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"Children of the Gods, Part 4": Belle Reve Penitentiary

Quote1 You may have corrupted my son, but it's not too late for him to see the light... as for Diana... release my daughter at once... or face the wrath of Zeus! Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #36 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of February, 2018. It was published on December 13, 2017.

Synopsis for "Children of the Gods, Part 4"

Belle Reve Penitentiary

Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller question Giganta about why she started stealing relics of different historical periods, as they found out they contain traces of materials with origin in Apokolips, the home dimension of Darkseid. Giganta tells them she could not refuse, as the man, or creature, that hired her for the job was the New God, Darkseid himself. She was not happy about the job, but she could not escape from it. She would like to remedy to her crimes now, but not taking part in Amanda's Suicide Squad: her idea is to share with Steve and Amanda the list of relics she was not able to steal and that Darkseid still wants.

The Amazon Jungle

Brought as a prisoner of both Grail and Jason, Wonder Woman finds herself in a site where there could be proof of the fact that the Gods from New Genesis stayed on Earth in the past. Still, she does not care about the history of the New Gods, she just want to reason with Jason, who betrayed her for apparently no reason at all. She tells him she cannot believe about Jason allying himself with Grail after the daughter of Darkseid killed their own step-brothers and step-sister, people who share blood with them. Jason answers that Grail told him they would not be killed, just drained of their energy, but something has gone wrong in the process. Diana is shocked to hear this answer, and tells Jason he must feel at least some kind of anger and struggle after knowing Grail killed his master, Hercules. Still, Jason doesn't show any sign of changing opinion: he felt betrayed and alone, he felt his parents abandoned him and his mother decided to throw him away, while she let her daughter stay. He was alone, until Grail came to him.

Diana reveals then that her staying put was a facade, all to try reasoning with her brother, as she would do anything for her blood. But being that Jason is beyond reasoning, Diana frees himself and, full of anger, starts beating up both Jason and Grail, accusing her brother of being a traitor and a coward for hiding all this years. Still, Darkseid himself intervenes: even if just in the form of a young man, he still possesses incredible power, including his Omega Beams, which he uses against Diana. Wonder Woman is a little shocked in finding out Darkseid grew up so fast: she already knew about his resurrection, but he was a baby and this led her to think he would not be a danger for a while. Still, she will rise and fight him as she is an Amazon. Darkseid thinks the idea is a foolish one, given that they needed the full might of the Justice League to defeat him the last time, but this does not scare Diana away.

Still, Darkseid proves himself too much for Diana to handle, but the courage and the constant hope displayed by Diana make Jason realize he is on the wrong side of things, especially when Darkseid reveals he plans to steal Diana's energy over and over again to feed himself. With her sister aging due to the draining Darkseid performed on her, Jason intervenes but Grail stops him. Meanwhile, Hercules' former advocate, Mr. Blake Hooper, appears and enigmatically speaks about his desire to not intervene and manipulate the fate of gods and mortals alike. But after the death of Hercules, he decided to step in and see for himself what was happening to his descendants: revealing himself to be Zeus, the King of Olympus threatens Darkseid, telling him to leave his daughter alone.

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