"Who Killed Myndi Mayer?": Upon learning of Myndi's murder, Wonder Woman convenes with the Boston police. Inspector Edward Indelicato, quickly smitten with the Amazon Princess, shares the following facts:

Quote1 As I closed the folder on this case, I stared at the photos of Diana, and of Myndi Mayer, another beautiful bird who just wanted to keep flying higher. Until she ran out of sky. Quote2
Inspector Indelicato

Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #20 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1988.

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Synopsis for "Who Killed Myndi Mayer?"

Upon learning of Myndi's murder, Wonder Woman convenes with the Boston police. Inspector Edward Indelicato, quickly smitten with the Amazon Princess, shares the following facts:

  • Myndi had been killed by shotgun, in her own office, the night before Wonder Woman's return from Greece
  • Myndi's corpse had held a bloodstained letter-opener, presumably as defense against the assailant
  • Near the corpse had been an emptied purse, and traces of cocaine
  • Several days before the murder, Myndi had fired numerous employees in response to falling business and a storm of lawsuits - among them art director Steve London
  • On the night of the murder, London had been drinking with his former assistant Deni Hayes, growing more and more enraged at his former boss
  • A cleaning-woman had spotted London entering Mayer Publicists, Inc. well after dark
  • The day after the murder, police had found London at a local hospital, being treated for a stab wound
  • Some time later, a shotgun was found in the dumpster behind Mayer Publicists, Inc., covered with London's fingerprints

London has thus been charged with the murder, over objections from both Deni and Myndi's secretary Christine Fenton. Both women suspect the overbearing "Skeeter" La Rue, one of the few executives Myndi had not fired. Deni, in particular, claims to have found evidence of La Rue - in truth a career criminal named Michael Boyd - using the agency to smuggle drugs and other contraband. When shown this evidence, Myndi had rebuffed it, supposedly because of her reliance on Boyd's cocaine.

Sympathetic to Christine and Deni, Wonder Woman asks to test London with the Lasso of Truth, but is refused - first by the Inspector's superiors, then by both London's lawyer and wife. The heroine leaves dejected, but not dissuaded; with the Lasso of Truth and Deni's information, she independently scours the Boston underworld all the way up to Choi, a Chinatown tycoon who had once hired Boyd for corporate espionage. Subsequently, she finds Boyd hiding in a secluded warehouse, preparing to flee the country.

Though Choi has stationed gunmen at the warehouse, they prove no match for Wonder Woman, who quickly corners Boyd. Under her lasso, Boyd admits his guilt: Myndi had confronted him with Deni's evidence and threatened to expose him, and though he'd thought her too addicted to be serious, Choi had demanded her silenced. Boyd had done so, only to stumble into a drunken Steve London moments later; after overpowering London with a nearby letter-opener, he had rearranged everything to frame London.

During these confessions, several of the gunmen recover, distracting Wonder Woman long enough for Boyd to escape - right into warehouse's security fence, which fatally electrocutes him. The disturbance attracts the police, who learn the full story from the heroine and arrest the gunmen. Though the case has been solved, Wonder Woman is dealt one final blow by the coroner's report: Myndi had actually been claimed by her own addiction, dying from a brain hemorrhage moments before being shot.

Inspector Indelicato watches sadly as Wonder Woman flies away, grieving over her friend's self-destruction.



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