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"Heart of the Amazon, Part Five": The Picket, Arlington, Virginia

Quote1 The Patrons gave me great physical powers and the Perfect that would reveal the truth. But they left the weighing of hearts, the discernment of motivations, and the proclamation of guilt to me. I wrestle with my judgements of what is just, a gift that Revere would strip from an army weaponized by my blood. He sees them as tools and would curse them with the consequences of heroic life without giving them the integral freedom of their own judgement. They may be willing sacrifices in his plot, but their souls are not sacrifices I am willing to make. This is not how I will end war. This is not how I will end. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #30 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of November, 2017. It was published on September 13, 2017.

Synopsis for "Heart of the Amazon, Part Five"

The Picket, Arlington, Virginia

Steve and Etta are conducting some researching on the figure of Hamilton Revere, discovering that in the past he worked inside the US Government department of defense. As they keep on digging, Sasha comes to them and invites them to get to a more intimate place, where she tells them it was not her who wanted to stop them from joining Diana in her mission, but General Thomas. Sasha found that decision suspicious so she faked an agreement with the General, but has other ideas in mind.

Hamilton Revere's Lab

Diana finds out that both the bounty hunters and the healthcare projects of Revere were a diversive to hide tracks: Revere still works for a black ops section of the department of defense, and his only desire is to use Diana's DNA to create a division of perfect soldiers that will give the United States the chance to stop all war in the world. Diana of course does not want to be the weapon of anybody, she's not property of the United States or any other nation, and so she refuses, leading Revere to command an attack from all the soldiers inside the facility, even if some of them have some regret in attacking her. It seems that Revere already had access on some blood samples of Diana, provided by Shannon Crawford, and some of the soldiers took a serum that granted them powers similar to the one of Diana: this leads Wonder Woman to be overwhelmed and captured.

Outside, Steve and Etta plan a way to enter, when Steve recognizes one of the soldiers inside the base as a former colleague in a mission he took: he guarantees to Etta he's a good element, and that this confuses him. Still, Etta attacks and the two breach the place: Diana frees herself and than makes the enhanced soldiers follow her into a trap, where Etta can wrap all of them with the Lasso of Truth. Just like with Dr. Crawford, the soldiers' DNA gets back to his original form. Diana has come to a conclusion: outside Etta and Steve, she cannot trust neither her patrons nor the United States government. In the end, Etta blows up the entire facility once there is no one inside, eliminating all the serum stored there.

A few moments later, while authorities tried to take away Revere, two of the previously powered-up soldiers approach, dressed as paramedics, and take Revere with them: they deliver the orders now, and they want that wonderful power back inside them, so Revere must find a way to give it to them once again.

The Virginia Coast, Wonder Woman's House

After a roller-coaster of an adventure, Diana takes some time for herself together with the people she loves: Steve, Etta and her nephew Destiny. Playing with the little girl, eating some cookies, Diana also receives communication from Steve that her collaboration with Director Bordeaux has been put on hold. Free from all bonds, now Wonder Woman can start a new journey as a warrior, an Amazon and a woman of hope and peace.

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  • Hamilton Revere (First full appearance)
  • Private Hansen (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)
  • Private Jackson (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)

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  • Magic (Behind the scenes)

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