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"Children of the Gods, Part 3": Themyscira, Many years ago

Quote1 Grail. So this is your plan? You and Jason. I confess, I hoped when I fought you I'd be alongside my brother. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #34 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of January, 2018. It was published on November 8, 2017.

Synopsis for "Children of the Gods, Part 3"

Themyscira, Many years ago

Philippus, instructed by Hippolyta, hands to Glaucus her son, Jason, twin brother of Diana, who has to grow up in the world of men. Hippolyta would like for him to never know who he truly is, but Glaucus does not grant her wish: when the time comes, he will tell the boy the truth. Accepting it, Philippus leaves to the Argonaut the baby.

Greece, The Aegean Coast, Today

Now a fisherman, Jason meets Diana for the first time. He reveals her he knew about her and he saw her many times on the news and the papers, but he promised Glaucus he wouldn't seek her first, and so he did not. Still, he hoped one they Diana would come, after knowing she had a twin. Telling his crewmates he has to leave, he flies away with Diana, revealing to her that they share some powers, even if he does not possess all her powers and vice versa. Standing atop of a hill, Jason reveals to Diana that initially he was scared of who he really was, mostly because of the wrath of Era, the jealous wife of their father. Now though, he would like to know her sister one step at a time.


Dr. Peril calls for Steve Trevor, and reveals to him that the artifacts Giganta stole were all made of a metal league that comes from Apokolips.

Back to Greece

Jason would like to know more about why her mother decided to leave him, if maybe there is more than the wrath of Hera and the fact a boy could not grow up safe and secret on Themyscira. Diana tells him she would like to tell him more, but she does not know: he tells him she found out that if you leave Themyscira, you cannot get back to it, and this probably is valid for Hippolyta as well, and that's why she never visited him. They also talk about Zeus, and Diana confirms to Jason she never had any kind of relationship with him, and has no way to distinguish him from a mortal. Jason also wants to know how Diana finally found him, and she tells it was Hercules who left a track for her to follow after he died. Jason seems sad in learning of Hercules' death, as he visited him when he was a boy to train him, a favor for his dear friend Glaucus. Diana then tells him about Grail and the extermination of several sons and daughters of Zeus. After learning of the death of Glaucus, Diana reassures Jason that from now on both of them can count on each other.

Diana would also like to know more about Jason's powers: he mentioned he has powers she does not have, and she would like to know about them, but Jason tells her he prefers to talk about who they are as people, and Diana agrees. Jason questions Diana about Steve Trevor, and their relationship: Diana tells him she is sure Steve loves her, and that she is getting more and more convinced she loves him as well. Jason answers then about his love life, telling he had lovers but thinks being single is fun. Diana then asks him what she thinks about the fact Hippolyta chose Glaucus as his tutor: Jason finds that Glaucus was not immortal due to a gift from the gods, but because he ate enchanted herbs. This did not link him to the gods and also made him a far different immortal than many others, giving him better chances to hide him.

As the sun sets down, Diana tells Jason she has to contact Steve inside the A.R.G.U.S. HQ, and Jason answers her, telling all this chat between long lost twins was a facade he put up to wait the right moment. He then reveals himself to be an ally of Grail, and together, also thanks to his power to control air, he defeats Diana in combat, holding her prisoner. They will not kill her now, as she is needed alive, but Jason assures Diana that when the moment comes, he will deliver the final blow, being that he hated her mere existence since the moment he knew about her.

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