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"Flesh & Stone": Lennox and company are at an impasse with the First Born and Cassandra - another of Zeus' bastards, whose throat Lennox long ago tore out so that she could not speak with the

Quote1 Enough! Only who I am matters! I am the one with no name! The crippler of souls! Quote2
The First Born

Wonder Woman (Volume 4) #21 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2013. It was published on June 19, 2013.

Synopsis for "Flesh & Stone"

Lennox and company are at an impasse with the First Born and Cassandra - another of Zeus' bastards, whose throat Lennox long ago tore out so that she could not speak with the voice of God. Hera recognizes the First Born as her son, but he warns her that it is far too late for her to claim him, despite having saved his life - a life that was hardly worth living, in his estimation. Pleading, Hera explains that she convinced the witch to spare his life because she loved him. Angrily, he warns her not to dare love him, because what he does now, he does only out of hate. He slaps her across the face, causing her to break down in sobs. Zola, watching with her baby in her arms, sees this, and runs away for fear of Zeke's life.

From afar, Wonder Woman arrives, promising Zola that she will not allow anyone to harm the child. Despite having no idea who the interloper is, she attacks the First Born, explaining that judging by what little she has seen of him, he deserves the beating.

In the meantime, Cassandra chases down Zola, and explains how she learned of her power accidentally when she wished her mother to death. In an orphanage, she was discovered by Lennox, who raised her and taught her how to use her power, only to rip it away. Today, though, Cassandra has no intention of dealing with those trappings. She merely intends to help him fulfill his destiny of bringing about the end of the world.

Wonder Woman and Lennox do not fare as well as they hoped against the powerful First Born, and he would nearly destroy them, were it not for a sudden Boom followed by Orion's sudden appearance, culminating with kick to the First Born's face. Energetically, Orion realizes that this must be the threat to the universe he was sent to end.

Meanwhile, Orion's Astro-Harness seeks out Zola and the baby, and puts Cassandra and the child to sleep with its light, confusing the new mother.

Struggling to her feet, Wonder Woman offers a powerful punch that knocks the First Born into a nearby building. Realizing they have only a short time before he recovers, Zola appears riding the Astro-Harness, and warns them all to join her on it, so they can escape into a Boom Tube. Angrily, the First Born chases after them, and attempts to pry open the Tube and follow them between universal points. Unfortunately, this brings the Tube's energy close to critical mass. In order for them to exit, the entrance has to close. If the First Born doesn't let the Tube close, it will implode, and all of those within will be atomized. Warning young Zeke to take care of his mother, Lennox decides to sacrifice himself for the others, leaping from the Astro-Harness and knocking the First Born out of the Tube, allowing the others to escape, but likely facing certain death.

They arrive on the other side of the Boom Tube, confused. They are greeted by Highfather, who explains that they have arrived in New Genesis, and wonders why they are there.

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  • As he sacrifices himself in the Boom Tube, Lennox begins singing No one likes us, we don't care; a football chant originating from the Millwall Football Club.

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