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"Paradise Lost!": Upon her arrival at Mount Olympus, Wonder Woman was captured by the First Born, and forced to kneel before him. To her surprise, though, he asks her to join him. The idea is anathema to her, knowing that they

Quote1 You are everything that I am not. The fire that burns in you consumes while mine inspires. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 4) #33 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 4) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 23, 2014.

Synopsis for "Paradise Lost!"

Upon her arrival at Mount Olympus, Wonder Woman was captured by the First Born, and forced to kneel before him. To her surprise, though, he asks her to join him. The idea is anathema to her, knowing that they are opposites in every respect. She has given her life to protecting the innocent, while he has given his to destruction. In order to convince her, he decides to destroy what she chooses to protect.

On Paradise Island, Orion is disturbed to learn that Diana was abandoned by her companions with the First Born. Hermes indignantly responds that she chose to stay in order to cover his escape. Annoyed, Orion decides that they are amateurs, and takes the job on for himself. Sternly, Aleka interrupts to remind him that he is not in charge. Typically, Orion begins arguing with her, prompting Hera to grab him by the neck and warn him that he must act in accordance with the Amazons' judgments. Worriedly, Zola watches the former Queen of Olympus, and hopes that she won't turn that rage on her.

That night, the city of Themyscira finds itself unexpectedly under attack by the First Born's war machines. Aleka takes charge and hopes to set the city up as a gauntlet through which their attackers must run, getting picked off like small game by the archers. Whatever the conflict within Themyscira, it must now be abandoned in favour of fighting off the threat from without. As such, Aleka at last welcomes the Sons of Paradise Island as aid in their battle. After rallying her people, Aleka turns her attention to Zola and her son Zeke, whom she swore to protect.

From Olympus, the First Born gloats at the savagery of his children. Wonder Woman responds with pity, remarking that these creatures will soon be slaughtered by the greatest warriors in existence. Matter-of-factly, the First Born responds that they will have the opportunity to make many more children when they are joined. Diana is revulsed. Despite his nonchalance, the First Born decides he will send Cassandra and the Minotaur to even the odds against gods.

Watching from the safety of their room, Hermes and Dionysus recuperate and marvel at just how easily the mortals rush toward their deaths. Dionysus would think they would want to savour life. Hermes suggests that mortals get close to death in order to feel alive.

The First Born draws Diana's attention to the struggle that her Amazons and her allies face, goading her. Diana responds that their fight makes her proud. For Amazons, it is an honour to die in battle. He assures her that they will all have that honour if she doesn't join with him. She reiterates her refusal. He asks her again, daring to use her real name. She responds that everything that he wants is for her to give up what it means to be Diana. At this final rejection, he thrusts a spike into her side and warns that she will die alone. Having spurned him, she will now watch all that she loves die - in the brief time it will take her to die.

In Themyscira, Orion leaps at the minotaur, and is surprised when he feels one of the beast's horns goring him through the gut. From the blood pooling around him rises the First Born, who orders his creatures to kill every one of his opponents. Aleka, meanwhile, gathers the other Amazons safely inside the amphitheatre, thinking it secure. Unfortunately, Cassandra has surrounded it, and sealed the Amazons' fate.

From Olympus, Diana watches as Aleka falls to a thrown spear, leaving Zola unprotected. Sadly, she admits that she failed, collapsing next to the reflecting pool, and letting her blood flow into it. Unnoticed, Zeke's power awakens within him, and the Amazons find a new leader in Hippolyta, the stone queen of the Amazons.

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