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"Perfect": Western Sahara, Approximately 50 Km SSW of Imlili

Quote1 The girl who wondered has seen wonders... has become a woman who has traveled the world, who has traveled worlds! A woman who has touched countless lives, has made them better in ways beyond measure. A woman who has brought hope, and joy, and love. A woman who is the hero of so many. The truth of you has never changed, Diana. Even the gods themselves could not take that from you. Why would we? It's one of the many reasons we love you. Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #25 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of August, 2017. It was published on June 28, 2017.

Synopsis for "Perfect"

Western Sahara, Approximately 50 Km SSW of Imlili

The Justice League is battling the Shaggy Man, when Diana hits him at mach-3 speed, and than makes quick work of him with a rage and an attitude never displayed before. Batman, Superman and Flash all note that she isn't wearing her Lasso of Truth, while Diana, after asking permission to the other members, leaves in a hurry citing personal affairs she must attend to.

The Picket

Etta Candy is reporting to Director Bordeaux that both Adrianna Anderson and Veronica Cale are proving to be a difficult task, with too few proofs of their implication with what's happened, and searching for the Cheetah produced the same results. Sasha though is not listening, being in a crisis as she does not remember anything that happened, feeling just like she slept the entire time she was under the control of Empire Industries. Etta tells her that she has to stop thinking about that period, she needs to heal and get back to her job: with a new resolve, the Director orders to shift all attention on finding Dr. Minerva, telling Etta to see if Wonder Woman can help in the matter. Commander Candy tells her she will do as ordered, but would prefer to act without the presence of Wonder Woman.

Empire Industries, Washington D.C.

Veronica Cale dismisses the questioning of two FBI Agents thanks to her well payed advocates. Then, she is approached by Diana, who tells her the Cheetah escaped custody: she wants Veronica to help her in curing Barbara Minerva from her curse, as she was the one who made her return to her current form. Veronica refuses, telling Diana that Barbara wanted it. After asking Veronica if she does not feel guilty for the pain she caused, Diana is contacted from a private channel from Superman, telling her him and Batman would like to meet her at their usual place. Diana, seeing that she won't obtain nothing from Cale, tells him she will be there in an hour.

Undisclosed Location, Nevada

Batman and Superman want to know why Diana is acting so out of character, so angry, and also if this new attitude is related to the fact she is not wearing her Lasso anymore. Diana tells them if they have problems about her being angry, but both tell her they trust that she's angry for a good reason, and maybe they can offer help to solve her problem. She tells them that the Lasso revealed the truth and now binds two gods. Superman asks her who are these two gods, but Batman tells him that's the wrong question. Then, he asks Diana what was the truth the Lasso revealed, and she explains them that it revealed a lie: Diana's patrons told her a lie, deceived her, and it's not about why or when they did it, it's about the fact they abused her faith in them. Superman then tells her that he thinks he should go to them and talk this out, with Batman agreeing. She tells them it's not so easy to reach and talk with them, but Superman tells her that at least there's hope she will be able to do it, and she's always been good at hope.

The Virginia Coast

Steve Trevor calls Diana, telling her that he and the boys prepared her new home, ready for her whenever she wants to have some rest. He also made dinner, so if she wants to reach him, he would be happy to dine with her. Diana answers him that she cannot reach him right now, as she needs to do something. Steve tells her he will be waiting there. Meanwhile, Diana reaches her patrons and Athena speaks with her, telling her that they did lie to her, but that now she has everything she ever wanted: she's a woman of wonder, because she saw everything around the world, she traveled to other worlds, she is loved by people and she is a hero to many, saving the lives of so many persons. As she talks with Athena, watching their reflections in a lake, she sees the Lasso reappear on her belt. With a smile on her face, Diana salutes her patrons and gets back to Steve, who fell asleep while waiting. He tells her he's not good at romance or love, because he failed to stay asleep while waiting to dine with her. He bought roses and candles, but all for nothing. He even shaved, so he could resemble himself in his first encounter with Diana. Wonder Woman though does not share Steve's opinion: she thinks he did pretty well in romance, and tells him she's not hungry and prefers seeing how he handles the love part in the bedroom. In the end, Steve and Diana rest side by side in bed, finally happy and together.

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  • The identification sequence of Steve Trevor's phone (Whiskey Mike Mike, One-Nine-Four-Two) is a reference for William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, and 1942, the year of release of the first printed of Wonder Woman #1.

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