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"Godwatch, Epilogue": The Black Sea, Outside the Portal to Themyscira

Quote1 I understand that you see weakness in the places where I find strength. And I understand something more. That you will always be alone, Doctor Cale. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #24 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of August, 2017. It was published on June 14, 2017.

Synopsis for "Godwatch, Epilogue"

The Black Sea, Outside the Portal to Themyscira

Steve Trevor is waiting for Diana to come back, when Veronica Cale gets out of the portal. Steve asks her what happened, but Cale dismisses him. As Diana gets back, Steve kisses her, then watches Veronica leave without explanations. Diana tells Steve about Veronica's daughter, Isadore, the girl without a face that Cale brought with them: she must live in Themyscira, because if she comes back to Earth she will be split again, shell and spirit living separated. This means Veronica won't be able to see her daughter anymore. Shifting then to another thing, Diana wants to know where the Cheetah is, as she was with the group before her and Veronica entered inside Ares' prison. Steve explains her she disappeared soon after they crossed the portal, and says to Diana she does not need to worry: Barbara can take care of herself. As Steve and Diana leave, with Wonder Woman hoping everything will be all right for her friend, the Cheetah tries to traverse the portal: she wants to meet the Amazons and to see Themyscira, the pinnacle of a lifetime work. But when the portal rejects her, she promises she will get her revenge on gods and Amazons alike.

Home of Commander Etta Candy, Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Etta informs Diana and Steve that Sasha Bordeaux was used as part of a newly developed Cyberwalker System: she is now in the hospital, recovering and without memory of what happened in the last six months. After discussing with Diana the fact that she had to leave her Lasso of Truth behind, Etta tells her friend that she left behind Barbara as well: Steve tries to defend Wonder Woman, but Diana tells Etta she's right, she must not abandon Barbara Ann again. Telling Etta to track down Veronica Cale for her, Diana prepares to meet the Cheetah once again.

Veronica Cale's Residence, Washington D.C.

Adrianna is informing Veronica about the fact that several FBI agents are trying to connect her to the Director Bordeaux incident and also to Team Poison assassinating several people inside Etta Candy's Picket. Veronica tells her that she does not care: she passed her last ten years bargaining with gods and magical creatures to get her daughter back, only to leave her in Themyscira. As Adrianna tries to comfort her, Veronica explodes at her, telling she is not her friend Adrianna Anderson, but just Doctor Cyber, an AI she created. Doctor Cyber then decides to leave, telling Veronica to call if she needs her. Then, the Cheetah appears inside Veronica's house: she wants to know if Veronica suffers for all the things she did, if she feels guilty. Veronica admits it, and Barbara tells her this makes her happy.

Miss Cale then tells the Cheetah that right now she cannot reverse her transformation, as her labs are sealed by authorities. But Barbara tells her that she does not have the intention of reverting back to a human form, because the Cheetah is what she really is. And now, she wants to kill the only woman alive who can change her back. Luckily for Veronica, Diana tracked the Cheetah and reached her house to stop her from killing Cale. After choking Cheetah, rendering her unconscious, Diana flies away with her friend telling Cale she will always be alone.

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