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"Sometimes the World Needs a Little Upside Down": The outskirts of Metropolis. Many years ago.

Quote1 I know what it means to live with a lie in your heart. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #763 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 29, 2020.

Synopsis for "Sometimes the World Needs a Little Upside Down"

The outskirts of Metropolis. Many years ago.

Emma Deropalis, a young girl back then, is traveling in the street together with her mother, who is driving. Emma is upset: she just found out her father never died of cancer like her mother told her, and she also knows by herself that the powers she possesses are real, and not some kind of invention she made, just like her mother sustains. Emma is tired of her mother telling lies to her, so she decides to control her mind, ordering her to steer and clash with the truck coming from the other side of the road. Her mother is dead at the moment of impact, while Emma and her baby rabbit, Mullaney, get rescued.

Washington D.C., the present.

Emma reveals she found out her dad was Maxwell Lord, and everything became clear to her, especially why she had powers to control the minds of others. After finding this out, she wanted to make her dad proud and wanted him to acknowledge her, so she started a plan to take him out of jail while offering him the chance to finally end the life of his nemesis, Wonder Woman. But while Diana wraps her Lasso around Etta to make her regain her mind, as she was controlled by Emma, Max Lord tells his daughter that she's never going to inherit the Lord family legacy acting like this. Also, she will not win in this game: she's just a child while he is the one which invented the game itself.

Emma desires approval from Max, so she tells him to watch and then directly confronts Diana: Max anticipates her and blocks Diana from hearing Emma's voice, so that her hallucinations won't effect her. Enraged, Emma turns her anger to Max himself, holding him at gunpoint while threatening to shoot. She saw what Maxwell Lord is thinking about in his hand: the image of Wonder Woman snapping his neck. That's what Max saw in his Source Wall vision. In that moment, Diana incapacitates Emma while Max, with one of his mind tricks, shuts down Emma's power making her collapse. Emma gets arrested and restrained, with Diana in pain: she's just a young girl who was deceived by too much power and a complicated family. She feels she has a lot in common with her, and would like to help her find another way.

One week later. Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Max security wing for the Criminally Insane.

Emma is inside the Penitentiary's wing for the criminally insane, refusing to do anything but sing. It also seems she was able to sell some tech related to the Odypix app on the black market, something Etta must check off her list of problems. Maxwell Lord, meanwhile, got a release on parole but is obliged to collaborate under Etta's command and be a partner of Diana herself. Both Wonder Woman and Etta cannot know that Max cannot free himself from the vision Emma talked about: Wonder Woman putting an end to his life.

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