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 8, 2020.

Synopsis for "Liar Liar"

The Office of Etta Candy,, Disaster Relief HQ, Washington D.C.

After saving Arizona from a nuke activated by an army general under a powerful hallucination, Wonder Woman kept helping out with handling the people hit by hallucination caused by Maxwell Lord's weapon, Odyssey. A mysterious criminal hacked Lord's servers and developed an app called Odypix that made every user hallucinate, causing them to provoke accidents dangerous for themselves and other. Thankfully, Lord collaborated in finding and shutting down the servers he once owned. This still does not sit well with Diana: she finds Lord helping her unsettling and strange, even if Etta believes in Lord's course of action.

Meeting again with him inside the Disaster Relief HQ, Diana asks him directly why he decided to help all of a sudden, especially in something Wonder Woman is solving. Lord tells her that he's doing it because he always acted to help humanity and never to damage it, a thing this Odypix app is definitely doing. Also, Diana already had the opportunity to verify that Lord was not involved with the incidents, as she wrapped him around with her Lasso to be sure of it. Even if against her instincts, Diana finally accepts to head out with Lord to complete her mission and find who's responsible, and also help the other victims as Lord knows a mental trick to make them snap out of the effect created by his own weapon.


The woman behind the whole disaster, the mysterious Emma, keeps her plans going; after the failed nuking attempt, she is looking for a way to free Maxwell Lord himself, or at least notify him or her presence. Meanwhile, Diana and Max are resolving a delicate situation with a man holding people at gunpoint, thinking he's facing someone else. After handling the problem, Max opens up about what made him change the way he acts: as the Source Wall broke, he was using his psychic powers because of Amanda Waller's plans and he had a vision. He watched himself in many ages and realities make the same choices he was making then, and failing miserably. He wanted to change his own destiny. In that moment, Emma orders a solider she's mentally controlling with hallucinations to crash his car with Diana and Max's vehicle.

Emma reveals herself to be the one behind the whole mess, acknowledging her father and then telling them to call her with the alias of Liar Liar.

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