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"War-Torn, Chapter 4": In the cavern of a volcano, Batman and Wonder Woman discover Superman's destroyed communicator, and worry for his safety. Batman explores the cavern and notes that the structure of the t

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 4) #39 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 4) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 18, 2015.

Synopsis for "War-Torn, Chapter 4"

In the cavern of a volcano, Batman and Wonder Woman discover Superman's destroyed communicator, and worry for his safety. Batman explores the cavern and notes that the structure of the tunnels suggests that they didn't occur naturally - they are reminiscent of tunnels created by insects - only much larger. Suddenly, they are swarmed by large insects, but the swarm disperses soon, and Superman appears unharmed moments later. He explains that the volcano appears to be full of natural lead deposits, requiring manual investigation - but all he's found are bugs. Diana suggests that they follow the swarm that just passed.

They discover, to their horror, that further down that tunnel are the missing villagers, built into the walls - and the deeper they go, the more there are. Surely this is the explanation for all of the missing villages, and not just one. Deeper still, Diana spots a figure standing among the bodies, and assumes that this must be the one responsible. She urges Batman to look for survivors while Superman covers her. She attacks the figure, who seems to think she is one of his victims escaped. She accuses him of murdering thousands, and he responds only that humans are merely food for the queen, who will birth armies. Coldly, Diana responds that if it's war they want, she will give it to them, thrusting her sword through his chest. She cries out that she is the justifiable wrath of thousands of victims; she is the god of war. As she prepares to deliver the final blow, though, her hand is stayed by Superman, who can't understand her actions. They don't seem congruous with the woman he knows and loves. She responds with hurt that there wasn't even anyone left to save, and Batman confirms that there were no survivors. Breaking down in tears, Diana begs her friends to leave her alone while she grieves.

Later, on the Watchtower, Batman demands to know what happened to her. Diana responds with some bitterness that Superman had stopped her from killing an animal - and now Cyborg is trying to heal him. Batman reminds that she'd told him that being the God of War wouldn't change her - but she has crossed the line. If the creature dies, blood will be on her hands. They have a responsibility to hold themselves to a higher standard. Diana retorts that their responsibility is to save lives - and many more lives have been lost in Gotham City because of that higher standard he holds himself to. She just happens to be the only one who will acknowledge that Bruce has their blood on his hands.

Diana returns to Paradise Island, speaking aloud to her lost mother, wondering if she was wrong today - if she really is different. She is surprised when Hippolyta answers her, appearing behind her as an apparition. She explains that for each day she spent as clay, she became more a part of the island. Though she wishes she could touch her mother, she is contented to ask again if her friends are right about her. She is afraid that they are. Hippolyta responds that the Amazons are taught to channel their fear into battle rage. Diana's lashing out of late is not because of her role as God of War - it's because it's what she was trained to do. As Queen of the Amazons or as God of War, Diana will always be required to manage conflict. Unfortunately, conflict is exactly what she faces, as Hippolyta gestures towards smoke rising from the forest nearby. Diana recognizes the location as the settlement where the Sons of Themyscira have been living.

Diana hurries to the settlement and the men are glad to see her, though they appear to be preparing to leave. A spokesperson from among them, Nisos, explains that their relations with the Amazons in Themyscira have grown more hostile of late - until two days ago, the gates were closed to them. Diana is surprised at this, given her declaration that the Amazons were to treat these men as family. Grimly, Nisos responds that they were fools to trust the same women who had tried to sell them for weapons when they were infants. Confused, Diana promises to speak to the Amazons and ensure that her plan to unite the Amazons with their sons works. Nisos warns that she should be prepared for the unexpected.

In Themyscira, meanwhile, the Amazons have rallied around Donna Troy as their new leader - who believes that the island should belong to women alone - and to see that happen, the men upon it should be slaughtered. Angrily, Diana calls for a stop to Donna's oratory, reminding that the men are under her protection. Amused, Donna responds that Diana is Queen of the Amazons no more, and raises her sword to her.

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