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"Children of the Gods, Conclusion": The Amazon Jungle

Quote1 I would have defeated Darkseid this time. I'm certain... I alone. I know I could have... saved my father. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #37 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of February, 2018. It was published on December 27, 2017.

Synopsis for "Children of the Gods, Conclusion"

The Amazon Jungle The fight between the New God, Darkseid, and the Old God, Zeus, begins: Diana is currently telling Steve Trevor what happened, in a flashback. She tells him she never saw two creatures battle faster and with such levels of devastation before. Their power was immense. As the effects of the draining she suffered from Darkseid fade, Diana regains strength and tries to join the battle helping her father. Initially stopped by Grail, the Daughter of Darkseid has to deal with Jason, making Diana free to get involved. Knowing this, Darkseid opens a boom tube and transports everyone in another place.

Manila, Philippines

Knowing that Diana would never resist the urge of saving the innocents put in danger because of the fight, Darkseid brings the clash to an highly populated city like Manila: as Wonder Woman must deal with saving the people and Jason fights Grail, Darkseid can bring his original plan to an end. All he wanted to do was lure Zeus out attacking his sons and daughters, thus also gaining enough power to overcome him. Absorbing all the energy of the Old God, Darkseid regains his final and former form, fully powered once again. As the Justice League arrives to help, Darkseid leaves with a blood-lusted Diana ready to bring him down. As Jason and Diana contemplate the death of their father, in the present Wonder Woman tells Steve he never felt so angry towards her teammates in the League for not letting her fight Darkseid alone, as she knew she could save her father.

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