"Godwatch, Part 4": Las Vegas, Nevada

Quote1.png Are you saying the reason we can't find Themyscira--the reason we can't find the prison where Ares is keeping my daughter captive--is because it's in a different dimension? Quote2.png
Veronica Cale

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #22 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of July, 2017. It was published on May 10, 2017.

Synopsis for "Godwatch, Part 4"

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wonder Woman is in Las Vegas, participating in a fundraising event for the victims of war in the Middle East. She offered a date in an auction where the two richest attendants, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, battle for a romantic night with the Princess of the Amazons. But surprisingly another contender comes into the battle: Veronica Cale, that wins with an enormous offer of fifteen million dollars, doubling up the winning offer of Wayne. Surprised, Diana is still happy because of her contribution: meeting backstage with Veronica, they decide, after a proposal by Miss Cale, to have the date right there that evening, as Veronica knows they are both busy women. Veronica also asks her two security guards, Colonel Maru and Kit Cox of Team Poison, to leave her for the night out, as there's no safer place than being with Wonder Woman.

The two discuss about why Veronica decided to spend fifteen million dollars for the date: Diana knows her, knows she already donated a lot to the Amnesty fund and there wasn't any necessity for a bold donation like that. She also knows Veronica uses Team Poison to deal with human traffickers around the world, and their personal guards killed several criminals. After talking about the no-kill clause of the Justice League, Veronica confesses that she wanted Diana to perform a mission for her: some of the criminals she tried to stop are coming for her, and she wants to be protected, but also she wants the criminals to remain alive, so she can cut a deal with them. Diana knows Team Poison would not be able to use non-lethal force, so she accepts: she does not know that Adrianna Anderson, now in the form of an AI called Doctor Cyber, is utilizing this chance to analyze her phenomenal Lasso of Truth.

Empire Industries, Washington D.C.

Adrianna tells Veronica her theory about the Lasso is right: it sends out a different kind of wave that resonates with several places around the world, places where there's nothing. They are probably portals for a different plane in reality where places like Themyscira, Nanda Parbat and the Olympus exist. It seems the cause of them not being able to find or reach Themyscira to give Deimos and Phobos what they want is connected to this: they need a way to breach into another dimension. While she says this, Adrianna disappears as Wonder Woman is approaching Veronica's offices. Miss Cale tells Diana she does not receive without appointments, but Wonder Woman wants to make things clear: she knows other things about Veronica, and one is the fact she interfered with Barbara Minerva's tracking device during the incident she had in Africa, leading to her transformation in the Cheetah. Diana tells Veronica Cale that she will watch every move she makes.

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