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"The Truth, Part Three": Nightsong Hospital, London

Quote1 I have never been back home, Etta. Somebody lied to me. And because I liked the lie they were telling, I chose to believe it. And in believing it, I made it my truth, and I forgot that it was a lie at all. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #19 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of May, 2017. It was published on March 22, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Truth, Part Three"

Nightsong Hospital, London

Ferdinand helps Diana face her problems with her identity and her memories, also telling her the whole gang awaits her: Steve and Etta kept an eye on her for the whole time. Happy to hear it, Diana suddenly asks the Minotaur why Barbara Minerva is not with them. Diana checks out of the hospital and talks with Etta about Barbara, as her friend is desperate having guessed that Barbara willingly decided to become the Cheetah once again, for saving their lives. Diana tells her that might not be the only reason: Barbara herself was free from the curse physically, but not mentally. Just like her, the identity she possessed felt strange and wrong to her, while the Cheetah did not. But maybe there is still time to save her. Steve then informs her of the real enemy, Godwatch: Diana admits she faced already both Veronica and Marina in her past. Steve is also afraid that Diana might not be ready, given her breakdown after discovering the fake Themyscira, but now Diana has a clear image of herself and of her home: the island she returned to, times and times again, was not her real home. It was a good lie to believe in, and she was not able to resist. Now she knows her home still stands, out of her reach after the decision she took, leaving with Steve for the world of men, but she needs to know who had the power and the motif to trick her into a fake version of her beloved island.

Empire Industries, Washington D.C.

Back once again as the Cheetah, Barbara feels again the never-ending hunger that comes with the power of Urzkartaga, telling Cale she lied to her as there is no difference in how she felt before: Cale tells her that if she does what she's ordered to do, she promises that she will get back again to her former self. Meanwhile, she orders Marina and Adrianna to prepare: the target is Wonder Woman.


Sophia is discussing the imminent conflict with Kasia and Io: she does not suffer waiting for war, she wants to step into the action, to fight for peace and to fall if necessary, like Diana did. Both Io and Kasia tell her that Diana is alive, like Castalia said, but Sophia sidelines with Areto and Philippus' more direct opinion. The patrons have abandoned the Amazons. But as she says this, Kasia looks to the sky, where an eagle soars: calling for her Queen, they witness the patrons, in the form of animals, signaling that Diana is back, and is making her move.

Back to Washington, inside Doctor Cyber's core

Diana, Steve, Etta and Ferdinand gather in Doctor Cyber's core, knowing her and her role in the life of Wonder Woman: the AI makes Diana feel guilty, showing her what her arrival meant for Adrianna, the woman she was, and Veronica Cale. Phobos and Deimos, pain, death, despair. She is the reason of their demise, and now she must suffer: she brings tragedy to everyone she touches, including her friends, as Barbara Minerva demonstrates. Etta then orders Ferdinand to shut her up, a thing he does: Doctor Cyber of course lives, but at least now it does not talk. After reassuring Diana, Etta leaves her with Steve but suddenly, Team POISON tricks Diana, finding a way to hit her with a gunshot in the chest, just in front of an horrified Steve Trevor.

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