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"Heart of the Amazon, Part One": Attica, Greece, United Nations Refugee Camp

Quote1 The world of humanity is filled with people in need. Sometimes I have the remedy within my power. I can use my skills, offer my strengths, share my gifts in defense of the disadvantaged. These days, I sleep in helicopters and wake up in war zones...because I want to bring peace. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #26 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of September, 2017. It was published on July 12, 2017.

Synopsis for "Heart of the Amazon, Part One"

Attica, Greece, United Nations Refugee Camp

Diana, together with Steve Trevor, is traveling around the world, stopping inside war zones to help the victims of the conflict. In one of this refugee camps, Diana stops a man who wanted to rape a young mother. Still, she couldn't stop in time a bomb that killed an old woman: this is a reminder for Diana that even her cannot save everyone.

Themyscira, Years Ago

In a flashback, Diana remembers her mother, putting her in bed with her favorite doll. Thirsty, the little Diana wakes up and goes to the kitchen, where she overhears some of the other Amazons speaking to her mother about Diana's doll, telling Hippolyta a warrior Amazon should not sleep with a toy, but with weapons. Hippolyta initially finds the comments out of place, being that she's the only mother in the island, but then talking with her lover Philippus, she recognizes there's truth in what the other Amazons speak. Diana, shocked by what she learned, decides to throw away the doll herself, as she wanted to be strong and a warrior, still crying after doing it.

Arlington, Virginia

After she concluded the mission she was in, Diana is back in the states for a debriefing and a medical check, where she meets Dr. Crawford, her medical examiner, apparently suffering from some kind of disease. After the check, Diana accepts the proposal of Etta Candy to go together to the wedding of Etta's brother. There, Diana knows a little lady, a fan of hers, who lost her shoe while playing hide-and-seek: while searching for the shoe, the child tells Diana she was playing with a sick lady and not with other children. This strikes Di as strange, and the fact she finds a bomb with one second left before detonation together with the shoe does not bode well for the guests.

Appearing in "Heart of the Amazon, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unnamed rapist (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Etta Candy's family
    • Etta Candy's brother (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Etta Candy's sister-in-law (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Marc Candy (First appearance)
  • James (First appearance)
  • Unnamed refugees (Single appearance)
  • Gods of Olympus (Mentioned only)
  • Marc Candy's wife (Unnamed) (Mentioned only)
  • United States Government (Mentioned only)




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