"Godwatch, Part 2": Empire Industries, Washington D.C.

Quote1.png You missed my wedding, Diana... but you'rrre still in time for the feast. You said you would come. You lied. Quote2.png

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #18 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of May, 2017. It was published on March 8, 2017.

Synopsis for "Godwatch, Part 2"

Empire Industries, Washington D.C.

Veronica Cale is trying to build an AI based upon a piece of neural residue left by her friend Adrianna Anderson after the Cyberwalker incident. She is successful in doing it, with the AI deciding itself to take the name of Doctor Cyber.

Emerald College, Oxbridge

Diana is trying to convince Barbara to renounce to take part in an expedition to search about the myth of the African god Urzkartaga, but Barbara tells her that her appearance opened up so many streets about human history that she cannot stop what she is meant to do in the world, and that is research history. As Diana fails once again to make Barbara change her opinion, the archaeologist tells her she must go take her flight, as she has to meet with the financier of her expedition.

Spring Valley, District of Columbia

Veronica Cale salutes her daughter, still just a body without a soul. She head then to a restaurant, revealing herself to be the mysterious benefactor behind Barbara Minerva's expedition: she surprises Barbara, telling her she is personally financing the whole operation, as she became more and more involved in mythological lore after Wonder Woman first appeared, of course telling nothing about her real, true reasons to support Barbara's cause. We discover them being the will of the twins, Deimos and Phobos, who still have the soul of Izzy: they want Themyscira and they need a demigod to access it, and their plan is to transform Barbara into one.

Bwunda, Africa

Diana reaches Barbara to once again pray her to depart the expedition and get back home with her: rarely things that involve gods turn out well for humans. Barbara is still stubborn and determined to push on with her career and her desire to discover the truth behind the god Urzkartaga, so Diana gives her a device Batman gave her, a distress signal that will reach her from anywhere in the world. Barbara takes it and goes on, without anybody knowing Veronica ordered Doctor Cyber to infiltrate the device, breaking it. Then, Veronica orchestrated a series of events to take care of Diana and make sure she was nowhere near her friend: when she arrives to the jungle of Bwanda, she just find her device broken on the ground and her friend turned into a cannibalistic monster called the Cheetah. And this monster blames her for not coming there when she called her. She lied to her, and now she has to pay.

Back to Veronica's house in Washington, while holding her daughter, the leader of Godwatch explodes in anger and sadness, full of guilt for what happened to Adrianna first and then Dr. Minerva.

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