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"Children of the Gods, Part 1": As Diana pleads her brother to stop, a flashback to five weeks earlier tells us what led everyone here...

Quote1 Patience, daughter. We always knew this would take time. It's fine, Zeus has many children here on Earth -- we'll just have to kill them faster. Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #31 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of November, 2017. It was published on September 27, 2017.

Synopsis for "Children of the Gods, Part 1"

As Diana pleads her brother to stop, a flashback to five weeks earlier tells us what led everyone here...

Elexinor, Oregon

Paul Jackson is a woodcutter, living his life alone on the top of a hill near the quiet town of Elexinor. No one knows who he really is: Herclues, son of Zeus. Coming home, he's taken by surprise by a mysterious woman who knows who he really is. This woman presents herself as Grail, daughter of Darkseid. Being that she descends from a New God, while Hercules is clearly the son of an Old one, she needs to take his life force and make it hers. Hercules won't renounce to his life without battle, and the fight begins. Grail though tells him that he has no chance of beating her, as her scythe was forged by Hercules' own uncle, Hades. Thinking it a mistake from Grail, Hercules asks her if she meant Hephaestus, but the woman does not answer. In the end, Grail wins the exchange, depriving Hercules of his life force and killing him, using her Mother Box to do so.

Los Angeles, California, 11 Days after the Death of Hercules

Diana knocks out Giganta: her and Steve were following her tracks as she was stealing a series of artifacts without an apparent link to one another, a mystery still without solution. As Diana comments about the fact she feels a simple clash refreshing after all she's been through, a man, presenting himself as a lawyer called Blake Hooper, tells Wonder Woman he should speak with her about hereditary matters: she's been chosen as the only heir of Paul Jackson, better known to Diana as Hercules.


Grail is back with her Mother Box full of the life force of a son of Zeus: she gives it all to a child, Darkseid himself, reborn and growing. But he needs to reach adulthood to come back to his usual business and so it seems Grail will have to continue to kill Zeus' sons and daughters, at least until her father is finally adult again.

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