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"Heart of the Amazon, Part Four": Arlington, Virginia

Quote1 I'm going to punch you now. Ninety percent for helping bomb my brother's wedding. Ten percent for having a stupid password. Quote2
Etta Candy

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #29 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of October, 2017. It was published on August 30, 2017.

Synopsis for "Heart of the Amazon, Part Four"

Arlington, Virginia

An angry Steve Trevor, who just came back from his United Nations missions, is debriefed about the recent attacks on Diana, a thing that he would have like to know just after the fact, but that was evaluated as non important after Wonder Woman recovered, being that Trevor was still on duty. Asking the general permission to leave, Steve leaves the Picket.

Georgetown, Washington D. C.

Diana and Etta take care of the bounty hunters sent to take Wonder Woman, dead or alive. It seems someone wants her to take her DNA and use it for a mysterious cause, as it was suggested by Shannon Crawford and the first hunter sent for her, Mayfly. Diana is a little pissed off at the idea of someone paying to take her body, and shows it taking care of all her opponents with ease. Then, Diana wraps her Lasso around Plastique for some more information, learning she was the one Crawford employed to plant the explosives during Etta's brother's wedding. She also gets access to an app the client used to contact the hunters, looking to backtrack everything to the source. Meanwhile, Steve gets there and kisses Diana, telling her he was sorry, but that no one told him what was going on until a few moments before. Excusing him, Diana, Etta and Steve get to the Picket to inform Director Bordeaux of the situation.

Arlington, Virginia

Discussing the problem with the Director, Diana learns that the United States' intelligence found out that many pharmaceutical companies think Diana's DNA could hold the secret to cure a lot of diseases, like breast cancer or Huntington's. This makes Diana wonder what decision she should make: wouldn't it be right to give her DNA freely if this meant developing cures for many problematic forms of evil that still affect the world of men? She decides the only way she can make the right choice is by consulting her patrons, bringing a fragment of her past to her mind: her mother, that after hearing her praying the patrons to grant her success in a tournament while she was just a child, learned that there was nothing more important for Diana than making her proud. Diana would like the counsel of her mother, but she cannot reach her. And the patrons do not answer her: she's not even sure if she would trust them.

Getting back to the Picket, Diana decides to go to the source herself, proposing a collaboration: this Mr. Revere, who studies remedies for many diseases and syndromes, will hear her out, as she will freely give him her DNA if it means curing millions. Steve and Etta want to go with her, but Sasha does not authorize them, as she cannot risk the well being of her agents without any information about what they are going to do. If Diana was under her command, she would have ordered her to stay put as well. Accepting it, they both tell Diana to stay safe and come back to them. Heading to Revere's facility, Diana is welcomed by a division who, it seems, it's still part of the United States Government.

Appearing in "Heart of the Amazon, Part Four"

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  • Abolith (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)
  • Baundo (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)
  • Cat Eye (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)
  • Cheshire
  • Hamilton Revere (First appearance) (Cameo)
    • Amelia Medina (First appearance; unnamed) (Cameo)
    • Private Hansen (First appearance; unnamed) (Cameo)
    • Private Jackson (First appearance; unnamed) (Cameo)
  • Plastique

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  • Steve Trevor's Motorcycle


  • Magic (Behind the scenes)

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