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"Afterworlds, Part 1": Diana comes to in the middle of a battle, not remembering how she got there. Another fighter named Siegfried, tells her that she is in Asgard. While they fight it becomes obvious that Diana does not rememb

Quote1 Each night we kill, we die, and we celebrate in the hall. As each new day dawns the fallen are restored, then we make merry and do it again. Quote2

Wonder Woman #770 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2021. It was published on March 9, 2021.

Synopsis for "Afterworlds, Part 1"

Diana comes to in the middle of a battle, not remembering how she got there. Another fighter named Siegfried, tells her that she is in Asgard. While they fight it becomes obvious that Diana does not remember much of her part. The only two things she can recall are her given name and that she is a warrior. She asks Siegfried what they are fighting. He explains that fighting and dying is simply what is done in Asgard. Confused by that and wanting to save Siegfried from an attack, she is killed by another Viking.

Between her death and her return to the halls of Valhalla, Diana dreams of a silhouetted figure, who tells her she does not belong in Valhalla.

She wakes in the great hall. Everyone is already celebrating. Siegfried welcomes her back and further explains to her how their afterlife works. Among the warriors, Diana cuts loose and begins to enjoy herself.

During the night she dreams of the silhouetted figure again. They warn her that she cannot get used to Valhalla. She belongs to another place.

Afterward, Diana wakes with a hangover in Siegfried's bed. While they didn't sleep together, they are smitten with each other. Despite that Diana declines sparring with Siegfried. She wants to examine what has happened to her powers. Trying to fly, she realizes that they are gone. Asgard has different rules, and she will have to learn them.

Unable to access her memories, Diana decides to explore Asgard further, eventually meeting Ratatosk, who needs her help. Diana follows the talking squirrel, unsure what it wants from her. She is guided toward Yggdrasil, the world tree. Yggdrasil is sick and once she dies, the realms she connects will turn dark and Ragnarök will commence. Ratatosk tells Diana only Wonder Woman can help.

Diana doesn't remember that was once her name, but she is still ready to help. Their conversation gets cut short by the battle horn. Diana returns to the battlefield after telling Ratatoskr that she will be back.

Siegfried gives her a new magical sword made by dwarven before the battle begins. During the fight, Thor appears on a frost giant. Impressed, Diana and Siegfried begin to take the battle more seriously. Feeling that something is off with the sword, Diana gets distracted and killed again.

As she lays on the ground, she realizes that she might have been immortal in another life. Siegfried goes after her killers as Diana dies.

Once more she is greeted by the unknown figure. They tell her every death ties her more closely to Asgard. She must return to Olympus before it's too late. Asgard has been dying for centuries.

Waking in the hall, Diana finds Siegfried gone. She searches for him and finally returns to the battlefield. Ratatosk is there as well. He tells her that the Valkyries never came for Siegfried. He is left wandering the battle field. Ratatosk also reveals that the Valkyries are disappearing.

Siegfried realizes Diana is searching for him, but he cannot truly interact with her. He disappears. Confronted with more proof that something is wrong with Asgard, Diana swears to figure out what has happened to the Valkyries.

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Synopsis for Young Diana in "Birthday Blues"

Young Diana climbs on a tree to celebrate her birthday. She has seen almost all of Themyscira before except the view onto the city. Excited that she has finally made it to the treetop, Diana loses her footing but is luckily saved by her friend Jumpa, one of the island's Kanga. She feels that she is old enough to finally contribute to society instead of study. The Amazons feel different as their young princess rides through the market on Jumpa, too caught in her thoughts to realize that she is destroying goods.

Reaching the seafront, annoyed Jumpa throws her into the ocean, where Diana encounters the island protectors, Megalodons, which she still fears. She is pulled out of the ocean by Hippolyta, who tells her she needs to start training Jumpa more seriously. Her mother's words fuel Diana's self-doubts.

Hippolyta rides with Diana to a surprise party the Amazons organized. Still feeling patronized, Diana tells them that she wants to experience something new and be more than the child on the island. The Amazons tell her that she has not learned everything yet. She will learn how to tell the story of Themyscira next.

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