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"The Truth, Part Four": Washington D.C., Outside Empire Industries

Quote1 Well, let's do the introduction, then. I already know who you are, Diana of Themyscira, Princess and Champion. I'm Ares. Welcome to my prison. Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #21 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of June, 2017. It was published on April 26, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Truth, Part Four"

Washington D.C., Outside Empire Industries

After being shot to the chest by Colonel Marina Maru with a sniper rifle, Diana counters with the help of Steve Trevor: with Steve handling the rest of Team Poison, Diana reaches the Colonel's spot, knocking her out before she could do more damage.

The Black Sea

Veronica Cale gets an update from Adrianna about the status of Diana and Steve Trevor: she tried to slow them down, but in minutes they will be on their trail. Cale tells her to not worry, as now the end is near: she is reaching the place where she thinks the gate to Themyscira is, and hopes that the Cheetah will be able to pierce the dimensional barrier that stops mortals from accessing the island, being Barbara now once again the wielder of the power of a god. Telling her daughter, still without a soul due to the action of Phobos and Deimos, to stay safe in the airplane and wait for her, Veronica hopes she can finally access the prison of Ares to save the spirit of her daughter. Dr. Minerva also recalls the place, remembering she already found it in her days as an archaeologist, before Wonder Woman became a part of her, and the world's own, life. After all her studies were right: this was the right place to access Paradise Island.

As Deimos and Phobos start to growl, sensing the presence of their father, Diana and Steve reach the place while a gateway appears: Cale orders Barbara to open the passageway, but the Cheetah does not know how. As Diana tries to dissuade her to commit something wrong, Cheetah explodes in rage: she is tired of Diana trying to make her renounce to her power, as she does not want to be Dr. Barbara Minerva anymore. Diana then mentions the name of Etta Candy, telling Barbara to at least stop for her: this enrages the Cheetah even more, resulting in one of her claws cutting Diana. As the blood of an Amazon falls on the tree representing the gateway, the passage opens itself and only Diana and Veronica enter it.


Queen Hippolyta rallies her troops, and tells them to unsheathe their weapons, as the Amazons prepare for war.

The Prison of Ares

Veronica screams, trying to find her daughter. Diana hears her and wants an explanation, so Veronica tells her what Phobos and Deimos did, the reason for the creation of Godwatch. Wonder Woman decides then to look for the spirit of Izzy together: Veronica thinks the place is Themyscira, but Diana tells her it's not, and not only because it's more hell then heaven, but also because she now clearly remembers that due to her choice of leaving it, she cannot enter there anymore. Walking inside this strange place, Veronica finds the spirit of her daughter and embraces her, while a man tells Diana to come free him, finally reunited. He speaks like Diana should acknowledge his identity, but the Amazon tell him he does not know who he is. Understanding that Diana lost her memories of him, he reveals her he is the Greek god of war, Ares, and that this dimension where they stand it's his prison.

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