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"The Lies, Part Two": Urzari Jungle, Dkarango Region, Bwunda

Quote1 You are no beast ... you are a woman ... you are my friend! Quote2
Wonder Woman, as she struggles with Cheetah.

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #3 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of September, 2016. It was published on July 27, 2016.

Synopsis for "The Lies, Part Two"

Urzari Jungle, Dkarango Region, Bwunda

Now running alongside Cheetah, Wonder Woman was accused by the latter to be responsible for her half-human, half-feline condition. Still being followed by their pursuers, they ventured through the jungle.

Still held up in the bwundian village, Manny, the team's medic, provided aid to all wounded villagers. The team then decided to pursue Cadulo's men before they reached their headquarters. Arrived in front of an oddly foggy jungle, they progressed on foot, the path that they took slowly closing behind them.

Diana, on the other hand, got fed up with fleeing and asked Cheetah who their pursuers were and what they were after. Being called "Boudas", these hybrid beings were the servants of Urzkartaga, an african evil plant god, and were hunting for their blood. These same hybrids finally caught up on them, Cheetah being impaled by a spear. Enraged, she began to slaughter everyone on her path, Diana calming her down by holding her after the fight and promising her to free her from Urzkartaga's influence.

Inside of his lair, Colonel Cadulo was standing in front of the members of Steve's team, now held prisonners.

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