"Times Past: Jason": The Greek Islands, Many Years Ago

Quote1.png I knew but one thing... that I knew nothing. Courage is strange. We all hope we have it, but few are truly tested. Although my sister certainly passed. But what of me? It was a question I asked myself many times as I pondered when and where my twin and I might meet. It was a brisk afternoon at sea, late in the summer, when I found the answer. Quote2.png

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #35 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of January, 2018. It was published on November 22, 2017.

Synopsis for "Times Past: Jason"

The Greek Islands, Many Years Ago

Glaucus gets out of his house to see his young son, Jason, coming at him flying and holding a boat over his head. Jason says he dreamed about being incredibly strong and able to fly, then he woke up and tried to do the same, finding out his dreams were also reality. Glaucus realizes Jason just awakened his powers and so decides it is the moment to reveal him the truth: he's not his father, but only the man who accepted to tutor him. His parents are the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta, and the King of Olympus, the Greek god of thunder Zeus. Jason is a little troubled by this newfound truth, and of course asks why neither Hippolyta nor Zeus ever visited him, but Glaucus has to tell him he does not know. Still, Jason reacts with a strong demeanor, telling Glaucus he does not care if his real father is a god and his mother a queen, he only needed and had one father, and that is Glaucus. He couldn't have asked for anyone better.

While living with him, Glaucus always tried to hide Jason's powers to the world, but he realized the kid needed to express his potential and train, because one day danger was going to find him eventually. So Glaucus asks a favor to an old crew-mate, Jason's own step-brother, the Mighty Hercules. The legendary warrior is a strange kind of guy: he likes his solitude, maybe because he feels guilty of some things he did in his past, and so does not stay with Jason and Glaucus much, he comes and goes. Still, Hercules tells Jason he did not accept to train him only as a favor for an old friend, but also because they share a bond. Jason becomes a skilled warrior, especially with the spear, and also starts to have better control of his powers. This even leads him to intervene in a fight between a local hero and a Minotaur, a thing that Glaucus notices.

As Jason is fully trained and ready to live by himself, Glaucus decides to leave him, with the house and a fishing boat as presents. He tells Jason to hide his powers, but to not forget about living for real. The young man follows his advice, but he feels alone: he tries to fill the void with girls and crazy parties, but everything changes when, one day, he discovers about Wonder Woman. Glaucus told him that he had a twin sister, Diana, who grew up on Themyscira as she was easier to hide there, being a girl. Jason, looking at her, at how she was and she fought, and at the powers she possessed, quickly made the connection and understood Wonder Woman was his sister. Thinking about what to do, Jason ponders if maybe he should break the promise he made to Glaucus and approach her, but he's not able to take a stand.

A few days later, in the late summer, he's on board on his ship when he feels something strange coming out of the water: telling to his mates to hide themselves, he finds out that the Deep Six came out of the sea to take him. Feeling excited and ready for a fight, Jason launches himself against them, once again tasting what, for him, real life is.

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