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"The Truth, Part Two": Themyscira

Quote1 I need a demigod, Barbara Ann. Not a god, not a mortal... somewhere in between. That's the only way to reach the real Themyscira. And if I can't get you to do it, then I need Wonder Woman. And if I have to force her to come to me by killing everyone she loves, then so be it. Quote2
Veronica Cale

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #17 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of April, 2017. It was published on February 22, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Truth, Part Two"


Hippolyta talks about her deepest fear: Diana has fallen while fighting, and thus the tree appeared once again, an omen, a sign of her failure. But Castalia assures her: defeated, wounded perhaps. Not fallen.

Nightsong Hospital, London

Still troubled by her memories and her identity, Diana tries once again to come to reason, chatting with her illusion of a snake. They confront on the multiple women she remembers being, and step by step they try to find some sense into Diana's broken mind.

Empire Industries, Washington D.C.

In the hands of Veronica Cale, Dr. Barbara Minerva gets a shocking proposal: get back to be the Cheetah, without the control of Urzkartaga now in her way. But she never liked the power, she never liked the thirst and hunger for bloody human flesh. She never would get back to be that creature. Unless of course Veronica Cale ordered Team POISON to kill Etta, Steve and the Minotaur right now, in that moment. Veronica needs someone who is a bridge between gods and men, and Wonder Woman is the perfect candidate, but so could be Barbara if she turns back into the Cheetah. To save the life of her friends, Barbara sacrifices once again, turning back to the monster she hated.

East River, New York

Team POISON attacks Etta, Steve and the Minotaur with a minigun: they are overwhelmed and will likely die, but for some unspecified reason they stop shooting and leave. Steve and Ferdinand are relieved, but Etta finds herself crying as she understood what happened: Barbara bargained her happiness and sanity for their lives. Leaving New York, they head to London with Ferdinand presenting the Lasso of Truth to its rightful owner: after touching it, Diana salutes her old fried. Could Wonder Woman be back, with her mind finally healed?

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